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I did all the Tuesday jobs, plus some of the Monday jobs and a bit of Sunday... so it's not a surprise I'm proper tired now.
But that means I get apple pastries to eat and nice things to watch.

I discovered the gap in my Doctor Who collection when we were doing a Doctor/Master rewatch, and only picked up the Doctor Who: Colony in Space DVD on Sunday.

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Plot not a favourite, but that one speech with the Doctor and the Master is plenty worth the couple of hours watching the whole thing.
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Today is a Headache Day
yet I have done many of the list of Monday things.
I win.
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Today Sunday was swapped out for See Movie With Subtitles
... yeah I maybe look overenthusiastic about that, but, it is a new movie, and the subtitles are on at a time of day I can get to, and it isn't even the only subbed showing this week.
*basks in the awesome*

... actually when is the other one? is tempting to go back...

So, I liked Civil War. And it would be really, really easy for me to not like Civil War, because see icon for whose side I'm usually on. But having seen the movie, I am actually mad at Tony, but not mad at the writers for what they did with Tony. Which is a tough balance. They did it plausibly. I'm disappointed in Tony, but I see what they did, and it worked.

I'm not best pleased with Steve either though.

And I did like the plot, I liked where the story went, which characters did what.

The gender balance is still ridiculous. I mean if you've got less than parity it's bad, but the more people they put on screen, the more they filter for which characters they want to still have around, the fewer women there are. That is unacceptable and I'm proper fed up of it.

I think they did okay by black men, in a movie with three superhero black men, but if the only speaking black woman in the movie had a name I did not learn it. Not cool. And having said they did okay, read a spoilers if you're worried: Read more... )

There was a lot of stuff in this movie and honestly I could have lived with there being much less characters, but I think they juggled them pretty well. There were several characters with an emotional arc driving the story, there were several with emotional arcs that nudged the story around, there were some that turned up to fight but still had a personality and some interpersonal stuff going on while they did that. Nobody was wasted.

Also it managed to be very funny at appropriate times and super tense at other times. I held my breath at one point, I just, like, forgot to breathe until we saw how that worked out. And yet, other times, much laughing.

SPOILER goes under the cut, where I start going on about actual plot and details and stuff, plenty SPOILERS here :
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I am super tired and I forgot to eat today. I mean, I bought food, but then there was a movie, and the food went all soggy in the bag instead of being eated, and then it was three hours later and it went straight in the bin. So my brain just sort of ground to a halt just there.

I'm too tired to squee... but I'm not sure it's a squee sort of film. I'm mostly thoughtful.

Oh, one other thing I bought today? They had Civil War cups. With a teeny tiny Black Widow figure on teh top.
... so yeah, I bought another Black Widow, for £2
but you can buy the cup without the drink
so I have a nice clean cup.

And a tiny Natasha.

*puts her carefully where I can see her*


I will very probably write more about this film later, but that's it for now.
Need food.
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I just finished reading Rage of a Demon King, volume three in the Serpentwar Saga according to the cover. There's probably more, the ending has an ominous TBC all over it, but this was the last REF book I bought. Back when they were new I think I gave up because the book club realised I was too poor to support my book habit, but now I've re-read them I'm pretty sure I'm not going to read any more.

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So I think on balance they keep their three inches of shelf space, and I don't get any more.

But the strands that are about Clerics are kind of interesting. Read more... )

But what I am interested in, about clerics or otherwise, is something like the greatest good for the greatest number. Not rising to the top of a very unequal system, but making the system better for everyone. Fantasy novels that work by levelling up their characters over a maximum of three books to be boss of pretty much everyone else, they aren't really playing that game, even if they switch from nobility to trained military as the means of rising.

I don't know what I want to read, but this isn't it.
I'll go read something else.
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The last episode of the Shannara chronicles just finished
and it really lost me on the home stretch
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I haven't read the Shannara books in a really long time, but I do not recall them having quite the same tone as this series. I think they added a lot of sex. And some attempted rape, which I really wish they wouldn't. Plus there was a whole grim darker tone than I recall, but I don't know which bits were there or not, I'm pretty sure I don't have the books memorised by now.

