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I watched Inca Mummy Girl, Reptile Boy, and Halloween.

One classic out of three.

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I'm waffling at length about Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Guess I still like this show :-)

School Hard

Jul. 3rd, 2015 08:19 pm
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I've been worrying that maybe Buffy was something I liked
but then we got to School Hard
and I just want to draw little hearts around it and go eeeeeeeeeeee!

... <3 <3 <3 ...

I have no grand thoughts on this one. Spike! Dru! Buffy!
*hugs everyone*
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I finished the book that was winding me up due to lack of events actually changing characters. The whole journey was external and didn't lead to growth or development, just stuff happening. Which, okay, a lot of people are probably fine with, but which seems to me to be all meat with no vegetables.

According to the last paragraph the book is about 'the prince who didn't want to be king'. Which, okay, good start for growth. But since he had in fact been kinging on increasing scales since the beginning, not quite what I was looking for.

If you're setting him up to grow and change, what exactly is it about being king that he doesn't want?

What specific incidents show-not-tell how he's turning away from the role?

And what incidents on the road to power show him growing into it?

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I realise these long grumbles about what other people aren't writing are somewhat ridiculous given that I myself am not even writing, but, it's really frustrating sometimes when I can see the much better book just underneath the travelogue. People can travel around and do things, but they can also become, and I'm much more interested in that.
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I'm about 600 pages in to a book that I don't think is going to wrap any of its plot threads in the next few dozen pages, which is all it has left. And I'm really quite frustrated, because after all those pages all the characters have done is run around and fight things. They're making progress on a practical level, but what it means for them as people is pretty much the same as it was on the first page we met them. Same relationships, same challenges, same everything. I keep wanting to yell at the thing that levelling up is not character development.

I can see a much better book in the bones of this one, it just means starting the characters a few pegs of maturity further back and having them learn something.

Why even show an encounter if they don't learn from it?

Also I'm frustrated by the female characters. There's a tendency to damsel, even for the theoretically competent ones. The political setup duplicates sexism cliches without taking into account how real magic used by real women would logically change things rather. There's whole kingdoms where men and women all learn to fight and have mandatory military service, right next to kingdoms where women are mocked for running around carrying swords, as if they wouldn't know how to use them. And that mandatory service kingdom? The female character from there, like the other main female characters, is Not Like Other Girls. (Am so tired of that.) She has grump thoughts about how shallow and fashion oriented the rest of the women in her homeland are. In a country where they've all had the exact same training she has.

Also this kind of mock medieval book seems to have no understanding of, let alone respect for, the duties of women. I know the history books concentrate on men and battles, but women didn't sit around being decorative much in many eras of history, even in the 'noble' classes. Even if all they're doing is marriage and cloth art, that's actually quite a lot of stuff, much of it also known as diplomacy. And someone has to know where the next meal is coming from and make plans for the lean years and provisions during sieges. There's a lot to do that isn't hitting people with the pointy end, and just because history books tend to skim over it doesn't mean it makes a better book to skip the same things.

Only paying attention to women when they're doing stereotypically masculine things, like swords and fights things, is pretty much feminism fail, far as I can see, and leaves me super grumpy.

... I'm missing the Pepper Potts of the mock medieval fantasy world, basically. There were logically a lot of Peppers around.

I'm also annoyed because it's a book by a girl name author but it still manages to do the thing where characters are only women if they have to be. Speaking roles default to male, however minor, however easily they could be women. All the girls so far are girls because they're more vulnerable that way, and most of them are love interests. Plus it kicked off with an attempted rape, which really, can we not understand evil dude is evil from the murders alone?

Most irritating is feeling like I don't need to name this book in particular because this seems to be what I find when I read around in general.


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music music music
or at least thump thump thump drum kit and a couple of chords.

the song that has been repeating for long long long today is a recent favourite, but I don't recognise it. the floor muffles the lyrics just enough that they turn into a kind of aural rorschach test: they're either saying 'do you like me a lot' or 'are you ready to die'

neither of which is something you really want your ceiling asking you.
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I got a letter about ESA right after I posted about ESA. It said I needed to send a bunch of bits of paper, which I already had done, and if I already had done it said to phone. So I used the phone and the phone lady said to ignore the letter cause it takes like 2 weeks to process stuff. I sent it on the 21st and they reckoned processed by 9th? That's a long times. But the phone lady said it was okay, no problem, ignore letter. I shall hope she is correct.

