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Despite today feeling really steamrollered
I have done two
loads of laundry
with the dryer and everything.

The dryer still makes it hot and damp rather than actually dry, but I feel I should get points for effort.

that, monday tasks, and vegetable soup counts as functioning like a grownup.


Aug. 29th, 2016 02:19 pm
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my alarm went off four hours ago, and that was the hey lazy alarm
if I start going round and round the clock again now I'm leaving the house more (or at all) that will be very frustrating.

I dreamt a long complicated set of things that are mostly not useful.
Something about being a magic student in a complex heirarchy with a masquerade going, so everyone had big robes and masks stored behind a secret door in ... I think a department store, because obviously everyone could go to one of those every week without being suspicious. There were lifts that only went to alternate floors, like in the mall car parks. and there was lots of running around stealing other people's masks and robes because I couldn't be bothered to wait.
not very interesting.

also there was something with an army fighting a war but running out of food because they drafted too many workers. and they sent people who pointed that out to go work the... time mines? some kind of altered speed area which they were relying on for their supplies, except they were running out and had been invaded from the other side and because it was super speedy in there by the time someone had run all the way up the time gradient back to the bosses the whole plain below could have filled with enemies. years in a day lets them do that.

prettiest was the one where Steve Rogers crashed in the ice but got rescued by... it was kind of like the fortress of solitude, and a bit goa'uld, and quite a lot asgardian. Alien tech mostly made of gold and swoopy bits and crystals. Pretty.
But it needed a brain to help run its AI, and lacking the one intended, it scooped up Steve.
So instead of 70 years suspended he got 70 years dreaming, living metaphorical versions of the problems the AI was working through.
When I and my party discovered him I immediately leant forward under the arches to take his pulse and so forth, but that turned out to put my head in the mind control frame, so that was not in fact a good idea. A fun idea, yes, but not good. The AI now had a male and female set and a way of making more brains for its very own. So Steve and I were entwined under the gold rings, while I minds were off dreaming. But in the dreamscape he looked his age. I hardly recognised him to start with, because he looked his age as skinny!Steve, as if the serum had been part of the dream. His self image hadn't really caught up before he crashed, and then when everything was shifting dreamscapes he came to the pretty reasonable conclusion that those years at the start were probably a dream too. Waking him up was going to be a complex thing, since his real life was substantially less plausible.
So I wouldn't wish that one on Steve, but it does open up every single possibility for where he's been, and how people who get accidentally networked in would see themselves.

So now it is 1429 and I'm actually awake. All day I have been being woken up by the whistles and other assorted steam train noises. Which is fine, they're quite reasonable about hours, it's just if I want a lie in that that goes a bit annoying. But I could go places on a steam train this weekend if I wanted to.
... think I'll just stay here and wake up a bit more and watch more Arrow.
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Today was going to be full of Humans outside so we stayed in my house
mum brought around some microwaveable quorn stuff and we ate it
and then we watched Age of Ultron
which remains quite good except for the parts that really really aren't.
My brother also brought my birthday present, all wrapped in marvel paper.
It is Miniverse Captain America Civil War figures, because mum said it was the only ones with a woman in them.
I said again that if I need burying then I should have my action figures with me, because you never know, the Egyptians might be onto something.
Tiny heroes for me :-)

so that was pretty good :-)
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the new computer continues to be a good thing. I ran it right down to 4% power, where it gets cranky and tells you to plug in, while also telling it has an hour left. that seems like a lot of power.

It now says it will take 5 hours to recharge, which seems less fun, but okays. I shall remember it needs charged while I sleep.
I might have to rearrange plugs to make that happen...

I have read Many of the epub short stories I have owned for ages and not got around to reading. They are handy and convenient now.

I still don't know what half the icons and buttons do, and it still seems really greedy for me to be using Edge and Cortana, but hopefully at some point I can turn them off in such a way it stops asking me to turn them on again? ... Windows 10 is not seeming like an improvement. ... Windows 10 is in fact not seeming like it holds steady neither.