One thing that bothered me rather was they changed a bit right at the beginning and then didn't follow through on it at all. Read more... )

If there's more story I'll probably watch more story. They're doing their own thing, and post apocalyptic human variants as elves etc is an interesting gig, and the whole thing they've done with elf politics and perception vs reality is... dark but interesting. But I don't exactly trust them with story. Has a lot of the usual fails, even with more women.

I'm probably going to read the books soon and grumble a lot, either because of differences or because sameness I'd edited out of my personal good bits version. ... so that sounds fun? :eyeroll:

But this series didn't leave me yaay for saving the world, just kind of irritated. Which is annoying. Because it also had a lot of good features.

Maybe I'll like it more later.
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Today I listened to 1.04 One Rule, 1.05 Uncanny Valley, and 1.06 More than This.

1.04 and 1.05 were solid in their ways, though two dead gay guys in a row is not really what I was hoping for, even knowing the source text. Writing gay people and killing gay people do not have to be the same thing. Except for when your stories are so economical with their characters that everybody gets killed at least once. At that point things get depressing.

1.06 needs trigger warning for suicide, and yet ended on that grey morning sort of hope that Torchwood does best. Of the three it was clearly the best. And I loved the setup, that Torchwood needs planning permission so they need to explain to the planning guy exactly what Torchwood does. After that it's a lot of running around Cardiff and just when you think it's a romp it goes all serious in the exactly right degree. And then after the end music, the last funny. It's the mix of tones and the SF in the everyday that Torchwood does best. So I liked it best.

1.04 did its share of running around Cardiff too, but the cover character is pretty definitely a bad guy, so it does not turn out well for anyone. Vivid characters, well drawn, rather dark.

1.05 I keep turning over to try and decide what I think of it. For a start the cover seems misleading, since it's not quite what's inside, but there's angles where it's commentary instead, which is a bit interesting. Read more... ) a very Torchwood story that I don't really see any other show doing in quite this way. It's doing some very SF stuff that make the layers where it ties in to the Torchwood arc seem a bit of a distraction from the interesting bits, yet they make sense in the plot.

And Jack being Jack he's going to get dead so he can do his party trick, that's kind of what he's for.

... but I still can't like stories where everyone is queer and dead. That's just...

So Uncanny Valley mostly just bothers me.

But it's a proper story that uses all of its parts effectively in both an SF and Torchwood way.

More Than This is better.

But having listened to the whole first season now, Fall to Earth is best, and not just because Ianto. Though also because Ianto.

I'll happily get the next season of Big Finish Torchwood audios.

... but I'll be careful about my mood before listening to them, because they do get dark.
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You know when you do things that seem perfectly logical one step at a time?

Wanted to get at my actual physical CDs for Doctor Who audios
but had arranged furniture on the premise that I never want the actual physical CDs for audios.
So I managed to get the drawer open enough I could remove one at a time, and that worked fine for 11/12 CDs
but the last one wouldn't come.

So then I realised I could remove the shelf and then open the drawer
logical and successful!

... only now the shelf doesn't go back on.

... small problem, bit of an annoyance.

I knew it was the slightly busted shelf, that's why it's only for catalogues and bookmarks, nothing important.

Two of the brackets are wonky cause they're only held on with one screw now.

Clearly the next step is to remove those two, place them in the upright supports, use the remaining attached bracket to reposition the rest of the shelf, and rely on them to support the shelf without the screws.

I forsee absolutely nothing going wrong with this plan

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I don't know why I'm still reading this series.
... completeness, I guess.

It's like someone suggested to the author that maybe, possibly, he could try writing more women?
so he pondered, and thought, you know, maybe some male characters do need more motivation.
so he added rape. and prostitutes.


Read more... )

This book is going back on the 'to sell' pile and I'm really unimpressed.

