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Today was Cleaner Day, which is always tricky, but I did all my half the jobs. Including vacuum cleaning *hiss*

The cleaner was not the usual person but they seem to have done the job just fine anyways. Which is nice.

Mum was here, Read more... )

But I did all the Tuesday jobs and some things that have been on the to-do list since last week and some other things that have been on the to-do list since months and months.

So that was a pretty good (and exhausting) day.
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So I just rearranged my entire house so I can sit at the desk and use the old old monitor.
And this irritating keyboard that is only the reserve backup keyboard. Either I get one of the other two working again and have an ergonomic keyboard to play with or I need to buy something... not this. I don't even know what's wrong with it, it's just a weird sort of tactile experience and, as almost always, half the keys aren't in quite the right place.

I remember now why I was going to replace this desk: keyboard too high even with seat at maximum extension. Joy.

Also I think there are speakers around here somewhere, likely under this desk, but at the moment I have headphones and slight paranoia I'll miss something.

If I put this keyboard so the letters are in front of me then the number pad sticks out so far there's no room for the trackball. Or it's three inches too far to the right.

Yes I realise these are trivial problems, I've got to type something if I'm going to figure out the best setup.
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Okay, I'm typing fluently but the right hand little finger tasks are all too far to the right and that hand is ouching. Dratted thing. I think this is as good as it gets without making the other keyboards work. I dont' know why they stopped, the computer just stopped recognising there was a keyboard in it. Maybe the wireless one will work if I put batteries in it. Or I can buy a new keyboard that is somehow magically less frustrating and works better.

Honestly the ones at college didn't do this to my hands, I feel like going and checking what brand and so forth they've got, they're bound to be cheapest.

Conclusion: computer works, monitor works, will no longer be leaving icons on the big TV which I'm sure will recover swiftly (again), and I guess I'll be sitting up straighter for the forseeable future. Boo.
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Went to shop. ate. bought. talked to shop people about why the thing was not in the place. paid. went home.

life, so exciting.

I like it how shop people now remember what it is I am going to buy and go look for it for me. That is very efficient.

... brain empty.

... I need to do more stuff.
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For someone who almost certainly hasn't plugged in a VCR this century I have a ridiculous number of VHS tapes.

I just went through them sorting for things I already have on DVD. It's not so simple, some things aren't out on DVD. Poltergeist the Legacy season 1 and Sentinel season 1 exist, I have those, but what about the subsequent seasons? But, given the aforementioned lack of even looking at relevant hardware, it's not terribly useful to keep VHS tapes that quite likely don't have useful data quality anymore anyway. And DVD may well not be the only way to acquire seasons of things any more, even legally.

... if anyone near Norwich wants VHS tapes of Forever Knight, Poltergeist, Sentinel and quite a lot of the rest of the 90s, I appear to have them.

I've got a bunch of X Files tapes, which I don't need and am never watching again. Some random stuff like Drop the Dead Donkey. The tapes with clips of my school on Blue Peter clearly need to be made digital.

The tapes of conventions or the tapes of obscure things with obscure actors from favourite shows, those are more difficult. Those need transferring to something readable, if that's even possible now. I think that requires application of money? I looked it up before.

Everywhere is dusty now and also smells interesting. I think I used the incense sticks more when I was putting these tapes away?

The silly thing is I still have two whole shelves of VHS tapes I don't want to get rid of, yet cannot watch. The ones that were presents from people that no longer exist kind of make sense, but the rest, not so very.

we put memories on the outside and then they fade faster. is weird.
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This morning has sort of mostly worked.
I couldn't find the FATE savegames I'd hoped for but there's still a chance they're around somewhere.
The small problem with the lack of sound was fixed by putting the plug in the right hole (*facepalm*)
I had backup bookmarks from January, so while I have lost a few things, the basics are back.
Files I've tried so far have basically worked.

And I made a 'Current work' folder to change my habit of keeping the current stuff right in front of me on the desktop since the computer shop says I shouldn't.

on the minus side, there's a couple of bits where icons stayed around after I changed channels, so using the TV as my primary computer monitor is going to bork it swiftly. But then so has DVD menus lately, it's just old. Don't know what to do with that other than spend a bunch of money on a new one and check it's good for the purpose. Or dig around behind furniture to see if the much smaller monitor I stopped using for reasons I've forgotten is in fact still back there. I think it was just how it doesn't change angles so I can't see it properly, and the smallness compared to other options, and the thing where I couldn't use it in my comfy chair. Might still work.

