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Grand name for these bickering bastards.

I kind of like how petty and easily divided they are. But Merlyn and Dark fighting just reminded me of Captains Harkness and Hart, and it therefore lacked a certain something in comparison.

As a villain fan you'd think I'd like this, but Dark is boring and tedious. Merlyn isn't his best. And setting out to torture someone for information is evil but also stupid, even before the bit where it isn't there.

But I do very much like the few bits we get with Eobard Thawne. Evil manipulative creep, who can't stop running, and is absolutely terrified.

I was really puzzled though by the Legends apparently ruling out speedsters on the basis of being dead already. They're time travelers? And Dark is dead too, so it shouldn't be a stretch of the imagination.

Martin remembering Eobard Thawne suggests what we know about him is still true in the current timeline. But that would include the bit where he popped out of the speed force as a time remnant? An earlier him than Flash crashed into even. And time remnants have to be aberrations so should be the Legends bag anyway. And the way Martin said it about 'member of the speed force' is... no? I think the writers forgot their own technobabble.

Okay, if Eobard is in the process of being erased, all lack of knowledge can be excused, but... *sigh*

Trying to figure out a why and a how it works compared to previous episodes is just a hiding to nothing, this is how time works now, Eobard is being erased and it's this new Scary Thing that is doing it.

Suit looks like Zoom but insignia and mask outline look like reverse flash? Unless I've forgotten some uniform variants. Do we get a complete answer later? Speculating now, it's like the black on the Reverse Flash suit took over, so maybe it's like final form Eobard, the literal end of his life.

Super creepy.

... obviously the best thing to have watched at one in the morning...

Whatever it is, I did like the fight, and locking it in the vault.

But I'd also like to know why phasing through things wasn't working...

... although it is the future and evil speedsters are a thing and prisons can be built so effective vaults can too. Fair enough.

So Merlyn wants to change his past, Dark his future... in a way that nobody can double back and fix? they have not adequately explained the difference between temporal changes and 'altering reality'.

But the fact that they think there is a difference is coming through loud and clear. "fake food for a fake person" was it?

The whole discussion about the food replicator and making a distinction between real and fake food should not have gone that way. I mean, sure it's synthetic, but, scientists know it's all chemicals, so the question is, is the thing energy to matter conversion or some kind of advanced nanotechnological chemical process, like a food printer.

I mean basically as far as science is concerned it's all real, if it's indistinguishable in final qualities, it just gets there by different processes.

Which ought to be the point with Lily.

Martin and Lily remember two different realities, though Martin is remembering more of Lily's as time passes, and presumably as time solidifies. So... she's getting more real? If time sets that way will she be the new reality and they forget they ever altered it? Or do time travelers end up with doubled up or patchwork memories?

Key point for plot bunnies. And way worse for people deliberately pissing about in their own pasts, like Eobard.

Rip's memory vault makes sense given his current situation, and if he knew blowing his own memories out was a possibility. But you've also got to wonder if it's possible to write protect external memory against the kind of alteration Martin is experiencing.

It has left him vulnerable to reprogramming though.

I am super bored with brain hacking. Electric or drugs or whatever the handwavium, it's boring because it tells us nothing about how humans actually work. Persuasion is so much more interesting.

I know Rip was guarding the spear, but how tempted was he? He just charged all over history trying to save his family. Wouldn't it be a constant nagging possibility? If not, why not? The rules of time alteration need to be clearer.

Also, the theological implications of the thing are not being adequately explored. The spear stabbed one religion's god, or so the story goes, and from that it gained power. How precisely? You get a very different set of problems if it's a giant lever, giant battery, or hotline connection to the Judgement.

... I realise many people's first thought is not in fact 'what about the theological implications' but
the have actual demons and actual hells and now this
but we know in DC comics they've also got Wonder Woman and the New Gods.
It gets complicated.
What temptation is it and what solution should the spear be answered with?

Probably just playing god and don't
but ugh

... I like knowing the rules. So I can monkey with them, obviously, but if there are no rules then you are just left wondering why anyone does anything.

Eobard screwed up his own past and needs to make himself real again. Merlyn wants to tweak history, though if he only wants what he offered Sara he's really wrong about consequences. Dark... all he ought to need is to live different second time around due to ripples from Sara's warning. All this messing about is taking the focus off consequences of Sara's choices.

The Holy Lance, given the name, is a Sara story.

She's worried she's not living up to being Captain.

Without knowing what the rules are we can't really figure out if she is.

... and I still like the fixits in my head better anyway.

The story is not doing what I wanted it to and the rules aren't as clear as I want them to be
and I purely don't understand why the crew makes a distinction between altered and unaltered and calls it fake and real.

I mean none of them have ever lived in an unaltered timeline. Do they not get that?

So it's all emotionally unsatisfying because they have a reaction I can't grok.

But the dead looking speedster is scary cool.


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