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I get super cranky when I use the phone but only get the answerphone. I feel like I've done the difficult part and nobody is picking up their half. But presumably people put answerphones on so you can leave a message and they can get back to you, so they probably think you're not doing your half by not leaving a message.

... talking to machines very difficult. Talking to machines that don't even tell you whose machine it is? Blergh.
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Sometimes I just get really wound up about the lack of appropriate mental health services in urban fantasy.

... I know, but, I just watched Spike get so thoroughly screwed over in season 7, and it's just, like...

He did his best, right? He let people know he wasn't coping. Read more... )

So I get just very wound up, even entirely independent of the real world parallels where mental health services, especially for homeless people with a lack of documentation, can be a bit difficult to access. I just, I really feel that even vampires should be able to get help if they need it.

But instead there's just Buffy deciding when to use her stake. That's it. That's the only way their universe copes with having non humans with divergent thought processes and difficult dietary requirements.

Read more... )

I do like how Buffy really worked to avoid treating mental illness with a good being killed.
This season.
And in season 5 the dude that did that was clearly the bad guy.

I'm not so keen on how there's Dru and now Spike making an apparent connection between mental illness and tendency to do violence. TV does that a lot.

But I get stuck getting upset about how nobody helped Spike until it got really, really bad. I'm not saying Buffy should have, because his victims really sincerely don't owe him care, but there should be someone who can help.
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Trig is tricky and I have not retained a bit of it.
I could relearn it but I'd have to get the pencil and paper and calculator and actually study the thing properly.
I'm not keen on the idea.

I liked their examples though. It was all about the ordinance survey and the channel tunnel. They managed some spectacular degrees of accuracy.

They said that the old ordinance survey points, high flat places to measure from, are redundant now because usually there is using satellite networks of known locations.
Which is cool, but what about when you reach a new planet? Could you do the same thing with your spaceship going round and round taking lots of pictures? That seems likely but I don't know how long it would take or what your errors would be, plus it wouldn't work through a Stargate anyhow.
I have noticed that Starship Surveys in SF seem to involve a lot more striding about discovering things, and a lot less pissing about with theodolites.

The bit about the channel tunnel also said why it had to dig down and go across in a wiggly line, because on top of that is chalk, which leaks, which isn't what you want for a tunnel under the sea.
So now I'm thinking about digging shelters on alien planets, only you'd have to find the right kind of thing to tunnel through, since your nice radiation protection wouldn't be so much use if it had all fractures in it and leaked whenever it rained.

... if I could stay interested in things without linking them to alien planets then many things would be simpler...

So my reading today mostly made me make confuzzled faces and realise that twenty years since school is a long time. Not very interesting to write up on the internet.
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Waking up in a mood is really annoying.

Like I'm all cranky and fight me and grr, but absolutely nothing has happened yet, so there's no cause I can fix.
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Cleaner was here. Cleaner was not the usual cleaner. They did not put new bags in the bin and they did not flush the loo after putting hair and matches in it. Other than that things seem clean? I hope? New cleaners are stressful.

But Cleaner Day is fully achieved.

I started reading some of the 90s OU stuff. It's 20 years old at least and it shows quite often. But it's more interesting than staring at the walls, which is an activity that takes up far too many hours as is, so, reading.

I have remembered why I not so much liking studying science no more after high school. Because the pop science stuff, the podcasts and TV stuff, that's, like, whoosh! boom! Wow! Make a story! (maybe some maths). But the actual science science is like maths! measure! science! (maybe some story)

I can obviously see why they want to do it that way, because they're trying to teach you to go figure out more things yourself, the maths and the measuring is clearly important.

But I'm trying to read stuff that would make an interesting science fiction story, so all the numbers and measuring feels like a drag.

So I guess I need something in between the stuff I already know and the stuff for actual scientists. Kind of like with history where I want to know more than the TV showed me but less than the book that was mostly about belt buckles, even though I can totally see the usefulness of belt buckles to reading the past.