I get all wound up and feel sick when I'm trying to make stuff work. It's just the pervasive feeling of stupid, really. There's no reason I should feel stupid, I haven't put points into computer programming or operations beyond the basic, I just type and read and as long as it keeps working that works out.

Anyway, I'm back on the tiny screen to give the TV a rest.
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ugh, the desktop computer is so LOUD. It just powered down about three hours after I told it to shut down, and all that time, LOUD. I think of this silly netbook thing as annoying of noise because it reminds me of the vacuum cleaner, but compared to the PC I can't hardly hear it. Everything so noisy.

Is that because computer or because not-newest computer or because nobody designing computers cares about noise levels? Like, I know it needs cooling, but is there quieter cooling?

I don't know anything about computers. I use them to type on, to play tiny clicky games on, and to read the internet. Read more... )

Do you think computers will ever just plateau as people stop finding new things to do with the new capacity? I mean games boxes won't stop until you can ... holodeck basically, but most people most of the time don't need much. My phone can do about everything I need, except have a useful touch type keyboard, and I imagine there's peripherals for that. So will people keep buying capacity they don't need, or will computers just kind of hang out doing the same old things?

or am I just weird, thinking I'd be mostly content playing Bejeweled or Columns from the megadrive days?
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My desktop computer is back :-)
My laptop is not :-(
they reckon the motherboard went. whatever it was, the computer is old enough there's no fixing it.
but my laptop data is back :-)
*hallelujah chorus*

honestly, I fully intend to back up everything, and then it gets down to 'everything important' because I'm in a hurry, and then somehow I end up wandering around thinking *doh* for weeks.

Firefox profile isn't on there. Not from either computer. Firefox profile may well be history. Which is frustrating.
they copied over my 'favourites' folder, as if anyone actually uses Internet Explorer any more.

But I can ask tomorrow if there's any chance left. Probably not, think I asked before, but *shrugs*

Read more... )

Computer still installing. I'll have to leave it to it.
...wish luck...
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have finished the fantasy book with the magic sex slave.
that was really very super rubbish.

the blurb on the back said that a sex therapist who has gone right off sex after hearing her patients go on about it accidentally summons this dude under an enchantment where he has to have sex with his owner, and then they figure out if love can break the curse.

and pretty quickly the terms of the curse breaking are defined as not having sex with the supernaturally hot guy for the whole month he's summoned for.

so, okay. treat each other as people. that'll work out.

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So basically the book blurb wasn't very promising, and the story it describes is rather better than the one that was actually inside the book.

But I think that's basically because it's from very outside my genre. I mean, if you're just looking for a romance novel with some time travelling dude to beat up that creepy guy from work and that creepy guy from college and then choose you instead of a life of fortune and glory, tada, it hits those beats. It's just from where I'm standing that's a creepy sort of fantasy I can entirely live without.
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I am constantly amazed at how awful published fiction can be. I don't necessarily mean the writing quality, just the... world view, I guess. I picked something up because it was book 1 of at least 22 so if it's even readable then hey, something to do. From the cover and blurb it's clearly a 'shagging with a side of urban fantasy' story rather than my preferred 'urban fantasy with maybe shagging', but whatever, those seem popular. But I seem to have stalled half way through the book.

So the set up is Read more... )

So basically the book is saying they're both better than literal nothing, or actively painful being treated like a thing. So romantic!

Like, I know I've said it before, but finding someone who treats you like a human is not 'omg true love happily ever after', it's a minimum requirement.

After that you've got to figure out if your lives fit together on the important points, which in the books I read tend to include attitudes to killing vampires and so forth, and then if you can fit your lives and careers together, and get on with each other's families, etc etc etc

Making sure your characters have either no family or abusive family so they can finally find someone to make a family with... again, 'better than nothing' or 'better than awful' isn't as romantic as entire genres seem to think it is.

Fanfic is frequently so much better than this. Even fanfic built on the same premise. ... yes I've read plural stories where one or the other of the OTP was a summonable supernatural entity usually used as a sex slave. Humans, go figure.
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Went to the social group at the Forum
talked for an hour

got out library books

came home on the 8 bus.

that's my monthly social interaction then.

