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This was good. I've seen it before but it hasn't occupied much brain space since, probably because I haven't latched on to a particular character and don't feel the need to fix the plot.

It's just good thinky twisty stuff, with characters, plural, who have layers to uncover, and where people aren't who you first think they are. People aren't even who they first think they are. And the whole terrorist or freedom fighter thing isn't subtle, but you do get the feeling nobody was unalloyed good guys, and now they're feeling their way to something better, some more so than others.

Diverse casts, plural women, who sometimes even talk to each other. Lots of good ingredients.

I did not like when it did the mind control plot, because I object to pretending people ever don't have choices, I've just seen that plot too many times and it got creepy in unintended ways a while ago.

But they're doing the cyberpunk capitalist corporations control everything future, only less clunky than old rpg books, so of course there's a mind control layer.

The time travel stuff is... well it's going to have to collapse it eventually, decide if there's predetermination or possibility, but it's playing around with the line so far. It's a depressing line though. And also, again, like the mind control plot, about if we really have a choice. And yeah, we do. But the time travel layer at least makes everyone make choices that make character driven sense, so we can see that the future is built one choice at a time. It's just making much of the idea there might only be one choice in them.

It did some things I didn't like, but lots of things I did, and it has enough of hope in it I want to keep watching.

Which is good cause I already bought the next two seasons.

... well, they're short.

This one is worth the shelf space.


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