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I wanted to like it. Read more... )

I want to see what happens next, now. The character stuff is super twisty and hopefully the plots get better than this.

I am home

Apr. 14th, 2014 04:59 pm
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That was a convention, that was.
*waves at people*
I was not very interactive this weekend. I wasn't ignoring particular people, I just wasn't thinking of people stuff. Like, sometimes my head has words and they can't get out, but this was not one of those times.
I was thinking "Hello humans! I am human! We are human! Hello humans!" ... yes, pretty much in those words. ... my brain is not helpful.
I was cheerful and it was nice sitting in the same area as other nice humans, and I always like the dancing parts, though I couldn't stay awake for all of it this time.
I just... had no thoughts.

I do have one group photo and some autographs, and I gave shiny smiley stickers to Torchwood cast, and definitely had more fun than I would have sitting in my flat.

So convention achieved, basically.


Apr. 11th, 2014 08:05 am
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Woke up at 0530. Lovely. Now it is 0800 and I have passed that fine line between 'checking the internet' and 'hanging around online to avoid having to cope like a grown up'.

So, okay then, it is time to go.

... this is me, getting up, getting ready to go.

... aaaaaany minute now.

I have been having fun with phases 'but, but, sleeeep' and 'urgh, maybe I'm actually ill this time'. So now I've had breakfast (hula hoops) packed food for the weekend (hula hoops and fortune cookies) and rearranged everything so I only need the three bags (the suitcase, my handbag, and a backpack full of hula hoops). But now I'm remembering how useful my rainbow bag usually is and thinking I should bring it anyway. I'll probably shove it in the top of the suitcase.

*does that*

see, productive and useful and...
... still not getting me closer to leaving the house.

Okay, to be fair, I have an hour and twenty minutes before my bus pass starts working, so I have an hour before I leave the house, but still.

Get ready to go out, walk to the bus stop, bus to the train station, train to the other train stations with some changes that I will ask for help with from the nice train station staff, call for hilton bus, go to hilton hotel. Hide in room until reg desk opens. Sleep in room until party starts.

why no teleport, universe? or just door to door transport I don't have to think about.

Okay, one hour fifteen until the bus part of the plan.

Right. Time to turn off the computer and go get things done.

See some of you there.
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well, same hair as for last many years, but the proper lengths and nice goth black.

suspect this weekend will be challenging, since I was stuttering at the hair place, and I been going to the hair place for many many long, and there weren't busy people there.

Went to Morrisons after, got breakfast, and bought a new shiny ring that looks like sparkly leaves. So in a bit I will go through my shinies box for matching shiny. Also redistribute the packed things so they'll be easiest to carry.

now I need to think of something to do to fill the time up that is not just stressing about all the goings

I started a book while waiting for the hair dye, but the introduction calls it a book that rewards patience, which seems to mean a lot of not very much happens and when something should be interesting it's somehow written dull. I suspect this book may not have found its reader. But I might have just been distracted by the radio, which was trying to discuss how teens have all seen porn on the internet and are getting weird ideas from it, which is a topic that combines poorly with just about anything.

Right. One more day until many many people.



Apr. 9th, 2014 06:04 pm
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Version one of packing for Starfury Miracle Day Torchwood convention: achieved.

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It would be nice to be looking forward to it more, but it will undoubtedly beat sitting in this flat staring at the walls for yet another weekend, so I will, relatively speaking, have a good time.

... I have to go through Birmingham New Street again. I really really do not like Birmingham New Street. I'm sure the stupid station is bigger than my actual town.

grumble grump. :eyeroll:

right. onward.
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I'm currently mulling different structures for the governance of the 200 person offworld colony I keep planning. Democracy is good and dramatic, with the speeches and trying to gain the popular vote. Having representatives keeps the character pool small, but really, with 200 people and modern technology, how hard can it be for them to all turn up together and vote for stuff? But if they're voting, do I want to keep it one person one vote? And does anyone have a veto?

State systems of government don't seem to scale down real well. I mean, I could declare myself Queen and have two houses of people making up rules for me to approve or not, but I don't see 200 people thinking that's a good and efficient way to run things.

