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the dishwasher test bowls appear to be clean :-)
... the dishwasher has bubbles. I shall have to check some of the dials and so forth. make sure I used the right bottles.

if it continues to work correctly then I get to decide if I want a new one instead of scrambling to replace before I run out of things. yaay.
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Also, and with less to do with feels, I have found some useful buttons on the new tv.
I turned off some kind of auto picture adjustment that was making it do a dark light dark thing as far as I could tell
and I found the button to turn off the picture and leave the sound on.

... which if I'd found it yesterday I wouldn't have bought the CD player.

It was three layers deep in on screen menus under key words I would not have thought of. I was looking to see if it had a button to raise the letterbox picture highr so subs are entirely under it. I still don't know about that one. But I can turn the picture off if I'm only listening. So that's grand.
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I've been planning to get a map in my phone, or to be precise a phone that could potentially have maps, for plenty long times now, but before when I went to ask about it the shop guy said it would cost money every time I made a map. This time the shop lady explained how to turn off the internet and just use wifi to make the maps, and then the GPS will tell me where on the map I am all the time. I still need to do some deciding about what wifi to use ever, it's confusing what to throw through the air at unsecured networks, but this with the map I can start at home and then it just keeps working.

It is so much harder to get lost and disoriented how. The little maps have a compass and a direction you're facing built in, even. If I'm feeling ill at ease with my place in the world, the phone can now reassure me. Like the way the unlock screen tells me what day of the week it is every time I look, this makes me feel so much better.

... embarrassed that it makes me feel better, but still, on balance, better.

And that's just the maps. There's bound to be bunches of other things it can do more better. Useful apps, if I can figure out how to make it have apps.

I've figured out how to make it have web pages, so I have shortcuts to both HabitRPG and LibraryThing. The Habits game is already working pretty good, and I like how if I set 'eat' as a daily it takes bits of life off if I forget to eat. LibraryThing will mean I can check if I own a book while standing in the bookshop, if they have wifi. That'll be awesome.

Cyborg brain is so much easier than normal brain.

Mum thinks of me as good with tech. Truth is I got the hang of a few things in the 90s and didn't feel an urgent need to learn more. So this is kind of like time travel, even though everyone else has been travelling at one day per day and enthusing about the changes.

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So today was set aside for the fixing of the laptop.
... it's going back to tech support on Monday. Yes, the same tech support that last time deleted everything while putting in extra memory. The thing is this time? F-secure is deleting everything. Or everything is virus infected. One of those. Keeping hold of my computer will not make my data more secure. Plus I think it's backed up pretty well, I copied everything over into my college documents folder before class, it's only yesterday's notes that aren't anywhere. I just tried to put them on a CD but I'm pretty sure I messed it up. Also the CD writer program says file corrupt check for virus. So basically the laptop is thoroughly screwed.
Discovering all this started at 1030 and continued until 1530, with lots of time on hold, and lots of time waiting for things to install, uninstall, or run. One anti malware program found 8 things it wanted to get rid of. Even after that program was happy f-secure is just munching its way through every bloody thing.
The tech support guys remained helpful and cheerful. Well, helpful in attitude, if not in result.

They said they will do a backup of my documents but not my videos or sounds. Is okay, I can redownload my doctor who audio collection. It will take a little bit of a while, but Big Finish will let me.

ALSO today: The replacement replacement fridge door arrived. I know the bloke arranged for the old door to be picked up, I was listening while he was on the phone, but was it? Was it heck. Someone knocked on the door and ran away, and when I reached the door to answer it I found a new fridge door. And guess what? The sodding thing was just as smashed to buggery as the first one.
It's the way they pack them. For a start the blue packing bands are around it sideways, in the direction it wouldn't open anyway, rather than longways, in order to keep the thing in its own package. So it was slid out the end. And the bubble wrap? Does not cover the corners. Or make any real attempt to do so. Therefor it's almost supernaturally unlikely that any package packed this way - which seems like any package from these suppliers - is going to arrive in one piece. The plastic is smashed at the corners. Again.

I have phoned Blaines, and they have phoned Lec, and I am assured the doors will be picked up and a new one sent. This time. And if it isn't, well, we go round the merry go round again. My fridge is keeping things cold in the mean time, so that part at least works out.

My desktop computer thus far works unless you happen to actually want sound. So that's nice.

Technology. It's wonderful when it works.
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I got the DSA letter in paper form today with the quotes on the back.

They want to give me £499 of computer and £399 of "Toshiba 4 year Total Care Package"

Is a Total Care Package really worth as much as a computer? I mean, if it breaks, we'd have a spare £399 to buy a new one with!

Fair play on the laptop price though, shopping around teh internets only gets me one £20 cheaper, and a whole lot costing more.

Though when I went looking at John Lewis I found one a bit different, same price, and some stuff that looks bigger. And a 2 year guarantee free. Hmmm.

Anyways, the laptop they've got on the list is:

Toshiba Satellite Pro A120SE-172
15.4" WXGA TFT display (1280*800), Intel Core Solo T1350 processor 1.86 GHz, 2MB Level 2 Cache, Intel 945 chipset, 533FSB, 1x512MB DDR2 RAM, 60GB hard disk, Combo Drive (CDRW/DVD), Intel 945GM graphics adaptor, Intel wireless card (802.11a/b/g), 10/100/1000 Ethernet, internal 56k modem, Intel High Definition Audio, 3x USB 2.0, Firewire, SD card reader, Windows XP Pro SP2, up to 4.0-hour battery life, total weight 2.8kb, WxDxH: 368x268x29.8/36.9mm 1-year return to base warranty.

Which might as well all be geek to me.
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... It says something slightly worrying about me that the part I'm looking forward to most is geek-customising the backpack.
I have a Betan Astronomical Survey patch that needs a place to live.
Also Dendarii Free Mercenaries.

... I should get some Buffy patches too.
... Wonder if they make any Torchwood... or Who...
... Where did I put the address for the SG1 patch ...

PS £225 for three hours of training. *blinky*


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