'teenagers learn to do violence and command people' is no the only valid plot.
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Food has arrived
Sainsburys substituted pasta with pasta sauce, which is completely useless
which I said out loud, but the driver seemed baffled along with me, not offended I hope
but still I should be more careful of out loud words
because they were helpful otherwise.

but I had ordered giant amounts of pasta, because I forgot that if it's from Sainsburys again then I can order it every week like usual, not have to make it a minimum order on its own like I did from Tesco. So I have plenty of pasta, and sent back the far too plenty of sauce.

I wonder what kind of sorting they do to decide on substitutes though?
like, do they just pick up the next thing on the shelf, or is there a rule?
because pasta happens in many varieties and almost any of them would be a more logical substitute than a packet of sauce.

but the others would not be dolmio.

maybe they're not allowed to mess with your brand loyalty.

a thing that would be useful: a way to tell the substitutes thingy your allergies and intolerances, and if you're vegetarian. because half the time with drinks they swap something out for something I'm allergic to, and I have to get the delivery dude to sort things out of the box before I touch them. obviously a sealed packet is no problem, but drinks can be leaky, which would be itchy problem.

just being able to tell the website you're a vegetarian teetotaller so it stops trying to sell you yuck things would be very nice.
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I win at today

tasks are achieved, including vacuum cleaner
cleaner is here and doing the works

this much should not be so difficult.

Today I gave up on any plan to go to the Torchwood convention at the weekend. I haven't got as far as the shops in months, I'm not getting to London.

But I did make a plan with mum to go see a SUBTITLED showing of Captain America Civil War at the weekend. It is on on Friday and Sunday and Tuesday with the words on it. Big win.
We're aiming for Sunday, but it depends on other people.

I love it when there's subtitles on movies that aren't out on DVD yet.
... there's often subtitles at the cinema on kids movies that are out already, it's irritating.

Today I will ... wait for the food delivery, I guess.
Try and think of things to do.

wait for people to reply to me as should be replying
get annoyed at myself for not replying to the two social emails just sitting there in my inbox.

... probably go back to sleep real early, seeing as there was some kind of machine noise from pretty early.

but I did today's tasks so I win anyway.


Apr. 25th, 2016 01:07 pm
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I keep failing at basic functions. Is not cool.
But this week I am determined to be kind of functional.

I did ordering food and will soon have many foods. At the moment I kind of accidentally emptied the freezer. I mean there's one packet in each drawer, but that's a bit not good. And I emptied the pasta cupboard. ... I have a cupboard that is pasta, because only one shop would send me pasta, so I had to make a minimum order entirely out of pasta. Except this week Sainsburys promises to sell me pasta! Yaays! ... but I still ordered the same cupboard full of pasta, so I shall now have Many pasta. But also all my other foods. So I win.

I woke up at like 3 in the morning and I only went to sleep at midnight. I tried getting back to sleep but it only a bit worked, and then after it got light. I was dreaming all sorts, Read more... ) So that was not a relaxing set of sleeps.

None of the people who said they'd email me back last week have in fact emailed me back. And I got no answer to the potentially super important email I sent neither. I could do the same set of emails all over again this week. It probably wouldn't help.

Also I'm not sure I'm very coherent so probably I shouldn't emails.


It's annoying when you reach the point that anything you could do to improve stuff (ie get bed fixed, buy mattress) requires spoons that you'll only regen once you have fixed stuff (by sleeping in nice bed instead of under loud people by the front door).

And i'm only up because the post lady dialled to get in instead of the trade button working.

... before that I was reading about Roman Republic legal structures, but in theory sleep was still a possibility.

... I got really annoyed with the book full of alternate universes I was reading because it never mentions slaves except in the context of the confederacy. It has a whole bunch of Romes, some of them surviving many many centuries, but it doesn't mention slaves. It has reached the point where I turn the page and just grump 'what about the slaves???' Read more... )

Also annoying in alternate universes is the habit of this book and other sources of assuming that if the USA doesn't enter WWII then the Germans win. America obviously did good and brave things during that war, but the Russians chewed hell out of the German army. I know that complicates the bad guy concept, but if they're doing history then they kind of need to. I think a few more of these alts need to read about the eastern front. ... also I need to read a lot more about China, because I keep bumping into big ignorance whenever I read anything.