So after that I've been sitting and rocking while trying to do anything :eyeroll:

I watched a couple episodes of Buffy season 2. The discs seem to have gone wrong a bit, there's black stripes all over it? And like 3D blur double edges on a lot of things? 3D Buffy would be kind of cool. This, however, is not. I fiddled with all the settings on the TV and player and nothing changed the problem, so I guess I have to put up with it. Unhelpful.
Did I hear the newer DVDs changed the framing to pretend they were 16:9 ? Because that would be Not Cool.
But watching them with stripes and blurs isn't cool either.

I kept on finding myself with my hands over my ears, because apparently today having the sound on is Too Much. Helpful. So I turned the sound right down, which at least was more relaxing for my arms. I probably miss subtleties that way though. I know the subtitles aren't 100% . Giles in particular uses big words quickly and has a tendency to get simplified. I don't know how often, I could study that, I'm sure it woudl be useful to crit subtitles of a 1997 show.

"When she was bad" I had few thoughts about. Long long fight scenes. Weird long view of the classroom at the end, went on for like a whole minute with tacky music and no lines. How short did this episode come in?

"Some Assembly Required" bothers me on a disability level. Read more... )

Giles remains my favourite and I can and will overthink his love life at length.
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there's a proposal to scrap the Work Related Activity Group of Employment and Support Allowance.

I'm in the support group, since even the government assessments can see I not only cannot work but there's no reasonable possibility of me getting able to work in the next few years.

The WRAG group is for people who cannot work, now. In a few years they might get well enough to work. These are the government's own definitions. Already the one year cut off for contributory ESA crashes into the definitions including people who they know won't be ready to work by then.

They're proposing putting the whole WRAG group on JSA. Jobseekers. We already know how that goes. People who are too sick to work aren't able to meet the Jobseeking criteria, since they couldn't do a job if they got one, so they end up sanctioned with none money.

The whole lot of ESA used to be called Incapacity Benefit, and focused on the fact that everyone on it was incapable of working. Right there in the name. I knew shit was sliding when they changed the name, because who even knows what Employment and Support Allowance means? It doesn't mention illness or incapacity, sickness or disability. So now there are people suggesting the Work Related Activity Group are jobseekers by another name and just need 'incentives' to go to work? No, no, no. If they were capable of work they'd be in the other group already. The WRAG is for people currently incapable of work who might dream of future improvement. People who are ill in ways that will probably wear off. Eventually. Given a few years. But right now are too ill to work.

Even if they're only talking about scrapping the 'extra' money, that 'extra' is there because ill and disabled people need more money to live.

There are so many layers of reasons why that's so that explanations would vary person to person, but they include all the ways of swapping money for convenience, because if people can't do as much as the average person then they need to make every task easier. Also there's heating bills for when you need more warm because you don't generate it, and cooling bills for when the weather's the other way up. Lots of things that the average person can get by without, ill and disabled people need, and that costs money. Plus we have to pay for our care packages, and that money has to come from our benefits because that's the only money we've got.

Honestly I hope this is the version that gets leaked so we'll be proper scared into swallowing whatever less godawful thing the government truly has in mind, but I don't trust it.

Governments have proven that they simply don't believe in disability, illness, or incapacity to work. They've got a model in mind, their personal spin on the biopsychosocial model, that reckons illness is a role, a habit of the mind, and people can become less ill by being taken out of that role and put into another, for instance worker.

The kind of magical thinking inherent in this rubbish has been worked into laws.

I'm proper scared, in ways not limited to concern for this one proposal.


Jul. 1st, 2015 05:54 pm
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You know that story where the white man goes and becomes part of the strange foreign culture and gets better at it than any of the locals? Usually with added mystic?
Asian (probably with mountains) or Native American or... you know I've actually only read it with those two. But I haven't read many stories about Africa at all at all, so probably there's some of those as well.
It's why everyone's annoyed with Strange or Iron Fist. Mighty Whitey to save them all with their own knowledge.