So I've ended up on wikipedia trying to learn the words about stocks and shares.
How they work I would also like to know, but thus far what I'm mostly learning is they've got their own language, and it is one which I do not as yet speak.

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I can't just throw people at another planet and leave them to it, I have to figure out some kind of functional economy.

... I maybe need another degree?

... I need knowing where to start.

*wanders off looking for 'for dummies' stuff*
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Today I found out that piano storage is an actual business that exists.
Read more... )

I looked at the big self storage places, and there's storage-and-removals places where you get a container in their warehouse and don't get to visit, or there's storage rooms with no heating or cooling, which won't promise they won't freeze, though some of them say they're careful about damp. Piano storage has different constraints than, well, everything that isn't a piano really. but I could get a room for random Stuff much simpler. Read more... )

Getting quotes is a pain though. They all promise to beat each other but they none have a simple price list. How hard can it be?

I have some actual VHS tapes lying around still. Will they even still work? Read more... )
Also, two things for my future note:
Behind the bedroom door in the weird corner I need a torch for is no place for anything I'll ever get around to just picking up and using,
those VHS boxes are not, as it turns out, grey.


So, if I'm going to just shove things in boxes and send them to storage, I don't think the VHS tapes should be among those things, on account of however bad they are right now that would certainly not help.

oooh, the camera place in the middle of town does VHS to DVD. That's quite close.

They'd probably have to be picky about Copyright though. Like, just because the conventions can't be acquired in other formats, I don't think that means I can legally copy them myself.

I'll have to ask.

There's gadgets offering to do it too though, if I want to break the law on my own.
(sometimes don't know how to both obey copyright law and continue to own and use my own stuff, you know?)

Old stuff: difficult.

I shall continue thinking about this whole plan.

Also, thinking very hard about using the (loud and nasty) (hates it precious) vacuum cleaner on the shelves quite a lot.
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Yesterday mum bought me some bread on her way to work, which was very nice of her. She bought the thick cut stuff, which I don't usually get, but I decided to just make the sandwiches anyway, because why not?

I opened my mouth wide enough for thick sandwich, something went 'click' and started to hurt, and my teeth couldn't close together on the left any more.

... *facepalm* ...

So I yawned a lot and poked my jaw and rubbed at the hinge bits to try and figure out what had happened and eventually it stopped clicking and started chewing again. With some aching, and outright stabby pain when I yawn unless I make a really weird face. But hey, seemed to have fixed itself.

So then I went to sleep, and woke up twice in the night because it had ouch click arghed itself again.

And I don't know specific how to un argh it, so I do the facial expression equivalent of button mashing until it stops doing the bad thing.

So I don't know if it'd be any use at all to go to a doctor and be all, hey, this isn't supposed to do the thing, but it does the thing, only not right now. I mean, would they just tell me not to do that thing? And how do you make your jaw stay still in your sleep? That seems tricky.

I was realising though, with as little as I speak, I probably don't use my jaw as much as most talky people. Like, if I don't interact with humans for two weeks, except on this here internet, then all my mouth has to do is chew like once a day. That's unusual.

Biology is very clever but its parameters and maintenance needs are not obvious.

But I bet robots are all, wow, oil change needed, how weird is that? Wore out that joint fast! Why, physics, why!

Being. Very strange.
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I bought this book because on the cover Felicia Day says 'This book kicked ass'.

Also there's a woman in a space helmet, which turns out to be a lady merc in power armour. A lady merc called Devi, who thinks other characters happen in shades of pale and super pale, probably compared to her. Even just with the data from the back cover, that right there is so far ahead on points it would really have to work hard to be at a minus by the end.

And indeed, that was a fun read. I've been reading pretty much all day, with a break for checking email and doing tomorrows shopping because that's the monday job. I didn't stop to read fanfic instead, which is a standard several other books recently have failed to meet. Devi and the book kick arse, frequently, in excellent action scenes.

But I got to the final page and it just... ends.
Like, I can see there are no more pages, but I cannot see how anything could be considered finished, right there.
*stares at book. shakes book. stares at it sideways.*
*more pages fail to appear*
Then I looked on the back cover again, and there are covers for two more books in the trilogy.
It has done that thing where the entire first book is *statement of problem*, and the ending is just that she's now really far up a tree.
I find that irritating. I really do. I feel that, by putting the story in one cover, one complete story is on promise. But the definitions of one complete story are not meeting my satisfaction today.

