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My laptop is making little eeeee noises that I fear do not bode well.
My desktop computer cannot currently contact the internet.
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Something that has been bugging me lately about texts that get called feminist and groundbreaking: they're usually not that new.

It feels like spinning wheels in mud, to be told something is new and shiny over and over again. Look at all the progress we made! Working so hard!

So when prejudice and misogyny get shown, they get pushed back as far into the before as possible, so it's something that happened to grandparents maybe. Parents if you must. But it's in the before. And it's meant to be high contrast, because they show the stuff that's so obvious and ugly, and then haha, punch it in the face, that'll totally work.

And then we're meant to be happy that we get such a new and shiny female character, who can kick butt and be feminine, wow, we never had that before!

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Maybe I'm watching the wrong shows. I'd love to hear about shows doing all the things I want. I mean I don't watch much that's on TV lately, I end up getting DVD box sets, I'm probably missing a bunch of cool.

But I get somewhere between tired and scared when something gets proclaimed again as all all new! and groundbreaking! because it's like being given last year's worn out christmas presents and being told we're happy with them.

Gender pay gaps still yawn hugely, casting ratios still run at about 2:1 male to female, women directors are losing ground as a percentage for some years now, women's stories are considered lower priority so female characters are expendable, and whenever we get a female led show or movie announced everyone crowds around it cheering like someone lit a campfire in alaska. But we should be lighting it up all everywhere, taking half the places, half the screentime, half the stars.

Don't settle for anything less.

And don't forget. Don't let them recycle progress.
We should have had it all along.
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Well, as good as a day that included 'The Phantom Menace' can be.
... I kept saying the other films are better and sibling kept saying 'it gets better later', and we were saying the same things right up until the big battle at the end.
I like the sword fight but would want to re-edit it so it wasn't all mixed up with the other things.
Also no film needs that much Anakin.
Also also there are a number of very sketchy aspects to that movie.
I can see why there's so much fanfic. The right combination of pretty guys, theoretically intense emotional relationships we hardly got to see, and general feeling of could do better.

Also today there was Sunday breakfast at Morrisons, only they'd run out of most of the things. I could still have my food but sibling had to choose different food. Eggs for everyone today.
And then we did shopping. He picked up the Hobbit film and asked if it was the same Hobbit we'd seen last weekend and I said no it is a trilogy, and then he put it back. So I guess he wanted the one he had seen? I wonder if he's seen the others. Maybe next week we shall watch Hobbits.
I'm all out of Star Wars, on account of having enough taste not to buy the rest of the prequels.

Really, that movie needed rewriting so it was ... much less bad. Not going on about taxes for paragraphs. Less racist.

It did have more than one woman in though so that's nice. ... many are literally the same woman several times, which says something about how the writer thinks, but still, several women. :eyeroll:

The thing with Star Wars is it's just cool enough that I can totally understand hanging out in that universe, and have some of the books though I haven't read them... possibly since the 90s, but it just wasn't very well done. So it's grump making. Oh well.

Maybe better next time :-)
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I put away a whole stack more of CDs. Cracked the case on at least one of them, because the box lid turns out to have tiny sticky out bits on the inside, so the top of the box is actually half an inch taller than will work with the box lid, and if you press on the lid at all at all the pressure all goes on something about 1cm long and a couple mm wide. Idiot design. ... explains why there wasn't more in the box, on account of it don't really fit. So mostly I've swapped around a stack of things into new configurations. :eyeroll:

Also stacked all my magazines tidily in the same place. I've apparently been throwing them on the same stool in the same corner to put away later for really a lot of years. There were Torchwood magazines down there.

Books are where I read books, the phone is in the place designated for the phone, it's all weirdly tidy.

... I have so much stuff. The vast majority of it is data in various forms, books and CDs and DVDs and things recorded off the box and onto DVDs at some point. I think I vaguely planned to put it all on the giant hard drive and free up the box space? But I haven't done that for long enough the hard drive is at 99% working and will last 'a couple more years' and the CDs are... well, I have no idea if they'll even play.

at least with books you can actually see if they're falling apart.