If it's Roy Harper adopted by ... DC can't even be consistent about which native americans, sources google turns up say Navajo or Sioux, I can't remember which is the latest. ANYways, there's been comics that tried to do right by his adopted people, gave Roy a religious and cultural background he's trying to pass on to his daughter. But it's still a bit sketch. Like, it's clearly there in his background because ye ancient comics associated indians with archery, but why make it a little white kid who is best at it? Same usual reasons.

It is not in fact an improvement for fanfic writers to apply the same trope to new characters.

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I have a headache and the world is very warm and I'm reasonably certain I should have had more water today than I did. Not my best brain.

But it's really frustrating finding an otehrwise quite good story that just goes crunch into that really awkward issue.
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I went Outside.
It is very warms out there. Very. BBC weather says it is 28 now and I have no reason to doubt it. That's a lot warmer than I'm used to.
I went Outside with no coat. It's that warm.

I had to take the books back to the library. Or renew them, but I've been being quite good with library books lately and want to keep going. The library here is tiny and it's very frustrating looking for books. There's only the latest in any series, which means you can't start at the beginning. And I've read almost all teh SF section except things I've never heard of.
... I still found five books so possibly I need to revise my standards of tiny and few?
The books I was actually looking for are all in the Forum library in Norwich. I looked on the computer. I could reserve them and get them sent here, but I'll be in Norwich in two weeks at most, so I may as well wait.

I went to the supermarket and bought eggs and bread rolls, so that's lunch sorted. Also my preferred homes magazine was in.

... all that took all morning.

... it doesn't seem like much for a morning.

But I did today's task plenty good.
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Cleaner day has worked.
Only the essential bits though. Vacuum cleanering my half of the house is, as usual, being scowled at, not yet achieved.
I have a stupid headache that goes away when I press on it.
Outside of the house is more hot than it has been.
and I appear to be running out of things due to not actually doing the delivery shopping.

blergh. fix it tomorrow.
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Ben Aaronovitch's Moon over Soho is the second Peter Grant book.
When I finished the first one I was lingeringly dissatisfied with the depiction and treatment of women. I think I have the same problems with this one. On the one hand there were women, and some of them even survived. On the other, there were at least 4 sex-and-death non-humans, and hints at some really nasty stuff done to other women where the human trafficking wasn't the half of it. And women never stand up and solve their own problems, so it's just... pretty much what I expect from the genre and exactly why I try and only read books by and about women.
Also the main 'case' turned out to be Read more... )

But I just finished reading the book in an afternoon and it was a fairly engaging read that seems like a middle with lots of tempting loose ends everywhere. So I'll probably get the next one out if the library has it.

I just continue to want more and better about women from stories.
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I finished watching Buffy season 1.

The one with the invisible girl:
The idea that people not noticing you is enough to make you... they used a lot of rude words for mentally ill, but... The idea people not seeing you is enough to make you violent and vengeful and out of control, that's a classic of literature but kind of rude to humans. I mean, on the internet nobody sees me, yet I remain as polite as I know how to be. I know lots of other people don't, but. I guess the idea is that without feedback our worst impulses can just rage out of control, and as I recall from being a teenager there is no shortage of worst impulses at that age. I guess I have no trouble finding her behaviour plausible, attempted murder and all, because humans. But I do have a problem with them framing it as 'going mad'. What kind of mental illness do they suggest that was? She's just very angry. American language use conflates anger and mental illness, to nobody's benefit. It just seems to be a broken feedback loop, where nobody watching her eventually leads to her not watching herself, just acting on thoughts that would be best set aside. Being mean back to the mean girls, only amplified. Big problem. And not a nice view of humans, to imagine we need outside influence to continue to behave ethically.
More of a comment on Angel though, and vampires in general: they don't have to see themselves in the mirror, they don't do the self examination that would tell them they did wrong.

Cordelia has a different boyfriend in each episode. And the guy who got beat up didn't talk about her in nice ways, or to her much. I can see what she means about lonely+popular, but it seems like it's mostly her doing it? Like she doesn't listen real good neither, or try and connect with people as her real self. Not yet, anyway.

Going to Buffy for help makes her more observant than most of Sunnydale so far. Still mean rude though.