Eh, I can get lots of books and skim for the good bits.
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I have achieved both Cleaner Day preparation and more of Late Sunday.
I used the vacuum cleaner like a grown up.

Also I chose a file box for the Vortex magazines that come with Big Finish Audios so now they're in a box not a heap.

Plus I sorted some of the magazines and so forth I had stacked on top of the bookshelves.
Is anyone anywhere going to be interested in a bunch of mid 90s New Scientist?
I'm keeping the Fortean Times because weirdness stays weird, but I suspect science doesn't necessarily stay science?

I got out all the old Open University stuff I still have around. I have a whole stack of 20 year old Foundation Science books. Are they going to be useful or counterproductive?

... they are going to be dusty, is what they are.

I need to make pictures of the posters and postcards and miscellaneous fan stuff that I no longer want. That's pretty much exclusively X Files stuff, that being the only fandom I ever truly fell out of. Also there's some random 90s posters, mostly scavenged from the video rental place. And the one with the big black cat. It's a bit tatty and repaired, but since the repairs are about 20 years old now, that makes it even more vintage! ... omg, some day people will indeed be collecting the 90s because vintage. Have we reached that day yet? Wow, age...

Today has been productive. :-)
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This is shiny. I am probably going to give it five stars on LibraryThing.
It's just it's also confusing, or not confusing because comics so you just give up on canon that doesn't fit.

It's Agents of SHIELD Coulson, company many since after college, leading a team including May and FitzSimmons, doing a bit of a tour of 616 and showing how he and his fit in there.

His secret superpower is being an epic fanboy. The kind of fanboy who knows exactly how x could defeat y. He has them all memorised and can figure how to use diferent power sets, hero or villain, on an instant. And as a senior agent of SHIELD he can pull them all in on short notice to get things done, and they know and often like him. Like, he plays poker with Avengers, and wins. Everyone's friend and walking database full of clever tricks.
Obviously I can see the appeal of this setup.

The problem is I just finished reading Secret Avengers, which already has a 616 Phil Coulson, and he's an entirely different guy. Cheese, a Ranger in Afghanistan with best friend Marcus, joined SHIELD kind of later in life. Different history, different position within the organisation, different everything.

So this comic is great for new fans being brought in from the MCU, but it counts as a major retcon for 616 Coulson.

Which, this is comics, that happens. It's just frustrating? They've basically introduced him from scratch twice now.

... however I can see how the end of Secret Avengers could in fact lead to this exact effect, so, that's... kind of fun... *sigh*

Perfect Bullets only has Director Hill turn up a little, but it also features Agent May, Simmons with some backstory about her family, Valkyrie, Ms Marvel Kamala Khan, Scarlet Witch, and Sue Storm. Excellent choices. And they all get to show off a lot. Is good.

A great many characters only turn up for long enough to make you want to know more about them, and the whole thing is kind of an ad for 616, but in a good way. I mean I've only read Fraction's Hawkeye, six Secret Avengers trades since Reverie, one Captain Marvel and one Ms Marvel, so it's not like I have much background on 616, but it seemed to me the right balance of interesting to potential puzzling. I do indeed want to know more. And read more of this. So, win.

... is there more of this?
... how to find out is one of the things I'm fuzzy on. Thus far I find these things on the shelf in Waterstones or in the library, or read panels on tumblr.

My upstairs neighbour is doing their best to make me not like AC/DC, since they're blasting out 'Thunderstruck' on repeat. It actually takes a lot of work to put me off AC/DC but they may in fact be approaching that point. Ugh.

Also I need to leave the house to do late Sunday and buy chocolate brownies and bread and other essentials. But nope. That is a thing that has been persistently not happening all day.

Even when the alternative is music that is too damn loud even through the walls.

*big sigh*
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It's actually kind of terrifying that the bloke in charge of the money that is a disabled person's only means of survival apparently actually believes that
work makes you well.