I never think about how much music/audio I actually own because it's just a giant file on the big computer. Then I'm trying to find drawers for yet more CDs and realise hey, that's actually quite a lot of CD I've got there.

If I move house all this will get boxed up and probably I will find myself in a decade or so wondering where it is and then will go unearth the corner of boxes I never got around to unpacking. As happened with the box containing Sherlock Holmes books last time.

Logically I should therefore move along some of this stuff.

... if my family was ever any good at that, I'd have inherited far fewer books.
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last night's noise is confirmed as petty vandalism with fire extinguishers, emptied all over everything.
the hall is one big slightly foamy looking puddle. All the hall. from the front entrance on in.
and my front door only opens if you put your back into it, because wet.

what kind of arsehole stands there and thinks this is the great way to end their Friday night?

and this morning I got woke up by a loud sound that I'm pretty sure is from neighbours sideways. It's barely there in this room. it's impossible to sleep through the other side of the wall where the bed is.
I hope it is not their fire alarm, and I hope they do not have a fire.


why do people not have better safer things to do with their time?
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Fandom keeps on making characters poor sweet woobies with no self esteem who can't feed themselves.

Which usually flattens them out considerably, though there's also usually a bit of that in a character because apparently knowing your own worth isn't in fashion right now, just the extremes.

I suspect the appeal is that, if someone thinks they're rubbish, we can totally fix their poor little broken hearts just by being fans of them. We think you're best! We fix you with love!

And the food thing is pretty easy to fix for most humans. Not me, I forget to eat a lot, but most people.

Personally I'd rather be reading about superheroes having superhero sized stuff going on, but this particular vein of... not even hurt/comfort, more like fail-at-life/comfort... it seems unlikely to run out any time soon.


Jan. 23rd, 2015 07:00 pm
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Watching Hollywood movies recently I've started thinking, there isn't really much diversity in casting even among white men. Like, some days it seems they all got stamped out of the same plastic, then decorated to taste. It's sort of weird.

It's also weird that fashions in pretty seem to change from decade to decade. People look samey but in different ways. And then you start wondering who decides that? Like, if it was all down to the same handful of casting people, that would make sense. They have their own sense of pretty. Everyone does. But when it's wider than that?

And it's kind of noticeable too because British TV casts look very different than US TV, let alone blockbuster movies... even when someone has been both. They must polish them up more for the one than the other. And I end up wondering why.

We get taught what to want. Sounds daft, doesn't work as a theory when it's stuff like sexual orientation, but if it works for stuff and things it probably works a bit for people. Read more... )
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Watch White Men Save the World
By trying to kill a woman and then magnanimously giving her free will!

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So, I can see why that film is fun to watch for some people.

It's proper tragedy of everyone being themselves really persistently, with just that glimmer of hope to keep us around. It's full of feels. Charles & Eric, as ever, only really make sense as Charles/Eric, to the point it feels like cowardice when they're not out. And I'm sure that ending is a really handy get out of jail free card for the franchise.

I just am really tired of the same old predictable flaws.

I'm going to go hang out in fanfic land if I go near the X movies any time soon at all.
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am rewatching x-men first class.
I don't tend to, for a mixture of reasons.
Charles and Eric get a whole story that makes sense and get to show off their powers and get to be... well, different kinds of arse, really, but in ways where you can see why, and then it ends with tragedy and I get full of feels.
But everyone else gets badly short changed by this story. They're treated very poorly. Darwin especially, if by definition he adapts to survive, he should survive. Plus I know Emma Frost is going to dress like Emma Frost, but (a) it could at least fit better and (b) multiple scenes in strip clubs where all the women dress like that? :eyeroll: And then there's all the running around screaming from characters who don't actually get a moment of awesome.
So it's the same old pattern. We learn more about, see more of, and get a more sympathetic view of, evil white men, than we do of any category of women or people of colour.