I could have stayed for the pub sci fi group but with the computer repairs this month is expensive enough as is.
so instead I'm at home ten minutes before the group begins sulking that I'm not there.
this plan needs some work.

Social group is hard because there's no topic so people just talk about Stuff and Things and what their life was like this month. Which is pretty much like last month.
This month with more Avengers though.

The Forum library had Secret Avengers volume 1 but inside the front cover it had three previous Secret Avengers books including a volume 1? I think the previous volume 1 is the one I want to start with, I looked it up before and wrote down 'Reverie'. The library system didn't have it though. Also the Librarian was equally puzzled by there being more than one volume 1. I don't see how that helps.

People and talking out loud.
Tired now.
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So much of my time over my life so far has been spent feeling kind of sick that it's actually starting to bug me that there aren't more words for feeling kind of sick.

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It's just weird to me that some sorts of common human experiences have more distinct words for them than others.

but I guess mostly people don't talk about feeling sick, especially while feeling sick, and mostly what they need to convey to others is urgh don't want to swallow might upchuck. feeling sick covers that communication.
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I couldn't think of anything to do with my morning, so I looked up postgraduate study at the UEA.

On the one hand I am utterly bored in a really ongoing way.

On the other hand, am I that bored?

Read more... )

Okay, so, don't particularly want academic version literature writing, haven't successfully completed a script in many years, have not in fact written anything for years except the 9K words of fanfic that is currently stalled on computers being in the shop and this tiny keys thing actually kind of hurting my arms to try and type on long. Also the keys not always working.

mostly, the problem of boredom is not going to be fixed by paying someone to teach me, because I'm not doing the stuff that's already available for free. I have to fix me first.

so that's... helpful.
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Continues to be fun, but I am mostly frown face today and haven't as much to say about it.

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The art has been less creepy about butts. Like, sometimes men are seen from rear views, and sometimes women are drawn almost the same as them. But male butts never have a line up the middle and female butts almost always do. Which is weird and creepy. But not as egregiously as when I was complaining about it with Black Widow.

Yes I know this is a detail I'm going to sound creepy about pointing out.

I like the twisty stories and I like some of the characters, Tony had more moments to actually seem like a person this season, Steve got to be cool, Hawkeye is a person but kind of not the one I've been reading fanfic about. There still need to be more women around, because new women only seem to turn up for an episode at a time. Is parity such a difficult concept?

I have more episodes to watch so I'll probably keep doing that.
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Ultron! Loki! Grand plans coming together!
and a cliffhanger ending!

I am appreciating the way the stories weave together with this version. Stuff gets seeded twenty episodes ago and eventually pays off. It's fun.

And y'all want to watch without reading these spoilers, to see how they do it, if you're tempted to watch at all.

Read more... )

That's some impressively twisty stuff for a punch the supervillain show.


I am now looking forward to how they undo this knot.

And trepidatious about what will happen to the team in the meantime.

As I should be.


... wait, 11pm already? guess that was proper interesting then.
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Alternating tasks with Avengers episodes has worked pretty good.
After accidental two hour bath I have actually got through the whole to-do list.
Which included cleaning out the blue boxes, putting some fandom t-shirts in them for long term storage, stacking the boxes as tidy as they go, putting away the dry laundry, hanging up the damp laundry, and running the washing machine. Also changing the sheets. And wearing nice pyjamas with the shiny boxes and hearts pattern.

All of that, only 4 sandwiches and 3 episodes of Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

I'm surprised by EMH. Specifically, I like Ant Man. Read more... )

I was comparing this EMH in my head to Batman the Brave and the Bold. They're completely different shows, structurally especially, but I was getting frustrated because BBB is all about team ups and he repeatedly demonstrates more ability to get along with people he's only just met than these Avengers do to understand their team mates who they live with. In one episode Batman and Green Arrow, who have a 'friendly' rivalry that gets closest to actually fighting each other, manage to convey crucial information and formulate a plan and agree who plays what side of some sneaky stuff and what undercover personas they're going with, all in the space of a couple of sentences that look like a fight. With someone they don't even like. They're more competent in moments than Clint manages to be with his partner in many, many episodes. And then they get on with fighting bad guys.