He is making speeches that say that being out of work makes you mentally ill, and work makes you well.

I'm sitting here rocking and can't really be more coherent on this issue.
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Too tired to write up much, and I still need to do thinking on season 6, but
I remember now why I joined the Soulful Spike Society.
James Marsters is spectacular. The way he shades his performance into all those varieties of Spike-not-Spike. I just want to draw little hearts around his picture again.
... um, the feeling isn't new, I don't think I did the actual hearts thing.
... though I do have many of his picture.
I mean I've been following him around conventions long enough that its kind of its own reason, like, hey, I could see him again, cool. But reasons to be a fan?
<3 <3 <3

Read more... )
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Today worked :-)

Instead of Sunday Breakfast we did Sunday Books And Movie, which we have done a couple times before so it's an alternate routine now.

We caught the bus and went to Waterstones and mum bought me a book and my brother bought me a book and Waterstones effectively bought me a book cause then I'd finished my book stamp card :-)
I got 4 books and I paid £9 so that's a pretty good birthday.

Two of them are Marvel graphic novels and two are fantasy & science fiction short story anthologies. Somewhere in there will be stuff I want to read. I hope. ... the trouble with buying new books is you never know.

But they're still a good birthday present.

Then we went to see Mission Impossible : Rogue Nation.
Which had been the plan since the day it came out, but stuff and things happened and it wasn't movies times.
Today we went to the Vue, which is having building work and its air conditioning doesn't work so they've got thingies in the corner making it mildly cooler than outside but possibly even more humid. There are two other cinemas but the Vue had the virtue of fitting in the schedule with the bus and so forth. And I quite liked it in there, the temperature seemed fine to me, but that tends to mean mum is boiling. She said she nearly fell asleep. Also she's nearly as blergh about Tom Cruise as I am.
Film had less Renner than I was hoping for. Also he did talking not action sequences.
But it was fun to watch and things went whoosh and boom as appropriate.

By the time we came out it was raining a bit and mum hadn't brought rain coats. I had brought a rain coat. I figure we're British, there's always need for raincoats.
It stayed mostly dry while we caught the bus though so we only had the dash from the bus stop to home.

Now I'm home and very tired. Many plenty things done.
Also I shall have to do late Sunday tomorrow.

But it's good, cause I had a good birthday with books and a cinema movie.
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I stayed up late enough it's my birthday.
Yaay me.
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I watched the whole rest of the season.
Once you get up to Seeing Red it's full of upsetting and I kind of have to let it play through or my feels get stuck.

It's nearly midnight and I need to sleep so I'll reserve actual full length write up for tomorrow, but

that is at the same time one of the more powerful and effecting pieces of drama I've ever seen
and really, really disappointing.

Read more... )

Just... is this the story we get? Is this the story we needed?

It makes me tired just when it's also making its strongest points.
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The annoying Flight Rising error is only this computer. The netbook and my phone can stay connected and more or less play, just for different reasons aren't a viable way to play all afternoon while listening to stories. The netbook has the same virus checker so it isn't Norton causing a problem. It's just this computer, doing a thing, so I can't play clicky dragon games while listening to podcasts like I could for many weeks already.

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Not very much to say about Dawn's issues and the demony reaction to them. It's a good example of the turn your problems into demons thing that BtVS does, just, you know, not making me feel meta.

Except for the stuff with Willow and magic. As I may have mentioned. That I have a few things to say about in the next couple episodes: Read more... )

As You Were bugs me. Read more... )

Season six is difficult to watch. Hang on, season 5 was difficult to watch too. Hmmm, whenever they've successfully tapped in to some real feelings and big huge things, it's difficult to watch. Mortality, depression, addiction, violence, real big stuff.

It's good stories, but also kind of not fun, because of the caring. Much feels, very ow.