I'm pretty epically tired of that.

and I'm assured the film is worse in that way than the comics. comics do not set a high bar.

it's wearying.

It's all very well to say this is what the fanfic is for, and indeed I've spent more time with the fic, but still... mainstream media needs to just do better.
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Tonight is the social group again
the one I can get to but not home from
or to be precise would have to either leave a 2 hour group 45 minutes early, wait an hour and a half for a bus after 9pm, or spend £30 on a taxi home for.

... I'm actually still trying to talk myself into going because I haven't been anywhere for a really long time.

But if I wait a couple months I think I can get to ones later in the year, so probably I should save the money and just wait here.

... yes having a social life in a couple months sounds grand...


This is why I'm moving to Norwich.
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I watched the xmas Doctor Who. Only a month late.
It didn't suck?
I'm kind of angry at the joke where the elves call things racist that are not in fact racist, it feels like a response to criticism, except some things lately have been actual racist.
I hate when things climb out of the TV, I have that nightmare enough thanks, but that makes it a proper ingredient for story.
it was mostly okay.
I still don't like the Doctor though. He doesn't like people, he 'deletes' them from his memory as soon as he walks away, and he walks away when they're still in trouble. That's not right.

I've been thinking, and I think that nobody writing Doctor Who is really thinking about if they would want to hang around with that guy. Writing it this way only makes sense if they're identifying with him, and if they imagine the audience identifies with him. That's why the companions are mysteries lately, because the writers have put the point of view and identification figure where the alien mystery ought to be. So for them it's a grand lark to be that much of a grumpy pain in the arse and still have the world jump to their tune because they're just that smart. But for people who want to be friends with the Doctor... he doesn't have friends, he treats people poorly and expects them to heel. So it's all gone wrong.

this makes me annoyed at writers who want to imagine a central character that way. same reason I dislike Sherlock and his ilk. Holmes of the books wasn't even like that. But the power fantasy of being just that smart that they can get away with anything, that keeps getting filmed. I don't want to watch it again.

Also, the Doctor comes along being all 'all of time and space!' and people go with him. Well that's not very impressive. If the Doctor, personally, is cool and someone we want to hang around with, there should be other people making similar offers, and the Doctor would have something unique about hanging around with him that would make it appealing. Which, you know, I feel has been true for 50 years and all his previous faces, to some degree. Not so much 6, due to story arc, until his audio adventures. But mostly, the Doctor is interesting even if one could manage the time and space thing independently. That's a tiny bit important that is.

at the moment it feels more like, he's the only one with an escape pod, or the only one trying to save us, so he gets a pass on all kinds of everything. and I have no interest in that.

... maybe I could sweet talk the TARDIS into going for a spin and leaving him on the slow path for a century or two?
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I hate contacting people.
I hate web forms that don't *rudeword* work.
I hate forms that only take your details so they can phone you back later.
What is the point of communicating in writing only to arrange a phone call that they clearly post a number for right next to the form?
Why insist that people make speech noises and understand your speech noises, when that's not easiest for everyone?

I am glad it is past 1700 because now I can sulk until work places open again tomorrow, instead of sulking while making grouchy faces at stupid *rudeword* webpages that won't work.

If I could get the other computer working it's entirely possible they'd work on a newer more updated machine, but that's still not connecting to the internet, and I still haven't figured out how to follow the instructions from the computer shop, let alone fix things. and I spent awake time doing or trying to do this stupid contacting people stuff instead.

boo to everything.
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I hate how stupid I sound on the phone.
... I also hate feeling stupid, especially on the phone.

I'm supposed to get a bunch of estimates/quotes for house removals. So far I have one (1). It is hard. Because a lot of places have contact forms but they all want my phone number and I won't answer the phone so it's stupid. So now I have to phone them just to be sure they won't phone back.

On the other hand that one estimate matches what I expected / budgeted for, so that's nice.


