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Some days not very much happened.

Had a two hour phone conversation with my mum
ate food twice
watched a bunch of The Flash season 2
ran the dishwasher
and did a load of laundry

yet somehow still feel like this is one of the days where not very much happened.

I guess the Flash episodes don't really grab me. They keep presenting moral quandries as if they're about balancing up consequences to the people you love. Like it would matter that it's Wally or Caitlin in danger, rather than that someone is being held hostage. It's not very heroic. I mean, doing things to save the people you love or your immediate family is still within possibility for Chaotic Evil characters, in some elaborations of the alignments. These decisions should be simple even if the hero has never met the damsel before.

Also, they're getting a lot of mileage out of Harry killing a guy, but it's all, like, his daughter might not forgive him, oh look she does.
I mean, Henry spent how long in prison because the justice system thought he'd killed one person?
Generally even a single murder has more systematic consequences, like, you know, a sentence.

Doing it to save his daughter? Cool motive, still murder.
They've killed Earth 2 metas for doing Zoom's bidding, but Harry gets a pass.

They've killed metas rather than capture them. Like, the entire, first try, plan A plan for Griffin Grey, an 18 year old, was to bait him into ageing to death. At no point did anyone go 'oh we should come up with a treatment' or 'huh, I wonder if any of the myriad technologies we would logically have worked on by now might possibly save this kid's life'. They didn't try offering to work with him. They didn't even try and arrest him, which, you know, police are supposed to do. And yeah, he attacked them, but, I'm complaining about the writing as well as th characters. Kidnap got answered with death here. Murder gets a character arc.

I don't know which bits The Flash even think are a problem. I mean, when Barry says they can lock people in the pipeline because they're the good guys, are we supposed to agree with him?

Agents of SHIELD at some points had the potential to be good guys with skills and powers working within an established framework, but they went the HYDRA route and that didn't happen.

But being vigilantes doesn't help any of them avoid abuses of power.

So what even is the point there?

None of the stories I can think of have kept the aspects I liked of Justice League International working as a UN peacekeeping force, super powered but with a legal framework, rules, people they were at least in theory answerable to.

And the allocation of resources very rarely works out.

It's like with fantasy stories where I'm interested in the sheep and harvest and trade, all the underpinnings that make that variety of daily life possible, and how the fantasy elements would spin it.

Stories where one guy punches problems just seem small.

I should write stories.

Date: 2017-09-17 01:03 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] lokifan
Srsly though. I very briefly thought they were going to actually address what a horrifying abuse of human rights the pipeline thing is, when Joe pointed out they could all be arrested for human trafficking, and then... nope. I don't know whether we're meant to agree with Barry when he says it's okay because they're the good guys either - like, it seems so on-the-nose Good Guy Gone Bad, but then nothing comes of it.


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