It's reminding me why I wanted to do fanfic at the same time I remember how everything I'd have put in fanfic is kind of thoroughly chewed as fic topics by now. It just has so much stuff that needs another angle and a bit more work. Powerful stuff, but, not correct or complete, to my mind.
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am having trouble playing the dragon fighting game on Flight Rising.
it works, then it disconnects, then it works, then it disconnects.
I can't see other websites having a problem, but when I looked at the Norton history it has a ton of lines a minute about IP address disappearing???

I know enough about computers to find something to worry about, but not enough to know if relevant or how to fix.

stupid thing was working a few days ago, now it is doing a thing.

I have spent more on fixing this computer this year than the shop quoted me for a whole new laptop.
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Gone is less fun when you've heard James Marsters was not in fact having fun.

Rewatching in order means rewatching Doublemeat Palace. Other than 'I can get money' explaining the plot in later episodes, there's not a whole lot worth watching in Doublemeat Palace.

Having Anya's demon friend point out the thing where Xander criticises Anya and it's not cool kind of... if the vengeance demon is saying it then it's easier to dismiss. I don't think it should be dismissed.

And then there's 'Dead Things', which is really difficult to watch and super dark.
Read more... )

I don't know why this is the story we got. Interesting, yeah, but...
Why mess her up this precise way? Fighting depression, sure, that's cool, I liked Gone for that, but all this mess of hitting people or magic forcing them, that's misuse of their power, so why is that the important story? An important story I'll grant, but, I still feel like this show about women with power has problems with women with power. Hence the repeated stories of men feeling useless or now being useful as punching bags. It's messed up.

I think I'm looking forward to being done with this season.
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So two storylines come to a head in these two episodes, Spike/Buffy and Willow's misuse of magic.

And the thing is, on a lot of levels, they are telling the same story up through Smashed. Magic has up until now been the go to metaphor for sex. Buffy certainly compares herself to Willow. They've been using their respective poor choices to hurt and manipulate others in order to avoid feeling bad. But then the misuse of magic turns around and adds a physical drug addiction angle that's just... it shifts the story sideways into something that just doesn't pay off the build up.

So, Willow and magic: Read more... )

Not the right problem, very frustrate.

But hey, whole rest of season to go. Some fixings eventually ish. Shall see.
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Today was the NSFG summer picnic, behind the pub, so it turned into the regular NSFG in the pub at the usual time.

I took a bunch of stuff to give away if people wanted it but only one book was wanted. The thing with trying to share with people who like same things is they already have same things. Is cool though. I'll just send them to the charity shop after all.

I forgot the 'bring food' part of the picnic. Except for two bags of hula hoops and a fortune cookie. :eyeroll: But the other two brought many plenty foods. Just nothing I can actually eat? So I had a nice bit of bread and a blueberry. Just the one. The texture is offputting and I don't recall the taste because unusual. I am really embarrassingly not good at new foods. *sigh*

I did much talking. MUCH talking. Talked comics and movies and TV and books and history books and the things I found out about anglo saxons and we discussed how to add dragons. Many different sorts of dragons could be added.

It was more difficult than usual though because more busy. The picnic place was... not best. There were many people and they were drinking alcohols and doing cartwheels and being unpredictable. A homeless person asked for some of our picnic, which was duly shared, along with the much more useful telling them where there's free meals and shelter, which I did not know but the Norwich locals did. Another person on a bicycle randomly stopped to talk to us. This is not my preferred mode of interaction. And then in the pub there were MANY humans, which is good for teh pub, but they go through the middle of the room and sit outside and keep the doors open and make much noises, which are hard to hear through. And then one drunk guy in a green shirt - VERY drunk, incoherently drunk - invited himself into our conversation repeatedly. And then one of the NSFG decided to be really very blunt and told him to F off. Which worked poorly because he got rude. But then the landlord came and asked if he was a problem? But he apologised so the guys were too polite and said not a problem. I think he was a problem. But then it was ten minutes to taxi so I went and waited instead of sitting with the group for the last ten minutes. Well, I say group, only two people, but that's two more than I've had a conversation with since last month.