I shall probably put a sticker over the cameras, because it's for reading in bed. The computer does not need to see my bed.

But if I vanish and stay vanished except for complaining about recharging, the new thing will be why.

Of course if I sign in on the new thing I'll be able to make updates like this from there, for lo, it is a computer and can do many things.
... I never like signing in on new devices, I have to actually feel like they're mine first. :eyeroll:

In other news I got a reply to an email and realised I had communicated poorly in the first place and now don't want to bother them. Hopefully the question they answered will be sufficient and the thing I wanted to double check as well is unnecessary degrees of checking.

... this is why I don't like communicate, much error.

... eh, this is boring to say.

I could try and review stuff I read last night and this morning, but I'd basically be like *\o/* Diane Duane! *\o/* and *\o/* Seanan McGuire *\o/*
I read so many little things in a row they have blurred together. In a good way. They were all good and did not annoy me so they're just a long set of good thing.
Seanan's short stories are available on her website
and I've read all the October Daye and most of the InCryptid shorts all in a row.
blur of good things.
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My new computer purchase is successful.
I have read more of my ebooks in an evening than I think I have all year.
They just never seemed the right combination of convenients, compared to all the other things I could be doing.
Now I have a reasonable sized screen, quite light, and silent, and suddenly they seem accessible after all.
So that's money well spent already.
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a) I greatly look forward to the roadworks being finished so I will no longer be woken by the sounds of assorted power tools

b) considering that I only took a painkiller at 0100 and didn't get to sleep until it was nearly reasonable to take another, I feel pretty okay

c) I am surprisingly unachey after my hour and a half quick march around the river last night.
... I am slow, though not slowest. I was mostly just trying to keep up.
And then there was the fun thing where the end of August is a tiny too late to do the riverside walk, and the gates got closed on us.
The people playing Pokemons while we walked were having most fun. I'm still wary of the privacy concerns and the whole needs a data plan bit though.
Pretty good outing, will go again, but am glad the plan for next few times does not include Outside.
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We went to social group and it turned out to be unexpected riverside walk :-)
except I haven't really walked that much for quite some time now so it turns out that 1.5 hours of walking is a lot of walk.

... actually that's pretty much all I have to say about that.
I am so very tired
and my feet have walked far.

but it was good, because I went to social group and saw some people I know and am back in contact with organiser, so next times will work better now.
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my new little computer appears to be kind of basically working
though it does not have things in the same places as windows 7
and it doesn't respond quite precisely like either the desktop or the phone, with or without its little keyboard dock, which is proving fiddly to type on since it sometimes is ignoring letters and always as usual has things in slightly different places.

I think it has a bunch of apps in that I don't want and don't currently know how to hide. It has flashy menu things I don't want. I mostly just want my usual browse the web things.

Next I need to copy across the files I wanted, or store them on the usb stick anyways, and then I get to see if they will work.
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I bought a new computer :-)

It is probably not a best computer. I don't know. I couldn't figure out which things are what.
But it's a computer that the computer shop I've always gone to sells and says they can explain to me on Saturday mornings if I get stuck. Which I feel is therefore a good enough computer.

It is supposed to be silent like phones, and it shall read my books and play my audios, though it needed an extra plug in bit to store all my audios because they are very many.

I think it has the same size storage as my old college laptop, but that is now very small.

It is Windows 10, which I shall find out if that is acceptable. I think there's privacy settings that need poking?

And it is in an acceptable price range, so even if I end up not liking it, that will be okay.

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Basically, the wheelchair thing :

So, right from the first episode, the wheelchair and the way it was portrayed bothered me.
And having seen the whole season I can now say the really stupid part is that the parts that bothered me were completely unnecessary.

Read more... )

The Flash needs some depictions of disability that are neutral background and not a sign of deception, creepiness, or intent to harm others.

