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you can tell because the boom boom music is back.
... with a degree of buzz on it that's just nasty.
... how do they even still have speakers?

oh, and someone has already asked them to turn it down
which went about as well as you would expect.

I need a good plan.
a good house and a good plan.
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I had to leave a phone message with my talkings. I immediately forgot what I'd said or if I'd remembered all the parts. I really do not like talkings.

But the message got through, finally, and the person I've been trying to contact has looked in their spam to find all my messages from all week, and now the thing that needs to happen Monday is all set to happen.

also they're not going to be in again until Monday, so I did indeed need to be awake and do phone talking this morning or that all would have gone splat.

also useful, I am awake to receive the books delivery that just arrived :-)
4 books in one wrapper, not quite post box sized.
2 Seanan McGuire to join the 1 that arrived yesterday, and 2 CJCherryh.

Now I have to decide what to read first.

one of them logically involves a re-read of the half a dozen or so books earlier in the series, especially since it's apparently a big deal game changer of a book. but I could read it and then re-read and re-read it? or I could read the other two that are not series.


the good sort :-)

I could today : wait and see if the dry cleaning is done when they reckoned it would be
go pick up my books at Waterstones, however many of them have arrived (though that would be easiest to do on Monday when I'm going in anyway)
go back to bed.

... given that I had maybe a couple hours sleep I think I should probably not go to Norwich today.

so that leaves waiting with an option on more sleep.

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The trouble with trying to write like a different historical era is how few people have sufficient skill at it to manage more than one character voice.

Then basically the only signal you get out of everyone at any point in the story is what fake era they're trying to be.

This, as I've noticed often, is especially a problem with fanfic, because character voice is all we've got of the canon characters and once you take that away keeping the iconography isn't entirely sufficient.

Also particular problems: only understanding one class, mood and level of formality, so everyone sounds like newly acquainted minor nobility, only stiffer.

I'm pretty sure sarcasm, snark and talking back are not inventions of the 21st century, but you couldn't prove it by my recent reading.


Nov. 28th, 2014 03:17 am
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Tonight I read A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan, primarily because there's an AU fanfic set in the 'verse that recommended to read it first and with that title that sounded like a good idea.

That was a fun read. I like the style. It's very matter of fact, natural history rather than fantasy, and gives a sense of both character and period that's quite different than I've read before. I enjoyed it and didn't find anything to complain about in it.

which, as anyone reading me lately knows, is rare.

now I've put the book down for a bit I am a bit unsatisfied with it, because it's fun and satisfying to have a character push through against sexism in a hypothetical historical era, but it's also... easy. Read more... )

I want to read the next one.

But I also want to find the book in my head which has more women in it and some of them clearly not white and... and all the usual.

(also also of course write the book in my head. at some point I'll surely get bored enough that starts to happen, right? if you just think hard enough it appears...)

I'm going to have a whole stack of reading soon, between the Waterstones order and the ones I gave up and ordered from the Book Depository. I found out Amazon actually bought the Book Depository years ago though, so I may as well be buying from Amazon, which is frustrating. Is there anywhere left they haven't ate yet?

It's three in the morning and I should probably sleep again.
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well, not puzzling, they're doing the least effort possible to try and fish up buyers for the most reward;
but why are they sending me properties that fit none of my criteria?
Except, to be fair, location, more or less.

It's also a little frustrating that trying to go view properties seems to be either 'well we have four offers on that already' or 'we're starting viewing in a week / two weeks' with no in between. It's one reason most of the properties I've viewed so far are the sort that are empty and the estate agent has the keys. Mum thinks it's a coincidence, but it's more that trying to arrange to view a place with actual humans in tends to take so long it has sold in the meantime. No don't ask me how that works, I have no idea. But it's all tangled up with the thing where Monday is Contacting People Day but Tuesday is Phone Tag Day whether I like it or not and Thursday is the earliest likely Actually Getting An Answer Day. And nobody bloody uses email. Except to eventually confirm the things we've spent all week on the phone sorting out. Which is frustrating because they have by then heard me stutter often enough to get some glimmer of an idea why I have told them repeatedly that email works better.

... okay, my accumulated frustration is sending me off on one again, I shall breathe instead.

(The other problem with email is the ongoing inability of the only remaining people willing+able to support me to these viewings to actually receive email past spam filters set at nuke them all. And then I phone them and they aren't there. Ever. And then they email me to ask what up with the thing we discussed, and I have by then emailed them about it every day between that conversation and now. Frustration levels HIGH.)

America is doing the Thanksgiving thing. I have much to give thanks for. I have warmth and shelter and food and a reasonable expectation of still having these later. That's ahead on points, that is. And the builder noises wait until daylight to start. And the thump bump music is mostly an evenings and weekends problem. And the crime is relatively limited, compared to when the drug dealer was across the hall rather than reputedly across the driveway. So that's all nice.