Prophecy Girl:
Makes me think of how young soldiers get recruited. Makes me mad about it too.
Giles deciding to go fight is treated like it's a first, but he's really been right there beside them all season, getting beat up, knocked out, gassed, and fed on by dark powers. There's no respect for his courage, because he fails a lot and doesn't have super strength. But he doesn't have super strength and still keeps trying after repeatedly getting knocked out.
Also Buffy knocking him out is not okay, she has super strength and he could have been crunch pieces, and repeated concussions in one year are super extra dangerous so he's already been messed around a lot.
But it's Buffy being brave by not hiding behind a man, so.
Buffy is brave, Xander is ... consistent in his attitude to vampires, pushing Angel around cause he doesn't like vampires, but also because he doesn't like that Buffy likes him. Willow explaining that she's not okay because it was people she knew in places she knew... was jarring, because Jesse? At the Bronze? I mean it makes sense that everyone has a tipping point, but the ongoing absence of any mention of their dead friend does weird things to the characters.
I mean Cordelia sitting in her car where she used to spend time with her dead boyfriend is more textual evidence of her caring about dead people than we get for the scoobies all season. Bit awkward, if she's supposed to be the mean one.
"You've got fruit punch mouth" is one very weird statement of reclaiming one's power vs the forces of patriarchal dominance, but breaking out of the Master's thrall and kicking his arse is pretty cool.

Buffy season 1 was still pretty good, I wasn't bored and most things bore me, I only fast forwarded through a few bits sometimes instead of the whole season, it is still good to watch.
But sometimes it's a bit beginner-ish and it still has all the clunky bits and gaps which other sources have elaborated on or smoothed over elsewhere.
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Mum isn't here so I went to the shops on my own. It didn't work very well. No brownie bites, no pasta twists, they don't sell five alive, and the bread today was all best before today and on discount.

I bought some alternative chocolate cake but it didn't taste of very much, certainly not chocolate, just that cake that'll last a while taste. And now there's an aftertaste and I feel vaguely ill. So that is not successful at all.

The cake section is all strawberry themed at the moment. It's annoying. As far as I know strawberries make me ill, though I've been avoiding them so long sometimes I vaguely want to poke them and see if that still works, which seems unwise.

I don't know who is the boss of what cakes there are for sale but it is a bit frustrating when asking nicely can't do anything.

I also didn't have breakfast sitting down there and just bought some boiled eggs to eat at home. That part was a success. Eggs are good to eat.

I got a lottery scratch card and won £1, which I suspect I will turn into another lottery scratch card later, which is the genius of the £1 prize.

I also bought a homes magazine. Not the one I like, the other cheap one. They manage to make everything in it look cheap as well as be cheap so I didn't like it much. But it's only £2 so my discontent didn't have much of a price tag.

I still feel grumpy because Sunday only a bit worked. But hey, I went out on my own and did shoppings, yaay.
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since my computer got wiped and started over tumblr videos tend to play a mostly black screen with a few bits of bright in them, like a face or something, and then like someone turns the lights on it starts working eventually. I haven't tried other video stuff yet. I should figure out why it's busted though and fix it.


Jun. 27th, 2015 01:59 pm
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my flat I was hoping to buy now says Sold STC.
Which it did to me before in March and you never know how they'll feel about it after they see a survey etc etc
but probably means bye bye flat.

I still haven't heard anything about a mortgage. And after that there'd be a need to apply for a bunch of fundings all over again from the beginning. so the flat was a rather distant dream at this stage.

it's just the way it had been hanging there unsold for so long was all tempting and stuff.

I really need an actual good plan that will actually work and makes actual progress.

that would be nice.
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Take Away Day achieved, again.
Mum did visit and brought the food and then we ate and talked many things.
I think my stuff bores her as much as her stuff bores me yet we listen it anyway. Social! :eyeroll:

I watched some more Buffy.
The one with the Puppet is just kind of gross. Making those comments about high school kids, gross. Which is funnier because it's after we find out about Angel, so, comparison: really old supernatural slightly demonic dudes who are into high school girls. It's easier to see it's creepy when one of them is wood.
The one with the nightmares... reminded me again that the thing where the demons are metaphors for high school life and the things teenagers go through means that you spend a lot of time caring what teenagers go through? And sometimes that's not engrossing anymore. The bit where the little kid got brave and told on the one that hurt him, the whole facing your fears bit, that was cool. But what really got to me from the nightmares section was Giles being so sure that Buffy's graveyard was his nightmare. Especially since we know how that works out.