But EMH is going with some long term character arcs and really working its regular cast and their intra team conflicts, which is an approach with a lot of interesting in it.

I just get really frustrated on those occasions (many) when it makes them look substantially less than competent.

But I want to see where this show is going, it's doing fun stuff.
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I phoned mum and she was about ready to go out so we went early. Long long long queues that way. But we did have food and then we went round the shop and I bought almost what I intended. Shopping lists work better if I double check.

There were no double chocolate brownie bites and the guy at the cakes bit knows I always ask so he was looking around when he saw me and was :-( he doesn't have any but I had bought some on Thursday so I told him that :-) ... because if it is always run out on Sundays then I need a new routine.

I got bread that was still warm. It weren't by the time I got home but in principle it is very plenty good get nice warm bread.

I already have all the DVDs for weeks though so didn't buy any today.

I said sibling could come watch one cartoon, 20 minutes, because I have to do laundry and put away laundry and clean the thing to put the laundry away in, only in the other order, and also all the Sunday things like change sheets and so forth. But he was grump and did not want to do that. So there's just me.

And any minute now I will get on with that tasks list.

But first I sat down to email the place that sold me the shopping trolley, because the strap just came off the back so now it is busted, and I've only had it since April. That's like six shoppings before it's broken. Not very good. I emailed them to go :-( I don't know if they'll offer a refund or say well it was proper when they sold it.

I hope I can swap it for a new one. It's pretty and it works pretty good apart from breaking. Er, I mean it's the right size when it functions correctly, and the hooks on the back make it attach to trolleys pretty good.

The air at the moment is a bit annoying. Sneezes and eyes of blur. Annoying.

but is pretty good day.
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I like it. Twisty plots are twisty.

Also, Ultron!

Read more... )

Basically, nice story, but these are not the characters I've been hanging out with in my head, even when sharing many of their characteristics. Which is interesting.

And I find myself liking quite different people than expected.
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I'm on Volume 3 of the Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes DVDs
where they introduce Mockingbird (yaay)

her costume has wings which glide!
wings, but no leggings.

I'm getting really *very* creeped out with how they animate Black Widow, and now Mockingbird. They get special treatment no other character gets. And by special treatment I mean butts.

After I noticed how they were framing Natasha (from behind, close up, butt crack wiggling on a black catsuit) I spent the rest of the episode checking for other butts (yes I know how that sounds shush serious crit is serious) and no, nope, no other butts, except for Mockingbird.

Guys do not have behinds. Let alone behinds in skintights.
Black Widow and Mockingbird mostly have behinds.

And it's really jarring compared to the quality of some of the other animation. Sometimes facial features don't even make sense, they're kind of awful in off moments, but someone went through lovingly animating every line of the butt wiggles.

Creeping. Me. Out.

Yes I am fully aware of how comics do this kind of thing. I just... really? Everywhere? This now? Blergh.

I admit it makes Widow a lot more mysterious, since there's only so much you can learn about someone from that angle, but really.

I am liking the plots.

And they don't do this to every female character. Carol and Jan wear actual clothes so far.

It's just once I notice something I keep noticing, and, creepy.

In other news it's cute how Tony still thinks he's the leader while everyone else ignores him more and more.

Also I was vaguely pondering how Hawkeye in this 'verse starts out as a SHIELD agent and Black Widow's partner. Like, compared to the MCU. EMH Clint mentions the circus, which is more backstory than we have on MCU Clint. EMH is 2010 and Thor with brief Clint cameo as SHIELD agent is 2011. While in 616 he was an Avenger first? Variations.

Here it's mostly so he can make pouty face about Widow betraying him and remain deeply perplexed about it and also be rebellious against two completely seperate organisations, SHIELD and the Avengers.

He's stubborn and not quite bright, but good at thinking sideways for his job, like tactics stuff. Also funny and quippy and brave.

... the way they draw him makes me think his nose is on upside down, it sticks out weird like here, it's unfortunate, and then there's the pointy mask on top of that.

But the stories are all making a complex universe full of conflicting motivations and they're quite fun.
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I just read an actual paid professional writer ask 'how many marriages can you really have'.
Context doesn't help.
They just... how many?
As many as there are combinations of people times situations you put them in.