Don't get me wrong, the writing was fine, they did the incluing for a new universe, we get a whistle stop tour and introductions to friends and enemies and how the powers work locally, it does a lot of work, and does it through satisfying action sequences. It's just it does not, to my mind, pay off at the end.

I don't expect a whole arc to wrap at once, but this isn't a single episode, this is ... like when there's a two hour pilot and they're rebroadcasting it later so they chop it up to fit the usual time slot.

So it's all, adventure! Excitement! Danger! Will she survive?
... right up until the last page.

Specifics, and therefore spoilers: Read more... )

So, there are two sequels, as shown on the back cover. And this 'ends' by leaving the character we've spent the whole book caring about in a cliffhanger pickle. But I'm not sure I want to pick the others up. Because I'm not sure what deal the author thinks the books are setting, or if they'll ever pay off, given this book as evidence.

But I like power armour fighting with a burning blade. Maybe I can like the book just for that?
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still wanna see it again.

did you know there are international differences? Read more... )

spoilers of course
(don't read spoilers, tis much more fun if you don't know spoilers)
for Winter Soldier and Agents of SHIELD together again. and the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy, which I saw right before the movie, Read more... )

I want to watch the movie again and have big thoughts.
... watching will lead to having more whoosh boom thoughts, I know, but possibly also big thoughts.
... maybe.

[ETA for those linked here: My first reaction to Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Agents of SHIELD 1.14 TAHITI have related thoughts]
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Whoosh! Boom! Eeeeee!
Wanna see it again!

Really, the screen showing the 2D version was scheduled so as soon as it finished they clean up and let the next set of people in, and I soooooo wanted to go right around and get another ticket. But I knew that wasn't a viable plan for today. I was feeling pretty awesome about the world right then, but I was also sitting and rocking and doing the hand stims and unable to make coherent grown up sentences, and then about a half hour after the movie finished I was All Done and suddenly everything was too bright and too loud and I would quite like to sleep but I was still in Norwich. But that was okay because I went with mum and sibling and we all got home together. Also we took refuge from the Loud in the bookshop and I got a book and ordered the next Hawkeye volume. So today was full of yaay.

So, I'd like to have big thoughts about this movie, because woah was it full of STUFF...
... but I think I needed to go sleep at 1500 and it's now 1630. And I typoed most of this post so far. So.

Only have a couple things to say. SPOILERS for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and also references to Agents of SHIELD up to TAHITI. NO SPOILERS for future Agents of SHIELD, I'm watching along at British TV speed.

SPOILERS under the cut:
Read more... )
It's a Marvel movie. Y'all should know by now to wait until the end end of the credits. It's totally worth it.
Read more... )

I still want to see a movie which is actually about Marvel women. And maybe some merch in the meantime? Even my mum has noticed there's no women, except from her available data she has concluded there are no girl superheroes. She has gone to all these Marvel movies with me and she thinks there are no girl superheroes. That's just fail on Marvel's part. We went in the shops after the movie looking for shiny that must be ours, and in optimum mood for superhero acquisition, but there were only guys, so nothing got bought.

Read more... )

Things I liked about the movie: ALL of it!
Things I didn't liked: I got tired and couldn't watch it again straight away.

And excellent about after the film: This movie is going to make soooooo much story :-)

[ETA for those linked here: More Winter Soldier and Agents of SHIELD 1.14 TAHITI have related thoughts]
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It is 0555. You have been dialing someone for rather more than quarter of an hour. And they are not answering.
I agree at this point you need a change of strategy.
But knocking loudly on the shared hallway door is not it.
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If I got a storage place
and it was nice storage, like a house and not a garage
I could put the piano there.

possibly forever.

If I got a storage place
and it was not nice storage, like a garage with winter and bad smells
the piano would never be a piano again after.

that would be not good.

... but my house would be one whole piano bigger.

Did Things

Apr. 4th, 2014 12:21 pm
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Today I went to the council office and paid the council tax and set up a direct debit so it would pay itself from now on. It was simples. I went and I asked how and they took my debit card and did all the things.

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I went in many shops to stare at things.