So far I am glad season 1 was good enough to lead to a season 2. And I care about these characters, I just await their growing up a bit eagerly.
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I watched 'I robot, you Jane', the Buffy episode with the demon in the internet.
omg computer tech so 90s. so very, very 90s.
I had forgotten. I had repressed. Can you imagine from here dropping back to 90s tech? *shudders* Screen quality like nope, pixels like woah, 256 colors, webcams like why even bother. Giant, giant type on giant boxes of monitors. The march of progress delivered us and I for one and grateful.

Also, basing an entire episode around the idea that people on the internet may *gasp* not be who they say they are! That's... that was a new concept???
And the computer geek talking like bad cyberpunk.
And there being 3 people using the computers at lunch time?
and the computer geek as a recogniseable stereotype when all they're doing is using emails.
Email. As geeky.

It's a total time machine and I don't think I could shift my internal perspective sufficiently to watch it on its own terms, it's in like the uncanny valley of history, everything was so familiar strange.

Plus there's clunky moments like characters having to find a phone on a stick before they could report in, and finding one really conveniently close to the next scene. There's a ton written about how mobile phones make plots trickier, but they simplify sometimes too.

We carry around small devices connected to the accumulated knowledge of mankind.
I like Giles' speech about how knowledge should be tangible, memorable, smelly.
But I'm pretty sure by now he'd really appreciate the ability to keyword search his entire library rather than spending six hours looking for a one line reference.
And if everyone on the planet could keyword search not just his library but the library of every watcher who ever lived? Demons beware.
... everyone beware, there'd be all sorts of unwise summonings going on. Can you imagine the trolling possibilities? Swatting but with demons. *shudders*
Still, knowledge, yaays.

I don't so much like the thing where Giles and Jenny were arguing so of course they'll end up dating. That's... she pokes him and tries to get a reaction out of him and they agree about nothing, that's not romantic.

... also, while I know the order things happen in in our universe, from Giles' point of view Ethan was first and if anyone's going to poke him for reaction and smoulder at him I feel he has dibs...

That whole bit at the end with 'we're doomed' is just 7 years in Sunnydale in a nutshell. Normal relationships? *hollow laugh*

More than the other episodes so far I watched this one aware this was a show I used to like. It felt of the past, not just from it. It was slow and clunky and explained far too many things and used language that's just dated really badly.

But the basic idea of being manipulated over the internet by our honest need to connect unfortunately remains solid.
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Today the good big keyboard decided to work again. Yaays.
I spent ages typing on it and trying to figure out how to sit and where to put it and why it was just not as good as I remembered.
And just now I put the little legs underneath it up and put the wrist rest part on and lo, it has become good again. :eyeroll:

So now I have no remaining excuses for not typing. Except the chair thing. The chair remains super uncomfortable.

I have ever fewer excuses not to sit down and write stuff.
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today's dream had me waking up poking magic systems and reaching for the dictionary. which meant getting up and turning on the computer, because paper dictionaries woefully incomplete.

There were magical beings with powers that divided up into two factions, commonly known as good and evil. The point of view character had a very mixed bloodline and had like a report card of his abilities, because he had a little of everything from the common types. They used alphabets where being towards the end was more powerful. Probably they had omega powers for the bossest ones, but it might have been Z, you never know.

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So yeah, arguably Evil slightly vampire Arthur and Merlin in a 'verse with vampires and plant magic and whatever that theon thing could possibly be. As an Evil power it feeds on some aspect of intelligent life, so maybe feeding on worship? Complex politics and the quest for women who wandered off to do their own thing centuries ago.

I think that's a different spin on a lot of elements I've read before. It could work.

I'd just be a lot more interested in it from the women's point of view.
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Today I have been waiting for my tooths to stop complaining on the theory they just didn't like being poked around yesterday, and waiting for my upstairs neighbour to change the dratted song because they have the music not only too loud but on repeat on the same track for hours.

I realise many people find comfort in repetition but could they not put the headphones on first? I do. It seems a reasonable precaution.

I was thinking today about being disabled. Because it's a bit rubbish. But I think it seems a lot different from the inside than it does to outside observers. Outsiders seem to pick a particular thing and focus their description on that, because that's the sticking out part to them, and the bit they consider central and essential. I do not know from other people's disabilities, but with autism I'm pretty sure they're looking in the wrong place for things that only make sense from outside.