Finally there's the teensy tiny sexism problem evident all over the place. I mean, sexism in RPGs, not new, but sexism in alternate universes compounds RPG sexism and historical sexism to get absolute messes. Read more... )

Whenever I read RPG gameworlds I want to make them sit down and read actual history, because far less sexist. And this alt history thing is just frustratingly worse, because it's not even pretending to be fantasy, it's saying these are branch point worlds. Just with more sexism, because of course sexism.


I'm going back to bed. Maybe sleep this time.
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Woke up at about 7, read a bit, phone ran out, plugged it in to recharge and grabbed a paper book, woke up again around 2pm. Oops.

But I did dream a sprawling Dr Strange thing, which kept on involving me half awake deciding it was still better than anything we'll get from the Marvel movie. Read more... )

That had lots of good bits though, that had extra dimensional beings cosplaying purple mafia, and someone trying to magic back the good old days, and wings as a sign of magic overdose.

Also it was just plain fun to dream, unlike a bazillion things lately.

Now I have to get around to my somewhat belated waking up.
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To try and type up a public school education, with likely extracurricular activities, going on to an Oxford degree, and with a degree of wealth reflecting their likely social background
you get an Adventurer level character.

You don't get an ordinary character when you can't get it to have less than 40 points of skills, plus Wealthy.

I think I tend to underestimate the kind of character points you get out of a modern education.
They're not just default stuff, since you could easily grow up not learning most things.

I mean, if you include PE and summer clubs, kids get to learn swimming, climbing, hiking, running. Judo, archery. A couple of sports. A musical instrument, even if it's only a recorder. Singing and public speaking.
And then you get to the book learning stuff.
No less than four languages, at this one place I just looked up, because Latin and Greek, plus two modern languages. If you want to spend your weekends doing more then they have the tutors for it.
No less than four A levels, and a bunch of Christian Theology... which probably isn't compulsory everywhere, but if you think about it, a lot of assemblies and sundays has to add up to knowing something character sheet worthy. Because it compares to people raised in the jungle by wolves. Who would not know that stuff or any other stuff.
English literature and language, Maths to at least GCSE, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, probably a few craft skills and a bit of minor engineering, definitely computer use these days...
Education is really impressive.

You could bundle it all and call it a generally increased IQ and let people roll off defaults. I don't know though. I mean, a lot of random things, we might know from watching the TV, and we can certainly Research now.

Usually it don't much matter putting it all on the sheet because every character's default background knowledge is from the same sort of background. But if you're going to port them over to a different universe, it suddenly makes a whole lot of a difference. The amount of science the average high school student could retain would revolutionise whole tech levels.

I am now impressed with education.

Especially the rich people sort.

It pods out people with way more character points than hanging around watching sheep or TV gets.
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So this morning I dreamed I got a Green Lantern ring :-)
Am best on planet!
Am... really emphatically not without fear, but very experienced in ignoring it and doing the thing anyway!
*zooms around, green*

And then this guy turns up who was GL before, and he says that I got the ring because
I was pregnant
the baby
needed the protection.


Like, even my subconscious can't superhero without some dude trying to take it away and make it gendered.

Next they'll be saying the baby is secretly the GL and I'll get written out entirely.

Sod that.

So obviously, given the interstellar nature of the GL corps, we can do this story, but we need more seahorse.
Male space seahorse got a pouch full of baby, ring goes there, baby girl is GL and the dad is just the mobile life support system.

Could be comedy gold.

Actually it's still reducing someone to their reproductive system so no that still sucks, but, defamiliarisation through inversion would maybe highlight why.

Last time I dreamed I got the GL ring I also dreamed I shared it out to as many people as possible for five minutes. Because what battle couldn't you win in five minutes with 288 GLs on it? Much better.