Jan. 20th, 2015 11:04 pm
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When I dream up my endless Mary Sues, my going to sleep characters who get to be in all the different universes, Starfleet officers, mutant leaders, superheroes: I don't dream so much of fighting. I dream of shelters.

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It's just F&SF shaded basic activism. Get educated, get organised, inform others, share resources, make structural changes. Deal with the problem on the same scale it exists at, not just one strong person with a pointy stick at a time.

And I just daydream it. I don't actually get out of my flat and go help with the real world versions of these. It's foolish. If these are the things that work, I should be doing them RL.

But sometimes the daydreams are shelters for the brain. Sometimes the ones we need. Just to recharge a while, and go back out with a better set of skills.
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After re-reading all the October Daye books in row, I am reading The Winter Long by Seanan McGuire.

I should probably have been doing other things, but I started it this morning in the half hour before the alarm went, and haven't wanted to leave it for long since.

I got about half way through, and just got a face like :-D and want to go up to Seanan and do a bouncy circles dance of glee, Read more... )

aaaand then I forgot to actually post this, so now I have finished the book and I'm still :-)
it had a proper ending with winning and stuff.

... I think the best bit was right in the middle though.
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Today Sunday was swapped for Epic Sunday of Cinema, so me and mum and sibling went not to the supermarket but to the cinema.
... so I've run out of bread and a bunch of other things, but that's fine, I can totally fix that tomorrow.

also on the way there we went in Waterstones and mum and sibling had cake and I checked on my book order. Which isn't out until 31st March, which wasn't what I'd thought when I ordered it or I'd have ordered something more... existing. But that's cool, I'll go get it when it exists.
So today I bought The Mammoth Book Of Best New SF 27, which I have been looking forward to.
It's going to have half a dozen books on top of it in the to-read pile, but still, is good.

We went to see the Hobbit :-)
... that was a long fight sequence.
... like, the whole movie. a loooooong fight sequence.

and I watch martial arts movies, so I'm not inherently averse to such things, but... well... there were bits in the middle where I thought possibly it could become a better movie if someone had taken more of it away and put their foot down about it.

Also if they had run it past some wargamers, maybe SCA people, someone to check it for... stupid.
... there were bits where my mum, who is not a big fan of fighty movies, could see someone had suddenly become stupid in the fighting department. If my mum can see it, it is probably not subtle.

it is possible there were bits of it that were not very good?
... I am deeply puzzled by this, because I have been looking forward to this movie for a long time, and it had all sorts of exciting bits in it, so really it should be good?

there were bits that made me laugh not because they were being funny but because their quest to be Moar Epic had just broken my suspension of disbelief.
oh, also, because Legolas makes good faces. that was good though.

I just feel that sometimes just because you can make it Moar Epic doesn't mean you should.

This isn't even a 'I don't remember that bit in the book' purist thing, it's just, sometimes I felt like a bunch of people had been bouncing ideas around going 'and then, and then, right...' and maybe they could have taken it back a notch without losing anything.

... so now I'm turning it around in my head looking for the bits where I could change emphasis to make it the movie in my head.

but, I had fun watching, and I'm glad I went.
which is probably the important bit.
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Today has included one bath, two loads of laundry, and some unsatisfactory fiddling with computers.
also I have yet to figure out how to uninstall and reinstall firefox when browsers can't go to the firefox webpage, or at least none of the bits that start https, which includes all the support. it probably involves putting the reinstall files on a memory stick having downloaded them to this computer. and I do not have high hopes of it fixing the problem.

also the light bulb has suddenly decided to make much less light in here. it is offputting. it hasn't gone out, it's just, like, sunset bulb.
I don't know if it's dim enough to need to get the book light out but it's not optimal.

niggly problems. daft.

my plan to write 1000 words per day kind of intended to make me write fiction. all words count, but it don't take very long before I'd be complaining about the same things again again, so it would be better to start a story and be less bored. It was my cunning plan to sneak up on myself.

