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Today I have
not done much.

I sorted through a box of xmas things I haven't used for a couple of years because I suspected I was allergic to them. I am now pretty sure I'm allergic to them. So those can go away.

I also decided I'm never going to get around to reading the wolf books, and won't be using them for werewolfs anyway, and am unlikely to write rangers who would need to know. So. Out.

The four fold way isn't even in my catalog and I can't muster the interest to read enough to see what species of woo it is, so, out.

this is progress, just, boring and small.

I shelved the best of sf and f collection that I've been meaning to review. I've been carrying it back and forth between rooms for weeks, I'm apparently not reviewing it. There was some good stuff, like Naomi Novik, and there was some less good stuff, and I whall move on and read other things.

Today I have mostly been reading Blue Beetle / Booster Good and feeling sad, because canon didn't leave much room for them. But there has been more canon since the Bery Bad Thing, and then the whole Rebirth thing happened, and maybe I should buy more canon and maybe it wouldn't be miserable? But mostly the fic even with happy endings is making me miserable, so possibly not.

That's the problem with the real OTPs, either canon gives them a happy ending but it's an ending so you're sad, or everything is awful always, which, you know, is a problem.


Um, I might also be grinding my gears on that whole thing where I'm going to be (older) pretty soon and everyone I went to school with is (older) too and look how much I haven't even done. Like, time travel stories are bad for me yet I keep thinking on them. But my life pisses me off because I can't see the branch points. Just like one long line to here. And here is just... me. And that feels like a thing.

Eh, I'll feel better after my birthday, I always do, it's just a couple weeks before it get all... thing.

Also the bit where I have no plan, no friends, and definitely no superhero team
but that's fiiiiiiiiine.


Date: 2017-08-06 12:00 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] anne_d
[many hugs] Reading your entries, I can see lots of things you've accomplished.


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