It's not like marriage is a single thing that you hand to characters at the end of a story.

It's a complex ongoing negotiation that commits to turning two lives into one shared life, and somehow promises to balance every priority so they can continue to pull together.
How many marriages?
No marriage is the same marriage as last year, unless I suppose their life is epically repetetive. I mean I just had two years of sitting in my flat reading homes magazines, I suppose a life like that remains shareable without much reconfiguration.

But homes magazines are like mini epics in how to do marriage, home, family. Because every single time somebody ends up in there showing off their bathroom they went through a whole decision process where they balanced the needs and desires of two or more people. If two people wouldn't end up with the same bathroom (and I've been looking at housing websites for a few years now, there are no two same bathrooms) then they wouldn't end up with the same whole shared existence.

And okay, I read/watch F&SF genre stuff, the bathroom redecoration rarely comes up. ... Dining room, recently, kitchen, full copper repipe, basements, flat hunting, and pretty sure there was something about plumbing on a spaceship, but rarely. But if you've got two people who have resolved enough of their differences they've decided to share a life together, and then demons, then you just take every worry and argument that can possibly happen and turn it into metaphor demons. Rich vein right there.

Marriage doesn't limit a character's possibilities, it multiplies them.

That seems like it should be pretty obvious.

but then I read mostly fanfic, and we spend many many iterations looking at the same relationships from a great many angles, plus occasional plot. Figuring out how lives fit together in the midst of all that F&SF stuff is pretty much what we're here for.

Some people read too narrow.
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There's a certain amount of stupid I can believe, and the sort of stupid that gets in arm's reach of Hulk and challenges him to a fight is... genre appropriate, but Read more... )

I do not like having headaches. That part of my evening is annoying. And I already took painkiller, so I appear to be stuck with it.

I am really glad the movies didn't go with Hawkeye's purple design quite the way it is in this cartoon. It's the pointy head bits I can't quite be having with. The rest looks like perfectly reasonable vaguely asian skirt whatsits or a purple robin hood. The mask is... even with my expectations reset to comic book I keep noticing it and instead of story I'm all Clint what is on your head.

I don't know why, it's hardly the weirdest thing in marvel.

Now Hawkeye has had stuff to do he seems super good in a fight but weirdly untrusting and confrontational considering what they keep saying about partners.

Not my favourite character set.

but that was the first 13 episodes and end of volume 2.
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two more episodes of Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes
10 Everything is Wonderful
11 Panther's Quest

Theme: For a genius, Tony sure is an idiot.

Read more... )

Tony's an arrogant ass who needs to consult before he acts, use his words, and maybe notice that he's not the most brilliant at everything, ie leading the Avengers. It's weird him giving orders to Cap, even if it worked out well this once. I like it better in the movies where he notices how Cap is kind of good at this fighty stuff relatively swiftly. The Avengers being brought together with Tony's money, Tony's property to house them, and Tony reckoning it's all his idea and he's the boss, only sets him up to be an idiot repeatedly.

In other news I have to actually like this version of Ant-Man, which frankly given what comics 'verse has him having done is making me feel a bit ill. But he's the guy in the cartoon who is all 'you don't want to be a villain, fighting isn't solving anything, how about we actually talk'. You know, like I would. So I'll just have to divide up the universes. The guy who is all about maybe we can rehab them is much better than the guy who just wants to build a better box to store them and their toys in.

Cap needs to catch up and have a personality though. I mean, being a walking :-( is entirely reasonable, I wouldn't tell a real person to grow a personality, have a sad, totally fair, it's just as a character he could be more present.

Jan is overconfident in fun ways that very nearly almost work. She's fighty, and then she's in over her head, and then teamwork. She's also enthusiastic about superheroics, as opposed to business or science like some of the others, so she's there for the same reasons we are and that's kind of helpful.

I'm going to watch lots more episodes of this. Which is good cause I have 8 volumes of it.
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it feels like I had a busy full day
but literally all I did was wait for the phone, answer the phone, then interact briefly with the undelivery bloke.

this was somehow very tiring.

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two out of three computers are away to the shop. one of them is expected to return, with the data from the other one. and then I'll have a working computer hopefully worth the name.