I mean, that's... that's pretty important.

But season 1 was worse than it needed to be even to keep the exact same story, in really foolish ways.
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Aaaand I am not excited right now.
I'm actually kind of ugh.

Read more... )

This show did not choose the best things.

I disliked the ending.
And felt it didn't make entire sense.
Even emotionally.

It was creepy and inadequate about disability, and not even because of the source text, just, because it felt like it.

Spending a whole season lying to Iris is creeptastic and got worse and worse and made less and less sense as it went along.

Waiting until the next to last episode to point out the legal and moral problems of locking people up in your basement was rather ducking the problem. And again, that whole thing happened because their solution was secrecy, and far more secrecy than even made sense. If knowledge was keeping the mundanes alive within the team then it really should have been useful to the police in general, you know?

And I kind of don't care about the characters. I mean, they don't actively suck, but they didn't click with me. Some of this is being very bored of love triangles, and some is the ages of characters, and some is just... *shrug*, it isn't working for me.

So now I'm kind of cranky and want to do something different with the pieces.
Which is how I feel about most DC adjacent media, lately.
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Painkillers are awesome.

In related news, the later part of my birthday was a bit not awesome.
But that's okay, I watched a bunch more Flash anyway.
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It's my birthday :-)

So far I have woken up serenaded by road drills and the weird vibration of our whole building.
So, omens... good?

It's also the annual day I have to figure out how to make Facebook work or all my relatives think I'm ignoring them. Which effectively I am, but only because Facebook never feels like working.

My employee dropped off a birthday card yesterday, and I'm getting an Avengers card on Thursday, and I ordered a whole bunch of presents that will arrive some time this week, so, going to be doing pretty good.

But first today is cleaner day, so, very happy birthday to me...
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It is really awkward fancying Captain Cold, of all people.
Like, just, really. Awkward.
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Today's dream started with house hunting. Which was mostly frustration and ugh. But then the estate agent showed us this place that at first I thought was the worst, because okay, two bedroom flat on the unthank, sounds fine, but it's over what looked like a butchers shop. And smelled, from the car park out front, like a butchers shop. With the windows all papered over from the inside, so possibly not a shop right at that minute, but that would just mean you wouldn't know who your neighbours were. Plus, have you ever tried getting somewhere to stop smelling like a butchers shop? So I was like *raised eyebrow* at the estate agent, and they explained that the price? The in my price range price? Was for the flat and the shop, with tenant. At which point the place became both more interesting and much more likely to be woeful.

... I have seen a lot of houses. In my price range on the unthank? Has problems.

So we went inside... and the smell magically cut off when the door closed. It was... nice. Dark, but nice. And out the side there was an archway to a conservatory, which had the side windows papered but the roof merely dirty, so it was getting a bunch of sun. There was a table in there, suitable for half a dozen people to sit around playing RPGs. And in the dark shop part there was an old counter, with scars like for butchers knives, but behind it there were a few taps, like a pub. But it didn't smell like a pub either. It just smelled, like, nice and clean and with wooden furniture. That seldom happens. (Very. Seldom.)

I looked through the archway beside the counter, and behind it was a little corridor with doors at both ends to the outside, and across the corridor were a couple of little rooms, so back there was a kitchen and some storage. And the doors led to stairs, so getting to my place would mean going through the same door as the downstairs people, but it was just nice and white and cool back there, tiled floor but nothing nasty looking about it. I kept wondering what the catch was.

And then when I wandered back into the not-bar I saw Oz. Werewolf Oz. Who, in my dreams, was my ex from High School. And also didn't appreciate being called Oz, it was Michael now. And me recognising him made the pattern of who was tense and relaxed change across the half dozen people there, including the guy behind the counter, who I realised was wearing a really interesting hat which seemed maybe to have bumps underneath?

And long story short, I was being shown around a Fae bar, on the Unthank, in Norwich.