I'm still feeling stabby, it's very annoying.
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Today I woke up like three times cause I woke up angry and angrier
but then I had to get up for a delivery so I'm pretty much stuck with it now.

Today will not be a communicating with people day, because of the thing where I keep on thinking about wolverine claws and rib cages.

For such days are single person games invented.
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Because it's a fun puzzle. It's like deciding what's most important in life, and how to carry the most of it with the least fuss.

Desert island discs don't make sense any more, you can fit a terabyte in your pocket easy, probably several, and carry a solar charger for your devices, so you've pretty much got all the media forever.

But deciding which books to take is still a compelling puzzle.

I have made no progress figuring out what's the better version of the GURPS Infinite Worlds suggestions for time travellers: "Don’t neglect guides to low-TL medicine and chemistry. The Way Things Work, A Barefoot Doctor’s Manual, and Henley’s Formulas can start you off."

Read more... )

I know survivalists have a lot of pages of suggestions on stuff for surviving the end of the world. I know this because I was much more paranoid in the 90s. It's probably helpful and relevant if you can scrape the... survivalism off it, because there's a lot of weird ideology to go with the practical solutions. But there's also an epic underestimation of how much society does for you. Read more... )

Plans for what to carry to the new universe come in different sizes. Like, if you surprise step through the fog, you might be carrying just your handbag, or just the stuff you'd take to a convention or on holiday, or you might be driving. If you're moving across country you get the excuse to load the most stuff, but that's almost the least fun. And the difference between this version and the deliberate colony planning is that this is just stuff you could plausibly have on you, if the universe blipped.

Read more... )

It's most fun for the character if they've packed well and wisely for the long term, but it's most drama if they just went for a quick walk in the sunshine and somehow ended up through the wardrobe.

There are some technologies very nearly here that'll make a big difference. Solar's a bit of a trick right now, and batteries will wear out with repeat charges, but they're both getting better rapidly. There's cars getting in the news with solar panels on them, though they're hybrid rather than all electric. Nudge the tech just a little and you can go exploring new worlds like a mars rover, put your solar panel wings out and keep rolling.

And water purification is improving in leaps and bounds.

But it's still very tricky to be a one person civilisation.

I keep looping back to the Pratchett & Baxter Long Earth books, because they poked this exact problem extensively, after putting in the twist about specific metals you can't bring.
Reading the Infinite Worlds books I kept wanting to make them go read that series, though chronologically they couldn't have.

I like a long string of empty earth because it's a way of testing survivalist fantasies without going all post apocalyptic on homeline.

Going to the kind of alternate that is an alternate history can get you all sorts. You might pack real careful for a low tech soc and then get very high tech civ that thinks you're a dancing monkey.

But usually the suggested alts are based so much on European history it's really ridiculously implausible. Read more... )

I need to read an entirely different set of history books. England was not that interesting for a really long time and I have a very small window on a whole lot of history.
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It starts out saying to just pack for exploration and think of it like visiting the third world. Which seems problematic. It also reminds you that your phone won't work there. While telling you to pack a handheld computer. So, your phone won't phone, but it can do all the all else they recommend.

Says to pack as much data as possible.

"Don’t neglect guides to low-TL medicine and chemistry. The Way Things Work, A Barefoot Doctor’s Manual, and Henley’s Formulas can start you off."

Read more... )

Librarians? Better recs? Purpose is a concise and portable guide to tech, chem and health, suitable for time travellers who may have to live by their wits.

I should find a librarian group to ask.

GURPS also recommends bringing plain gold rings, as a way of bringing money that's solid and yet easy to carry and sell.

Call my brain twisty, but Read more... )

It also has a section on parallel world culture trading. Movies you 'made' in an alternate Hollywood, sort of thing. Read more... )

It does feel more fun to imagine time travel to someplace where you're the clever one, rather than to a future where you're more ignorant than the tinies. But it's more useful to go find all those clever discoveries and bring them back. If the clever place will let you at all.