... I'm very glad of this tiny thing, but I can't type comfortably, it won't open more than a couple windows at once, and firefox needs shut down and restarted several times a day or it crashes everything.

the computer shop guy had a computer shop van and a computer shop shirt. I am glad of this because otherwise it might feel like handing over my computers to a random human, which would not end well.

Read more... )
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Have watched two more episodes of Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes
basic plots were
'everyone fights Hulk until he changes his mind and saves everyone'
'everyone fights Cap until he changes his mind and saves everyone'

Is it always like this with Avengers?
Is Whedon doing this just following tradition?

Read more... )

This cartoon series is being a lot like comic books because it clearly has a vast and complex backstory you're not expected to know, a lot of which whizzes by while you have a few fight sequences, and you only get small episodes in a larger interconnected story with each episode/issue. It could be cool. I'm not sure I'm in the mood for it, but it should be cool, doing longer stories in smaller chunks.

Avengers Mansion in this is introduced as used to be a museum for the Maria Stark foundation. So that thing I theorised about a certain location in Avengers Age of Ultron, where the art got moved out and the war moved in, that is pretty much canon for Earth's Mightiest Heroes Avengers Mansion. Only it's Tony doing it there, which is different from what I was thinking because he doesn't identify so much by the museum parts, the sub level tech stuff is more key to his identity even if he wasn't flying around wearing it. Also that thing where he sold all his art at once in IM2, and he was buying overpriced pieces he knew little about for investment and never seemed to look at much of it. Art character doing it would be different.

Avengers Mansion has 12 bedrooms. Read more... )

Jan is still Most Interesting, not just because she's The Girl, but because she seems interested and excited and like she actually wants to be there and doing the things they're doing. It's hard to get particularly excited about grumpy faces who fight each other. Tony is next most interesting because he's like, here, have a club house, have a training room, that was the easy setting, wanna play more?

Also, already he and Steve get along better than they did in the MCU and he has tons to say about how everyone looks up to Captain America and his dad told him all about him.

Now I could watch more episodes or go outside the house to do the errand I told myself I would do at 2pm.

... probably episodes, lets face it.
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Okay, so, in the fic I'm reading, it's actually really repetitive tell-not-show that's driving me nuts. I keep wanting to send them beta notes like 'pick three telling physical details and then get back to the plot' or 'you have mentioned they are evil, perhaps you wish to illustrate how?' or 'you said the exact same thing two paragraphs ago'. But that would be wrong, rude, and futile, so instead I rant to the internet.

So they've got a tiny world on the edge of the system that's borderline habitable and the corporations that rule the universe now are sending it food aid in quantities small enough two men can hand it out in an afternoon. Corporations are evil y'all. Eeeeevil. Evil. Just doing it for the PR and also did they mention evil?

Okay, but, this is a multi planetary solar system, not a... one stop sign town in a dried up ex mining valley. They've said the area was known for mining but this settlement wasn't. Okays. They've said there's a cutting wind on an otherwise hot planet, dust blowing and omnipresent dirt, and the ship has stopped to get parts from the junk yard. But they've also said they don't know why anyone settled there in the first place, and no one does know.

It's a terraformed planet with a breathable atmosphere. They're wandering around outside breathing air that can whip around the whole planet picking up dust. Those things aren't a dime a dozen, even in a populous galaxy. Is this a populous galaxy? Well they left Old Earth because it was all trashed and uninhabitable and now humanity is huddling on much less helpful planets. Great, stated that, now showing it, got the details all lined up, because now it isn't a planet nobody knows why they settled, it's a planet full of refugees who stopped somewhere they can breathe.

Read more... )

The observable details can build a picture, but it can't build a coherent economy when compared with the (endless) inner monologue of the guilt ridden captain giving the food out.

So either he's very wrong or you need a whole different set of details.

Read more... )
Presence of junk suggests a history, inner monologue stops people filling in the gaps about that history.

So, how does a marginally habitable planet demonstrate the evil of corporations? And the goodness of the crew visiting them?

Read more... )

Poor on a planetary scale means something a whole lot different than poor just down the road. Planets with breatheable atmospheres imply a whole stack of resources that just aren't that easy to get. Unless travel is so immensely cheap and easy they really can just skip to the next nicer one.

SF worldbuilding, it is complex.


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