Hope everyone has nice eatings today, holiday or otherwise.
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So last night's very exciting dream involved going around viewing a house. An actually pretty awesome house. So apparently this is the literal house of my dreams:

The usual two up two down with that little room off the back upstairs, but everything a bit wider. Not much, just enough so you could put a double bed in more than one place and still walk up both sides.
Lots of light coming in the windows, and the view out the back is this huge panoramic... of gravel and train tracks. Big view, hardly any people, just a two carriage train every couple of hours. Train noise isn't much of a problem.
Big living room/dining room/kitchen, didn't much concentrate on it in the dream, just went down the second set of stairs
into a huge basement, with all the laundry and dishwashers and stuff, and a big glass double door out into a tiny courtyard garden with a bit of a garden in boxes.
At the back of the basement, a lovely roll top victorian iron bath
with Chris Evans in it

... no one else could see him.

... I decided right then I must buy the place. Hallucination or ghost, either way, keeping that...

Then it turned out to be there was like a double axe up on one wall that was controlling the dead somehow? As well as Evans sort of smouldering at me and getting out of the bath all hi how you doing, there was Cumberbatch in Sherlock coat sort of lurking at the back door, and some other less distinct presences. They told me the axe meant I could make them do anything (Evans being all flirty about it), so I realised I really had to buy the place, because otherwise someone else would. The only order I gave them was to be free willed, if they were that kind of being. ... because if they were, like, recordings in the wall, then sudden free will could be a bit disturbing, so it was like, here have a free will but only if you want it.

Naked Chris Evans was very grateful.


... sooooooo, kind of not thinking that's something I'll be getting from a house...


Nov. 23rd, 2014 04:49 pm
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Loud neighbour music I am used to, and it is indeed currently loud enough I can hear the words
but now they've hit on the 'music that actually makes me cry' collection.

(just because feels)
(nothing particular)
(but that means there's nothing to fix)
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Managed to emerge from the flat in time to tick stuff off the to-do list. Dry cleaning is in the shop (soooooo expensive), money is on the phone, post is in the letterbox, and a bit of shopping got done. New glass mugs, yaay, I been looking for those.

I was going to have dinner next but all the plates need washed, so I put the laundry and dishwasher on while I watched How to Train Your Dragon 2. That was... unexpectedly racist? Why make the bad guy look different? I mean, you can tell stories about intolerance and bullying and dragons without making one guy look different. So I was sitting there enjoying dragons go whoosh, and then it kind of bumped me whenever the bad guy turned up. Not cool. Also not cool doing a story about him enslaving others with chains and all and then cast a black voice actor. That's, you know, backwards. So other than that it was all whoosh wow dragons, but I ended up not very wow because bumped.

After that I watched Agents of SHIELD.

... something was up with the picture. After a bit I realised that the bands of slightly different color top and bottom corresponded with the bounds of the letterboxed film I'd just finished watching. And a bit ago there was the thing with Fringe having a discoloured circle that wouldn't go away? So I think my TV is a bit on the way out. Which is very inconvenient. Everything needs fixing at once. Though the power cord recall for the netbook turned out to not apply to me, so that was a bit of a relief.

ANYway, Agents of SHIELD 2-05 : Read more... )

Wow, I really don't like people this week, do I?

That wasn't what I thought I was going to say.

That was interesting to watch and I hope to like the new person, but I'm kind of not liking where the writers go with things lately.

Also, I went to get food 4 hours ago, and there was no food, and that was going to be breakfast anyway.

So this is the grrr smash need food review of this week.

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You know how there are some fanfics that would just be so much better if they weren't trying to be fanfic?

Like, the AU has all the worldbuilding done, there's action, adventure, and excitement... and some very familiar names doing very unfamiliar things.

Change the names and they'd neither be derivative nor out of character.

Plus without the fanfic connection more of them might get a character. The OCs are well drawn, the characterisation quick and clear, but the fanfic characters are pretty much a name, because hey, we know them already. Except we don't, because they wouldn't do that. So then they're just a muddle of no particular distinction. And the writer can clearly do better. So if it wasn't being fanfic, tada, sorted.

Also I always get hung up on how characters are translated into AUs. They retain what the writer considers their important distinctive features, but if I disagree, I just spend the fic rewriting it in my head so they're proper again.

And then there's that thing where they've had so much fun building in easter eggs, names we'll notice, power translations and so forth, they kind of don't give them much to do. Cameo overload.

Then there's genre features I can't be having with getting mixed with characters I otherwise like. Sliding timelines slid in inconsistent directions. Geography and religion renamed but not with any noticeable pattern. None of it stuff that matters, just stuff that trips up the reader, if and only if it's fanfic. Since fanfic relies on existing knowledge and AUs use it to do their own thing. If the story was just original, no tripping.