So you'd get time travellers from both directions with different agendas, some of them looking for what they can con out of you, some of them hoping to use your library.

Some of their alt worlds do creep me out though. Casually mentioning that colonisation is probably reserved for empty worlds, but some civs will think Australia and America are fair game... well yes, but that would be what is known as evil. Obviously games need a bit of evil to thwart, but, they could be clearer about that.

An alternate where nobody invented the idea of Empire though, that'd be big different. Enough different it made me think of an SF short where they altered human nature in the hope they wouldn't war and it accidentally made them not culture neither. That's depressing though.

I really do need to start taking some plot bunnies as far as first draft, instead of fiddling around with rulebooks for ages then deciding everything is too problematic.
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I couldn't sleep last night so I ended up poking the internet for jewellery to wear to another planet.

As you do.

Read more... )

You could make an entire campaign of finding reasonable trade goods to cross worlds with. That's merchanters in space that is. Classic.

Logically presence of magic will change the economy beyond all recognition. Read more... )

It's like ultratech only worse. I mean, nanotech can get you all the carbon compounds you dream of, build you most anything from scratch, but you have to go all the way up to Star Trek replicators to turn energy into any substance you want. Magic can do it by a bit of studying and some fatigue points. Doesn't need a warp core, just a steady food supply, which magic can also create or replace. A world like that just isn't going to resemble our own, economically, even if it's just a handful of mages.

Read more... )

Spacer cargos are not likely to be metals and such. If a civ is in space then they're assumed to be mining asteroids and so forth. Stargate has Naquada and Trinium, metals so rare some planets don't even have them at all, and that gives them both a power requirements handwave and an interstellar mining trade. MCU has vibranium which would do the same. But the metals in the periodic table as it stands are pretty much going to be lying around in the new star system same like the old. Yesno?

Both Kelewan and Cherryh's Merchanters decide the answer is exotic organics. Tea, coffee and spices, basically. Read more... )

Space travel means you can go there and back again, eventually. It's hard to cut anyone off when there's the whole of space around them.

Time travel, planar travel, infinite worlds and the banestorm all make up their own rules and sargassos or trips down the well are much easier. Read more... )

GURPS Banestorm hypothesises a world where you can just get picked up by a storm and dropped in a whole alternate world with no way out. Oz style with a different map, basically. And I dislike Banestorm for patchworking their world from stereotypes of the most patriarchal eras of the least interesting places, but as a mechanism it's a grand one. Weird fog rolls in, weird fog rolls out, you have different stars above you and a whole new world around you and now you have to cope.

So that's a one way trip with trade goods you probably didn't select for that purpose.

You are quite unlikely to be carrying a spice rack. ... although that's actually a lot more likely that being dressed up for a wedding in finery and gold, so possibly a better idea?

But exotic organics are only ever any good in small quantities if they stay exotic, and the sargasso has been picking up lands and crops as well as people. Whole cities and whole farms. So they know how to eat and what to eat, which helps with the early survival parts, but they're probably unimpressed with the average Sainsbury's shop.

So I've looped right back to: how much is your jewellery worth, when you've arrived in a whole new context?

For that matter, how much is your polyester?

I suspect much of history is unimpressed with our current standards of woven textiles.

But silk is valuable both for its properties and its rarity. If you've dropped in somewhere nobody knows how to manufacture artificial fibres, the rarity value goes right up, even if the rest of it is proper tacky.

I'm much more likely to be carrying a suitcase, bag, and backpack full of clothes than I am any other heavy load. Wonder what I'd get for my goth gear in a low tech society?

Really I ought to have better things to do than try and get my head around economics. I mean the real answer is always 'what you can get someone to pay you for it', which might be anything from three beans to half a kingdom. Money is this weird game where everyone is mostly making stuff up and it's just baffling.