Taxi was calm and quiet and helpful this time. Rather a relief.

So now I am home and it is 2322 and the picnic started at 1800 and that's quite a lot of hours of social.

I am now fine for at least another two weeks. Possibly another month. Very possibly.

Also today I went to the library and put books back and got some out. I didn't make much detailed notes from the second volume of the nice history books I had, but I can do that another time if I want. I was more interested in anglo saxon stuff so I have three books about that out now.

Then I went to Waterstones and finally picked up the last Fraction Hawkeye volume :-)
I'm not reading it tonight because huge tired, but, that's pretty cool.

I'm just really full up of noise and the thing where there were many humans and mostly alcohol and noise and did I mention noise?

Nice flat that is mine, I like much better right now.
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You know the most frustrating thing about the magic addiction storyline is that up until Tabula Rasa it's pretty much perfect. Read more... )

But, that part hasn't happened yet this rewatch. Just Tabula Rasa.

Which this time was less funny.

Actually first there was Once More With Feeling, which I listened to this time mostly noticing the wobbly accents and how American it sounds. I know, weird, but I've been watching little TV and that often with the sound off, American is not what I usually listen to, so I keep actively noticing it.

Giles across these episodes... Read more... )

It's also vastly frustrating to me that a story about a woman finding her power and saving the world (a lot) is, repeatedly, a story about men feeling and in fact being useless, weak, knocked on the head a lot, standing in the way, unemployed because she doesn't need him any more. It's like... like when I've heard pitches for Supergirl stories that start 'Superman's off planet, because if Superman is around you don't need Supergirl'. Or it's like every paranoid nightmare of inverting the patriarchy. Women using their own power doesn't mean men are suddenly powerless, far from it. They don't need to be got out of the way to leave room for women to shine. If Giles was always the badass we know he can be that would make Buffy shine the brighter when he still needs her.

It's right up there with my frustration that Buffy might have power but she's portrayed thus far as wanting mostly 'to be like other girls'. The hell? Actually liking your power seems to be a symbol of badness, even when actually, everyone has power, like that one and only episode the whole school worked together. Power isn't something you have to be miserable about, just careful with.

Aaaand we've looped back to the other reason the magic addiction plot kind of sucks.

Because this girl power fantasy we've been watching really has a problem with women having power.

It's not cool.

Spike... if Spike is meant to be the bad boyfriend, at this point, I'm not seeing it. Read more... )

I like Spike. He's on a really interesting trajectory about rejecting evil and remaking himself. It's just that seems to have been rather on accident and involve readings counter to what writers have said about him?

It's a lot of interesting layers of story going on.
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Cleaner Day achieved
Vacuuming all done, house all done, another week won.

Also I had good food, and discovered in time that I'd stacked the foods wrong so the last dates were on top instead of the nearest.

I am making progress on the to do list too.

I think the rest of today is going to be watching Buffy :-)
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The cleaner isn't even here yet and I have already conquered the vacuum cleaner :)
... well, half. Did the bedroom.
Now the vacuum cleaner is sitting there in the middle of the living room next to my desk. Ready to roll.

... first I shall have some breakfast since it's 11.17am and I'm kind of dizzy...

but then! vacuum!

... I know posting about it every week is ridiculous, but honestly, it does not get easier, stupid loud loud thing, much whoosh, very grrr, always prefer hide instead, and yet, my job.
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I know I intended to speak about the back half of season 5, Read more... )

I like this Spike. And James Marsters is amazing. There's days I see him and get the giggles because he's a theatre geek and a properly nice guy and there he is being all big bad, and it's kind of like knowing William the poet is under there somewhere only funnier. But then there's other days I just rewind a few times to watch some particular reaction. He reminds me why I want to write, cause I want to give people a chance to do that.