I bought a parrot plaque, though I'm not sure I wanted it. I wanted it a little, and then I saw the one at the front had like dents in it, like someone had scribbled on a bit of paper while leaning on it, so I picked up the one behind it, only that was the same, so I kept going back back back the shelf, until the one right at the back was nice and flat. Triumph! ... arms full of parrots. Slight problem with putting parrots back, because am holding the nice one and trying not to drop all the rest. Put nice parrot on top of something that is not parrots, try and put parrots back without knocking ceramic buddha heads off the shelf. Juuuuuust about manage it. Retrive nice parrot. ... start wondering if I actually want parrot. But... all that? But, maybe I like it? So I wander around the whole shop holding a picture of a parrot. So then by the time I get to the end of the shop I feel it would be silly to have wandered around the whole shop holding a parrot if I was not going to buy it. So now I own a parrot plaque.

But I'm still not sure I wanted it.

Other than that I just reconfirmed that Dereham is incredibly boring, and almost all the places are hair or nails places, and you can't really get much done.

Also I made a hair appointment for next week, so my hair will be excellent at the convention.
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Dreamed I was trying to get everyone in to a bomb shelter and had to close the door on the last three.

Read more... )And about then I woke up, which is just a lovely start to the day. I kept feeling like I had to explain myself. Like I needed to find someone to tell them there really was no other choice, none that could save them.

Dreams. Why? The rehearsal value on this one is, one prays, slim.
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Have watched two out of three discs.
So far:


I like all the characters. All. They remain interesting.

And the plots get more interesting. I actually start to care a bit about the Big Secret Politics stuff? Because people are interesting.

Also I think they're pretty plainly comparing all the choose a side stuff from the Fae teams with being bisexual and poly and being told to just choose one. And Bo continues to say choosing is stupid and sticks with doing things her own way.

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Lost Girl

Apr. 3rd, 2014 08:15 am
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I got the season 1 box set of Lost Girl the other day, and today I started watching.

How much am I liking it? I have the kind of headache that, even after painkillers, would really quite a lot suggest I should curl up in a dark place quietly and maybe not move so I don't feel quite so sick, yet instead I am watching Lost Girl.

I am up to the start of the third episode. The plots aren't, like, profound or astounding or very surprising at all, but I really like these characters. There are women. There are lots of women. Read more... )

So I'm hoping I can continue to like this show. Because I like it a lot right now.
I'm trying not to just get worried it'll start doing all the things I hate later. but TV has me trained.
But right now it's a kick arse urban fantasy sexy happy place.

food shop

Apr. 2nd, 2014 10:19 am
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being awake only at night is really, really boring.

I started to feel like banging the cup against the bars, only there's no bars and I'd only annoy the neighbours.

So I went to Morrisons for food shoppings instead.
Which isn't a vast improvement but at least involves seeing the sky.
I bought bread and also bread and some bread, and jam, and cheesly. there weren't interesting DVDs or anything.

I think it's been two weeks since I talked to a human except the cleaner. And I mostly only say hi to the cleaner. they're busy and not conversing.

I'm increasingly glad I booked for Starfury Miracle Day on the 11th because I might not have had much to do with Torchwood fandom lately but there will definitely be humans there. Unlike here. And it will be more interesting than this. Which is all I require of an activity. So.

I must remember to do laundry and pack and actually go to the con.

I could go to the NSFG tonight, if I wasn't going to be asleep. My sleep patterns are the least useful thing ever. There isn't a GURPS disadvantage for weird sleep patterns, but there should be, because you can't get anything useful done if you can't be awake for it. I could try sleeping then going, but I'd only get a couple hours sleep, and then try being awake until midnight, and I don't think that would work very well at all.

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I liked the prose style of this, the settings, and the vivid imagery.

I lead with that because there wasn't a whole lot else I liked.

Read more... )

Very well written, but did nothing I wanted and rather a lot I didn't.

I'm sure there are people who would want to read this book, but the cover and the blurb and where it was on the shelves don't seem likely to connect this book to those readers. But then I'm not sure it's quite going to fit on a different shelf? It's about a 17 year old who is super special and magic and has a romance with a fiery angel and yet it doesn't seem to go the places that set up would suggest.