But I didn't sleep right and this is what's in my brain now. *shrugs*
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William Brandt was captured by a crowd of enemy, set to fighting Hawkeye, then surprised from behind by Kenneth Kitsom, grinning. Hawkeye had said something like 'may the perfect man win', very sarcastically. Brandt (eidetic memory) vs Hawkeye (deaf) and Kitsom (not bright). If perfect is the social standard then what do they do with the others?

Dystopian fantasy setup: Read more... )

I also was having ideas for something a bit like the GURPS Banestorm world where the place is patchwork of different bits of history because people keep on being brought there. I'd patchwork very different parts of history than they did though, since they really went out of their way to make patriarchy and make it worse than ever. But one thing that means is you get characters who just walk out of our world into the adventure world, so you can get people to make up sheets kind of like themselves and then play them. But real people who have not been in the armed forces tend to be a bit too squishable in adventures, so half the trick is getting them either an adventure small enough of an advantage large enough.

Read more... )

So then I thought about wedding jewellery and someone being dressed up in all the gold of their entire extended family, ready to embark on a new life. Read more... )

... huh, titled that 'very brief', went on for an hour. Bit not brief then.

Other ways to get someone's entire worldly goods through the Banestorm include them being a refugee - if they know they're running with everything portable they can get their hands on, if they expect to start a new life in a new country, they'll be as close to equipped for a new world as one can be. Except with modern communications not so much. A few years ago people might be carrying all sorts stored locally, but now people have so much cloud storage and rely on the internet so much they might have a nearly empty computer. Factual data I mean, instruction manuals such as would be useful on a new world. Probably they've got a bunch of new music.

... I know I keep wanting to download some Time Travellers Guides and so forth, just in case, but that's because I spend way too much tiem thinking of these things.

Another thing a Banestorm can do is pull in from multiple worlds that look fictional from here.

Tony Stark in a new world would still be pretty rich, if he was wearing his Suit and willing to sell it for the metal value. Or put it up as security against a loan, more likely. But if it's powered he's so well armed he doesn't need to be rich, so that's less fun. Hmmm, though, could you get magic tough enough to take out the suit? Mind magic would work on the pilot but not the co-pilot. Tech college might make it too easy. That'd be fun though, how would you try?

I should go get on with Monday.
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Just watched the most recent Fantastic Four movie, because movies with brother Sunday.

That was really, really bad.

I mean, they managed to screw up every character. I can say this with confidence despite not having read the comics because they just... that was... ugh, such a mess. Whatever they were trying to do, they managed to mess up every character. Nobody got a payoff that matched their setup. Not one of them. How? Do you even? I mean writers can usually... but no, not one.

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So this was teh grimdark high school or college AU where they spend the middle of the movie captives of a shady more or less military research program that throws them straight into combat, or on the run from same. And that's nothing I'd ever heard of associated with the Fantastic Four before.

And even just as a random movie it was really bad, because I spent the first twenty minutes to half an hour waiting for something to happen and then I just gave up waiting, it didn't actually do anything interesting. They had like one fight sequence at the very end, everything else was rubbish that could be in movies not about the Fantastic Four. My brother kept saying 'it gets better' but then he gave up saying it (though possibly because I was really grumpy by then).

I'm glad I waited until this was cheap at the supermarket.

... I'd still kind of like a refund...

(plus Sunday was just not quite right, because the food was soggy rubber wrong, and then the toothpaste all had the wrong words on it, and then the movie was rubbish)
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This was the book I was complaining about yesterday. The one with the highly symbolic disability that goes away once he has confidence in himself. The one where secretly he wanted deformity and chronic pain as an excuse to fail, and once he lets go of his fear he can walk again. That one. That is very ablist indeed.

It did not get better.

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I know the book is from 1992 and you can make excuses for old things, but I am really not impressed.

The writing is fine, the plot is fine if you don't mind campaign write ups, the ablism, sexism and racism is not fine.

I want to do better than this.

I want to do impeccably sourced better than this.

I want to collect history books where women have power, and do work, and exist in every role men ever did. And then I want to recombine them into a rich and full fantasy setting. And write a best selling series set there. And open up the world to other authors to do the same thing. And make the many and varied stupidities of epics like these ones so clearly evident that they'll just be embarrassed about them forever.