Which explained the price they were asking, I mean, they'd probably paid off the mortgage a hundred years ago, and keeping up with the latest market prices wouldn't seem that urgent.

So obviously I was going to try and buy the place, even without seeing the flat, and with the stairs, because wow was this the most interesting place I was likely to find.

... awake me would prioritise insisting on a good survey first. And checking it got deep cleaned. It's no bother to me what Fae were eating in there, I just don't want it squelching or stinking up the place after.

So after that there was a whole chased by bears sequence that honestly I could have lived without, but then there was the part where Fae were asked to vote on me becoming Fae, and only 36% voted to agree I could, so I figured that was All Done, but then only 36% voted for me to stay human, and the others either didn't care or wanted to see what would happen. So that added up to a vote to make me half? Fae? Which I hadn't thought was an option. But I'd be short lived but awesome, or long lived but pretty much human. And different people were, like, trying to influence things one way or the other, with offering me weird eats, or just with the kisses offering themselves. And I was not at all keen on the one guy, tall blonde and uptight, who wanted me upgraded so I'd be suitable for him. Because no? Not how it works? How about he tries to get me to like him first? He does not get to design me to order just because he's uncomfortable fancying someone my species. But I was pretty keen on Oz, whatever he was calling himself now, and he was way more relaxed about the whole thing. Like, he's a shapeshifter, even if I became a shifter I might be any kind of shifter, it's all cool by him. But it wasn't up to either of them, it was up to the designer.

Yes, Fae had a designer.

I'd spent a whole bunch of the dream complaining about the design flaws of various Fae, and how I'd like to give Ruper of Wales a piece of my mind, and then he was going to turn up and I'd get a chance to, but only if I wanted him to be really annoyed while he was designing me.

But then of course he turned out to be Giles, whose Fyarl form was pretty much his natural form, but he could usually switch more smoothly and not be locked in such a bad mood. His Int and Strength stats pretty much swapped when he shifted, so he usually found his squishier human self more versatile.

But he was like a genetic engineer, only for Fae, so they were using magic and had only recently become acquainted with the underlying principles at the base pair level, and had in fact found Fae genetics not explicable by existing human science, so they were quite excited. And he was going to be using his new upgraded understanding to design me.

So that... that's a setup with possibilities.

Like, I always dislike the vaguely aristo logic of the born-different settings, but if they're actually just really advanced genegineers, well, then it gets fun.

Plus the different courts would, like, court you, and try and persuade you to upgrade into the specific styles they'd find useful. And there'd be people thinking up new ways to combine old packages. And of course you could be the violet eyed shapeshifter faerie queen of your dreams, if you fancied... and live with the consequences.

So now I totally want to play with this one.

... also, I totally want that self funding flat on the unthank. That would be awesome. Especially with the no alcohol pub downstairs.

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We had a food, but mum can't eat anything from the cafe any more so that's less fun.

We did a shoppings, and I think I remembered the things I wanted.

And we went home and watched Avengers Assemble.

... I'm not really feeling it any more. I mean, I like the characters, and there's some great whoosh boom once they're actually fighting the bad guys, but the parts where they're fighting each other? Ugh. So tired of that. They keep doing that. Over and over and over. So many films, so many episodes, so many hero on hero fights. Writers need to be better than that.

... yeah, that's honestly all I have to say about Avengers any more. Let them fight bad guys and I might get back on board.

But aside from that, yaay Sunday.

The Flash

Aug. 20th, 2016 10:53 pm
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Have watched more of The Flash.

The problem is that Flash is darker than Supergirl, and Arrow is darker than Flash, and I like Supergirl, so it's just not wearing off that I keep noticing all the ways this is markedly inferior.

Also the whole concept that the Flash and Arrow have their own prisons? That... that makes them the villain. Right there. That is a line, and they cross it blithely and with confidence.

Granted the Arrow also shoots people, but the show at least has noticed that's a morally problematic act.