Also, recs for fic or books featuring healthy relationships that don't involve partners injuring each other would be gratefully received right about now.

(My disquiet at the relationship in this book is spreading all over my Avengers fic reading, so now sparring and saving each other with a boot to the head etc is feeling super creepy.)
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No April Fools around here.
There is sufficient fool in the baseline state of the universe, thanks.


Mar. 31st, 2014 02:13 am
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I am looking at wallpaper. Not because I want wallpaper in general, but because I like my wallpaper I have in this house, and I'm planning to move, and cannot take wallpaper with me.

(It looks like the background on my DW. And on my geocities page. I like my wallpaper enough I decorate my online world the same way.)

I cannot thus far find my wallpaper.

But I have found that there is wallpaper out there for £150 per roll. £150. I can't imagine a roll of wallpaper worth £150. I've looked at the rolls that think they are. I'm unimpressed.

There's more wall coverings too, murals, and I was unimpressed with those right up until I found


The actual TARDIS.

10ft x 8ft of actual TARDIS interior.

I could, if I were to acquire a room with a 10ft x 8ft wall, make my house be an actual TARDIS inside.


... buuuuuut, everywhere I own ever and always becomes, basically, a library. I can't see much of the walls in here. The odd inch, sure, but I can't really imagine having a 10ft x 8ft wall and not covering it in books.


Also it would mix poorly with my 'design a bedroom to look like I'm an actual grown up' plan. Which is an overly optimistic plan in that it assumes said bedroom would ever be visited by someone who cares, but.
... that plan keeps bumping into the assumptions of wallpaper sellers today. already I found the perfect clouds and dragons thing and then all the examples were of kids bedrooms. Who doesn't want a clouds and dragons bedroom?

I think it would be best to turn the living room into an actual TARDIS. I could put it behind the recliners and have the TV in front and be watching TV in the TARDIS. That would be awesome.

... but, books.

If I get a two bedroom house like the guy from the mortgage place reckons I could then I would have twice as much wall as I've ever had. Maybe sufficient wall?
But already I have twice as much book as wall, I think. I mean, they're all doubled up on the shelves, at best.

... also the mortgage place hasn't been talking to me much lately. Something about waiting for the new financial year. So I guess in the new financial year I might find out the plan isn't going to work.

Or it might work and be shiny. I won't know until then.

But, TARDIS mural!

Something to aspire to.


Mar. 28th, 2014 01:06 am
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I like ercol furniture. Like, all of it. There's very, very little of it I wouldn't be :-D to have. Which makes it difficult to decide which bits to get. Like, they have a whole range called Romana, but I can't decide if I like that one, except for the name. Or, I like it, but I don't know if I like it for my house.

Read more... )
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today I spent hours on rightmove fantasy shopping and saving pictures of other people's living rooms, only to learn once again that I'm really noticing I like bookshelves.

the housing thing I've been hoping for and applied for the next stage of at the start of January isn't doing deciding until the new financial year, so I don't even know if that's going to work yet, let alone what parameters they'll set if it does work. so I'm mostly sitting around getting frustrated and hoping to win on the premium bonds, as per usual. (my plan is win £1,000,000 , team up with housing association, buy me a nice house, buy lots of other places for disabled people to rent with their housing benefit, have steady income while benefiting others. this plan is not very likely. current odds on winning premium bonds: over 45 billion to 1. *sigh* ) (yes I know the lottery odds are much better. but premium bonds you can get your money back out again, so I consider them a defense against throwing money at the lottery)

bored bored bored

so then I went and played Sims 3 and tried to design a Sims version of the terraced houses most likely to be found in Norwich, so I could play with furniture and paint and stuff, but then the game wouldn't save after I built them, so that's gone bye bye. boo.
also Sims 3 hides all the prettiest things as stuff you need to pay sims points for, and it's annoying.

I like being able to find shiny gems and convert them into much bigger shiny gems, and poking around in tombs is fun, but I don't like the thing where it doesn't in fact work. :-p

So today wasn't very interesting really.

but I woke up from a dream of going clothes shopping with Coulson, and not much would have been as interesting as that, so I guess I'm ahead.

I should start a proper project just for something to do.

Or, alternately, be off to Ao3...


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