My theory of autistic spectrum disorders is that they start with simple sensory difference. Read more... )

Attempted interventions that try and get autistic people to do the same things as neurotypical people seem very misguided to me. It's like that cartoon about the two different sorts of equality, where there's three heights of people trying to see over a fence and only the tallest one can with their feet on the ground. In the first one they've all got the same height box, the tall person can see very plenty, the middle person can see comfortably, the littlest still can't see. In the second one the littlest has the tall person's box too and they can all see over the fence. Try and make autistic people do same things interact same ways and you're giving them all the boxes that work for middle people. But it don't mean the same thing from here. Making everything louder brighter more overwhelming isn't going to make it easier to understand. Forcing social interactions around eating new kinds of food isn't going to make that a pleasant association if it's tinged with nausea. So autistic people need different approaches to achieve same outcomes, if indeed they want to achieve them.

Don't know what exactly. Got some tricks that work okay. Still short on social interaction, or successful social interaction.

Finding particularly interesting and shiny details in contexts other people want to hear about, for instance popular culture rather than drain covers, is a very helpful start.
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In HabitRPG one of my red habits just turned orange :-D
... they go red if you don't do them, and this particular daily was red for a reeeeeallly long time, and I have become reliable enough to claw it back up a level. Yaays!
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ugh, my mouth is up to being grumpy about that poking thing the dentist did. Like, it doesn't hurt, it's just making its presence felt. like sulking.

cleaner is here. I got the pre-cleaner jobs done, I think. I threw out things that needed thrown out and put stuff in the dishwasher and ticked the things off the list, so that's jobs done.

I'm currently deciding if I can have a day off vacuum cleaning due to dentist. It takes like ten minutes but it's very annoying. Either way I shall not attempt it until I've had actual eatings today, because otherwise dizzy sparkles happen.

my day isn't very exciting even when super full.

stuff gets done though.
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I went to the dentist. On my own. When it was only scheduled yesterday and I knew there would be needles and drills involved.
I win.

The bus started before my bus pass starts, so it cost £2. I caught it in the middle of town for once and so found it does indeed go right past my house, which could in theory simple things up in future, except that stop doesn't mention that bus on the sign.

The filling had indeed come out, and now it is back. Well, a new one is back doing the same function as the old one. My mouth is still a bit numb but not too bad. They gave me an injection and then sent me back to the waiting room for ten minutes while it worked and saw someone else in between. That was efficient. And then they fixed the filling and I remembered not to bite the dentist. I think my mouth is okay now.

On the way home I sat on the top deck of the bus and the branches went BAM and that was a bit not fun. But there is a probable farm called Barton House, so that's amusing.
I walked back from the bus stop in the market place because I wanted a shiny thing. I explored a shiny things shop and bought a present for mum, because shiny.

Then I had a bath, because blergh, dentist.

Now I have... Maybe a quarter hour before the cleaner gets here, and I have not really started on Cleaner Day. But that is permitted because the unusual thing was higher priority.

So, onwards.
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Am watching Buffy season 1 for the first time in ages.
Everyone is babies, except Giles.
Read more... )

90s fashion has rainbow stripes t-shirts and lots of sparkles things. Also a great many tunics worn as a complete outfit though I can't see how they're safe to bend over wearing them.
... I got old enough to be judgey about hem length on students. woah.

It's also way weird seeing everybody be young. This thing where recordings can hit rewind is just bizarre. Time is negotiable.

... imaginary time is negotiable, the rest of us are stuck walking.
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I have dentist appointment for tomorrow at 0950
which is plenty quick.
I am to phone back if it gets worse before then.
They were nice and helpful and also said it was safe to have probably ate a filling.
so that's nice.

the next problem is getting to Watton and back before the cleaner gets here.
which I could figure out better if I knew when the cleaner gets here.
it is after 12 though. Probably I can get back and if I can't I'll have to phone and tell them.
ooooor I could phone now and ask if they can be later?
that's a more organised plan.
but there are 2 go home buses that would get me back before Cleaner Time and the first one is 50 minutes after my appointment and the second one an hour after that so it seems likely that will work fine.

okay then. plan.
blergh, not an easy plan.


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