... as per usual the too many options not enough brains effect is sort of a drag on my creativity.

Read more... )

I should have added something about coherence and having an actual point before challenging myself this way, or at least I shouldn't inflict it on the whole internet.

But there, my daily thousand words, today about monkey brains and the value of team and spirit guides in a money mediated transient world.
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support haven't directly answered my messages for a couple of weeks, and I might end up having to phone.
the problem is I have two email addresses and whichever I tell it to send out from it will only have the full header information from one of them. I could say sod it and compress my identities, but I don't want to.

so I'll have to use a completely different email address to reply to people who can't do comment threads.
that way I'll still be beccaelizabeth.
... because it's not like there's multiple beccaelizabeths in the world and that won't be confusing at all :eyeroll:
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... aaaaand now my repaired computer won't show me web pages. I just get the usual 'try again' message. it's not that it's not connected to the internet, because Firefox will show me google, it just won't show me much after that or anywhere I try to log in to.

on the plus side, games appear to work, and music can be played.
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I went and paid for my computer, bought some loo roll, and picked up the repaired vacuum cleaner.
it took like an hour
and now I feel like I had a really long day.


But! Computer appears to work *xfingers*
and they promise the vacuum cleaner doesn't make the noise now they've cleaned it and swapped the bag for a better bag. I guess I bought the wrong sort. Even though they said hoover and appeared to fit in the hoover.
eh, I'd have bought a new one if it wouldn't be repaired quieter, £18 for a bunch of new bags and some fixing is fine.

I haven't actually run the thing to see if it has in fact gone quiet, but that can be Tuesday's problem.

Today I have still on the to-do list... well, all the things. all the usual things. I have a to-do list that stretches and stretches.
but I ticked off a whole bunch.

mostly the next thing to do is to continue to organise this meeting. I have found a room for £10, which is an amount I have so clearly this is a good room. The room is available from Wednesday 21st Jan, half the people who want to go to the meeting to support me can be there from Wednesday 28th, and the social worker can only be there from 4th Feb. So now I have to decide which is the most important, soon or with people. which is difficult to decide. I shall ask some people.
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what kind of places do people have meetings in?
when I have meetings usually I go to someone else's place, like offices or whatever, and there is lots of talking.
even when it was interviews for me to employ someone the company that does the payroll figured out the place for a meeting.
this time it is talking about moneys, so probably a cafe is not appropriate
so I need a room
and it is a bit baffling.

if you look for meetings or venues on google you find a lot of meetings other people are running and venues for a lot more than the 4 or 6 people I need seats for.

maybe if I can find the pieces of paper from old meetings I can find out how those were booked?
but the rooms belonged to other people at that one place, and the whole building has changed at the other.

in other news

the vacuum cleaner repair place called
and they have fixed it
for £18.

So tomorrow I can go pick it up.

my life, so excite.


Jan. 13th, 2015 06:40 pm
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I'm autistic spectrum, and it influences what kind of TV I like.
quite a lot of that is the intense and focused interests part, because I can't follow my favourite actors outside of F&SF even if I really try and concentrate. people in those stories just do stuff and things. borings.
but some of it is going looking for acting I can actually read.

I am better at that after 30+ years of actively practicing. But there's still going to be moments when the story is trying to do something, probably something intense and richly complex, and about all I'll get out of it is 'and then he has feelings with his face'.

The thing is, natural expressions are very frequently clear as mud. People are having feelings, sure, but they don't usually make a face like :-) or :-( about them, they're usually doing a whole bunch of stuff at once and not greatly resembling a smiley. it's the visual equivalent of everything being blahblah noises in the background, until some big high point goes !