... there's no neat segue from that much fangirling to any other topic. Onwards...

Willow crosses the line to outright creepy. Read more... )

Flooded is another episode that makes me go off on one about the devaluing of women's work under capitalism. And, okay, Buffy's slaying isn't stereotypically feminine, but there's evidence that the devaluing goes with the women doing it, not the particular work. The more women do it, the more the discourse surrounding a thing will suggest it's normal and natural and women should do it, usually for free.

Anya's right. Buffy is providing a valuable service and should be paid for it. She saves innocent people's lives, and exactly like a police officer or paramedic, she damn well should get paid for it.

... I can get very worked up about this.
Read more... )

The thing that bothers me is the text seems to come down on the side of 'action is his reward'. Like, if this is a metaphor for unpaid work women always get lumbered with, the text doesn't seem very pro actually paying them.

Not cool.

So, that's todays thoughts. Big ramble. Many more episodes ahead.


Aug. 16th, 2015 04:04 pm
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We did Sunday shopping. My sibling isn't here, is staying at his house, but me and mum went to Morrisons and had a breakfast and a talking and then did the Sunday shopping.

I needed a new light bulb so I took the packet from the previous time I bought light bulb that I liked, so I could match it. Unfortunately they didn't have the matching sort. So I got a smaller one that was less bright, and put it in the hall, which is the light for leaving on all the time and it could be less bright for night times, and swapped that hall light for the living room. Now it is nice in both rooms.
... I say I did, mum did the actual reaching tall things parts. Being short is irritating. Mum is helpful.

We did talking about Grandpa and which small shiny thing to remember him by. It's difficult, someone dies and you have to get all their stuff out the house that isn't theirs any more. Has four weeks according to the website I saw but still, not long to decide all things.

Also everyone is being sad different ways and they keep bumping into other people's way of being sad and it's awkward.

But regular Sunday tasks were achieved and also sad conversation and also other conversation, so, that works.
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I finished reading the second history book sort of by accident. It got up to 1688 and Newton and I turned the page for the next bit and it was the bibliography. I know it said on the front which year it went up to, it was just amusing enough I wasn't thinking about that, just wondering what it would say next.

So, good to read then.

I don't think I found as many new-to-me things in the later history. Even the bit about the lady who defended her castle for years and years was in the rather good multi part BBC castles documentary I saw on the TV. Still pretty cool.

I think I shall look for more information about anglo saxon women. I found a couple of titles of books but they're not in the Forum / Norfolk library. They are in the UEA broadsearch, so if I can get it so I'm allowed to borrow UEA books again, which I think only takes some moneys, then I could borrow those books. I get a bit frustrated with the ordinary library books, I want more chewy details. Maybe I'd find them if I knew the right titles though.

These and other plans I've been trying to do for the past two years... still, reading library books is more than I managed for all of 2014, so this year is an improvement.

... it's just so tempting to buy books and get everything delivered, or to wander around the internet forever even if it is poorly sourced mostly undergrad essays and all saying the same thing. Minimal effort.

We live in such an age of riches, for information. Pretty cool.
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People were nice about my sad. Thank you.

Last night was not a night of much sleep, because every time I decided it was time for sleep there was screaming or shouting or crashing about. Except at 0137, when someone at the front door decided to dial strangers to ask to be let in. They did say why, but they said it veryveryfast and I don't remember. I said no. Because it is a security door, so what is the point if you let in every stranger that wants to kick it? But I feel guilty about saying no. But then someone else let them in and a bit later there was yelling and door slams and running down stairs and crashing outside and I feel that on the whole probably not letting people in is more better.

I was awake at around 0400 and possibly a bit after. So I only woke up to get up with my alarm at 1105. I woke up at around 0815 as well and checked the post when it arrived but sleep is more useful when there's been that little of it.

So now I feel blergh and snoozy.

Which feels weird, like sad has to wait its turn because ordinary keeps happening, but that's life for you.


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