Read more... )

Actually this just annoyed me enough I went and looked up some spoilers, and some stuff they will poke later, but ... ugh.

Also? Secret identities - ugh. But the thing is in this show the secret identity is only a secret from, like, one person. For some reason they're not telling the girl. Because she is special precious flower who must be protected? That's suck.

I'm having trouble playing along with the bits that are supposed to be fun because there's all these problems just lying around. It's annoying.


Aug. 20th, 2016 07:40 pm
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I know superheroes, as a genre, are basically ‘let’s solve problems with violence!’

But Batman as a fantasy of justice specifically works against his context: he’s in the most violent and corrupt version of America’s nightmares, fighting crime without a gun and with a specific commitment not to kill, and he isn’t interested in making money out of it.
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which I guess makes sense
since in the last few days I have lifted, moved, opened, lifted, moved, and reshelved, a couple hundred books, both singly and in batches.


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2032 books :-D

I have catalogued 2032 books :-D

And there is a very good chance that that is all the books :-D

... I mean, lets face it, it's never all the books
but it is all the boxes, all the bookcases, all the shelves
gone through at least once and put into LibraryThing.


... is there a way to back up LibraryThing?
... not that I'm paranoid, it's just the first time in my life the catalog is a near approximation of reality...

There's still all the magazines, the Analog, F&SF, Galaxy, IF, Asimov's and Venture
and those will go in the LibraryThing, probably, but I may have to type them all in manually, which was the case for far too many of the last couple of shelves and takes half way to forever. The idea of adding manually a whole bookcase of magazines, which are skinny and very numerous... oooooh, that's going to take a run up.

So for a while the number of books in the catalogue maybe might go down instead of up.
I mean, that seems fundamentally unnatural, but I've given away several feet of books by now, on account of them being actually rather boring.
Since everything is in the catalogue from now on if I decide anything else is boring the count might go down.

... but it's entirely possible for me to go to a book shop once a week if I feel like it, so let's face it, that number is unlikely to shrink much.

I am doing a happy dance
and I texted my mum
because this is a momentous occasion.

All! The! Books!
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I thought I only had 7 books left to go
then I found 3 uncatalogued books
on a catalogued shelf

so now I don't even know

I'm just going to have to check every single book over again
*big sigh*

The Flash

Aug. 18th, 2016 06:38 pm
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Today I bought season 1 of the Flash, because it was in ASDA for reasonable moneys.
So far I have watched two episodes, and it's pretty okay.

I mean, Read more... )

Hmmm, that actually covers quite a lot of stuff so far.

But it has ethnic diversity, and superpowers, and that's a nice start.

It is yet another show that makes me (a) notice how long it has been since last time I saw that guy (b) feel like past a certain point one does not get to be the protagonist and (c) feel old when I realise the young and theoretically attractive people are only seeming young to me.

... it's my birthday next week, I'm not keen on this whole time passing bit, it's a thing.

Also it's nice how Barry has that little speech to the guy that raised him about how doing all that work makes him kind of like his dad, but then that leaves him having romantic feelings for his kind of like a sister, and that part seems not cool to me. Seems like a weird setup.

I guess this is why I didn't watch this show before, I bounced off the not-quite.

But I have run out of Supergirl and this has costumes.
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I did a shoppings
and threw things away at the recycle centre, which is Difficult.

I now own three more books, with £10 off because voucher,
and two new tabletop games.

That is all the games I'm buying until I actually acquire friends to play them with.
... it seems like a reasonable hope, so...
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went to SF group, did a talking
pretty successful

there has been many weeks it is just the one other person lately
maybe needing to find more people?

but as long as I keep watching and reading new things then I'll have new things to say every couple of weeks, so that should work out...
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How do you even find a new people to follow these days?
... the pervasive feeling all the people gone away aside.

I tried finding stuff on tumblr and it's like epic no use.

But I watched Supergirl and now want to find people who will also squee about my happy place
but it turns out to be difficult.


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