So what I found I liked, quite often, is children's TV, and stuff from the 70s.
Not just specifically the 70s. Acting idioms change over time, and the specifically stagey interpretations developed for small screens and fuzzy picture quality were pretty highly stylised. It's like large print for body language and facial expressions. There's conventional means of expressing things, little shortcuts, and a tendency to play to the cheap seats that means you're unlikely to miss even subtle moments.
They are ac-tors. It's like translating.
In even more stylised representations, say things with masks or dance, then there's more to learn, but people at least recognise that stylisation is what they were doing. Pretty often with older acting people will just write it off as bad.
And the newer it is, the more people are acting in styles developed for television, for close ups, for ever better picture quality. It's not an abrupt switch, but at some point a particular audience are going to call that bit 'realism' or 'naturalism' when earlier styles look fake to them.

Only it's all acting. It's all some degree of fake. They're giving signals to tell people what's going on on the inside, and it doesn't match what you actually see on most people most of the time, because most people aren't that communicative.

What I've found with children's TV is it still has that tendency to make itself very clear. It's not that kids TV doesn't have emotionally complex plots, they're just more likely to have someone's face go :-) or :-0 or D-: for a moment so you know which emotion it's about to be complex with.
... not that I've watched very much kids TV very recently, but when I do (usually while waiting for cartoons or something Doctor Who related) it does the thing.

Cartoons are fun as well, you can learn the feelings like a book, and in some styles of cartoon they'll have one face that the other people in the scene are seeing and another that's showing someone's insides. or they'll have Emotions Dog, who has feelings so the stoic one doesn't have to.

Point of View has a lot to do with it too. If you're in a character's point of view, say with Ianto at the start of Cyberwoman, you're going to be shown more than the other characters in that scene will ever notice, not because they're ignoring it but because you are to some extent in a particular character's head. Or the just mentioned cartoons, it won't be everyone who gets mini cartoons of their emotional state, maybe just Spiderman. The more 'naturalistic' the style is the rest of the time, the harder those bits are to read though, some people won't see that in Cyberwoman at all. But if we're following the Doctor around in his own show, we'll see him have a whole emotional range that his enemies wouldn't ever see. We'll see him alone, for instance, having feelings in an empty TARDIS. So point of view in TV is about showing the insides of a particular character, as well as following them around.

In writing of course it's all a bit different. You've got the most highly stylised and conventional means of expression there are available to you - words. You can just say 'he was happy' and go on. Or 'he was a bit happy but with an underlying sadness and exhaustion, while thinking about lunch' which frankly is a bit much to ask an actor to convey. But I don't really like using the feelings words so simply, because it feels like a lie. That probably loops back to being autistic again, but it's only exaggerated with us, neurotypicals aren't actually mind readers and they're not even entirely clear on their own feelings. I might be terrible at noticing I'm hungry, or angry, or angry because I'm hungry, but I'm far from alone in that. But if I write about a character, whether or not I'm in their point of view, that they are hungry and angry, I feel like that's only ever a conclusion they've drawn from available evidence. So I'd rather write the evidence. Maybe their stomach growls, they think of how long it has been since they ate, they can't seem to relax properly and they keep tapping their fist against things. Which comes first, the feeling, the word for a feeling, or all of that?

but then what I've got to draw on to show all them feelings is going to be drawing on a whole lot of actors using established conventions to convey in shorthand a particular and select slice of feelings.

and how real that's going to seem to an audience, whether it draws them in or bumps them out, is going to be like the sliding cutoff of 'realism' on TV, a very movable target.
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I have done half the Tuesday tasks
but the other half cannot be done
because the vacuum cleaner is still at the repair place.

They haven't called me back about it. They said a couple days and it has been a week. Maybe I should phone them?

it's annoying because now I'm grumpy because of routine interrupt
when usually I'd be grumpy because of stupid loud annoying vacuum cleaner.
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... aaaaand now I get to wait while electricians make maps
and people talk to their bosses.



Jan. 12th, 2015 04:04 pm
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On the one hand I am learning I have actually quite a good eye for things that might be borked about properties, even when other people are all oh no don't worry.

On the other hand phrases like 'original to property' turn out to be sodding expensive in the context of 'full rewire'.


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