... all of which involves putting words on the page all in a row until a story is finished, so it remains unlikely, but I really want to.
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I am reading a book right now that is ablist as all hell.
It's a fantasy where there is healing magic, so when a boy is born with a malformed foot, they use magic to try and fix it. When the magic doesn't work the book explains that this is (a) because the gods want to teach the boy a lesson and (b) because secretly he wants to be disabled, as an excuse to fail.

... I don't know why I'm still reading this book.

And it's not like it's just a couple of objectionable characters saying shit. It's an actual central mechanism of the book. It's the medium through which the protagonist gains and expresses character growth. He magics his foot better and then the chronic pain is all in his mind and as long as he maintains the right attitude it will stop hurting. In the meantime they give him nothing to help with it, because it is all in his mind. So he should just think happy thoughts. To fix his chronic pain. From having the bones in his foot rearranged and regrown. Because gods. And morals.

... no, I know why I'm reading this book, it's because it was a present and the handwriting in the front suggests it was from a relative now departed so I don't want to throw the book away and therefore want to find some kind of redeeming feature in it.

But it's basically about a couple of teenage boys chasing after a couple of damsels in distress, and one of them has to be more confident and take risks and lose his fear of failure and then will be magically healed of his lifelong disability. Which he wanted. As an excuse.

... I really, really don't like this book.

It also doesn't help that it's part of a long series of two teenage guys going on quests, often involving rescuing the girl, always involving getting the girl like she's a present. Each guy has one girl, except for when they're competing for the prettiest one, who gets replaced only when they come to an agreement between them that the girl shall choose which guy she likes. Because that is something that takes on average a third of the book to decide. That a woman has a choice in boyfriends. And then, once they're all neatly paired off, the book takes a break so the next generation can become teenage boys. Because once the quest is ended and they've levelled up as high as they're going then clearly there's nothing interesting to write about in, for instance, getting to know this woman they met on a quest.

I think I remember now why I have the next three books in the To Sell pile. It doesn't matter if they're individually good, because they're going to be about two teenage boys questing for women. My epic level not caring is... ugh.


Apr. 15th, 2016 08:34 pm
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Well that was a waste of my time.

I watched the first ten minutes and the whole rest of the film was obvious. I kept waiting for the twist but then realised the thing they'd done that was literally the only way the story could go from there was their idea of a twist. It was about a half hour of TV stretched into a giant visual spectacular of a Tom Cruise action movie.

Also, the Earth is still fucked. I'm just saying. They probably know that, given the whole emphasis on dying well, but, there was no saving the world there, it is way too screwed.

Also I really do dislike watching Tom Cruise as much as I think I do.

He just keeps being in movies that sound good on paper and then turn out to be like this.

So. Waste of time.
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This week the job queue, including replying to emails, appears to be frozen
because something I thought was decided turns out to be undecided again, and now I have to decide.

And I don't know who is good to ask for help deciding things, because I talk to very few people and mum's advice is always and predictably Don't Do The Scary Change Thing, which makes it less like advice and more like a basic ideology.

Also I went through things logically and thought I had decided but I really hate my decision so I keep looking for loopholes, and the problem is it's all involving a calculation of risk where the variables are basically What Will The Government Do, and the government do what they want, so who even can know for this parliament, let alone in the time scale relevant?

So then I'm not doing things because things get crunched into this one decision, which is taking all my brain space, even though logically it should probably be decided, except possibly it should be decided differently if I didn't have anxiety problems and I can't tell.

And even if I get advice from sensible people I'll still have to weigh it up and decide, and since it is mostly made of ??? then how can I?

So that's this week.

Not ignoring anyone in particular, just hiding from a decision.
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Today's dream involved the Rebel Alliance starting to use sign language, so the Empire decided to arrest anyone using sign language. Bit of a problem.

Also Luke Skywalker was escaping from an Empire sweep by catching a bus. Read more... )


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