Of course if the story was just original I wouldn't have started reading it, but then I wouldn't have been disappointed by how my OTP were... not entirely present in the inspired by AU characters, and it explored none of the themes I like with them.

Fated love at first sight soulbonding fic seems very popular, but ... no. *shrugs*

And while I'm complaining about AUs: Steve Rogers in AUs is tiny pre serum Steve, unless you can come up with a very good excuse. Not just go lalala growth spurt, actually deal with his multiple disabilities.
I read an intriguingly persuasive thing that linked most of it back to an infectious disease listed in some props, one that's treatable or pretty much isn't around now, so by that logic it makes sense to have him grow up healthy. But healthy looks like Chris Evans, not like Captain America. There's a bit of a height difference either way. ...though I know movies are so inconsistent about heights it's easier to just ignore them. The height of boxes that must be involved to have everyone look much of a muchness in some shots...

I know people just want to keep their favourite version around, but the lack of logic bothers me.

And then there's the AUs where they just decide to erase age differences and hit rewind on certain older characters. Older being a very sliding concept that can happen to most anyone. But I don't get it why someone would be enough of a fan of a character to write about them, but only if they knock twenty years off their age. Not to explore backstory, or for an AU with specific age limits, just... because. That's their AU now, the young people version.

You just magic away all the little lines around their eyes when they smile. Why would you want to do that?

It's the AU thing of keeping the significant bits. You just get to notice repeatedly that what others value in your favourites is not the same as you.

Eh, it's 0451 and I haven't quite finished this thing yet, I'll stop rambling.
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My house full of Avengers is going pretty well.

Read more... )

Interactive fiction is most engrossing. Even if woohoo is a lot less graphic in graphics than archives.
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I sent away the flat pack computer desk I never unpacked.
I have no idea how long I've owned it, but it is years.
Now a local charity owns it instead.

They sent two blokes to take it away. They saw I had a piano and were all 'how' because stairs. I don't even know, nor do I have a clue how I'm going to get it out again when I move.

... I'm seriously considering the place that says they'll store it for £30 a month. It seems like a lot to only technically still own a piano. But inherited things are a Thing, and this is quite a large Thing.

... that is not the point.

Today I got rid of the flatpack desk. by letting humans in my hallway. I win.
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I get cranky about stuff lately and it's pissing me off. Which obviously leads to a crankiness spiral. Which is unhelpful.

It's things where I can see systemic inequality and oppression in real life in the present day here and now, but everyone around me seems to be attributing things to individual causes and coincidence, or implying that it's not really bad because over there in the distant past or far off places, that's the real bad things.

So a novel that turns out to be about sci fi slavery kind of pisses me off because you don't need to literally reprogram and meat puppet people when you can keep them scrabbling for scraps while heavily in debt and trying to live on zero hour contracts somewhere the minimum wage isn't enough to get by on.

And novels about oppressed monotheists in a polytheist society would only not piss me off it they had kinda muslim trappings, but no, it's always secretly oppressed xtians.

And yesterday I got in a pub discussion about systemic inequalities in education and (though I didn't fully articulate this) how capitalism and economic pressures leads to the convergence of media companies into monopolies which control every level of production and distribution, all adding together to mislead voters even before you factor in how money is deliberately going back into the political process to systematically campaign on false premises. I stopped because we were there to talk about science fiction, but I started because someone made a joke about stupid Americans and then wouldn't let it drop. Apparent stupidity and ignorance has a whole lot to do with systems. You can't just call an individual stupid and make out like it's their individual problem with an individual solution. All the solutions cost money, resources, and time, and systems collude to make sure most people don't have those.

Access to information is a hugely political topic. People not knowing stuff is not just about the choices of that individual person.

Nothing is just about the choices of that individual person! People exist within systems and their actions contribute to those systems, whether they consciously will it or not!

And yeah, I go to media texts looking for things to be annoyed at. Eleven years of further and higher education have kind of got me in the habit. Because once you open your eyes to it, sexism, racism, and all the other ugly isms are sodding everywhere.

Someone yesterday was arguing the 'it's just the best person for that role' angle about Dead Bro Walking trope. Yeah all the black guys die but it's just because individually they were the best actor for the role of screaming dying person. How can anyone actually believe that and not see how it adds up?

Also, I feel it is derailing and irrelevant to start picking apart my pub level accuracy on quoting media creators, when I was trying to list dead lesbians in TV shows. The problem here isn't precisely what is said about dead lesbians, it is that all the fictional lesbians are in fact dead. I feel it reasonable to be annoyed about that. And again they argued the 'best character for the role' angle, that just coincidentally the TV show went and brought in these characters to kill them off and it has nothing to do with them being lesbians. Even if that's now 100% of the lesbians dead, that's just luck.

And I'm not arguing that content creators sit there all *evil laugh* and pick a minority to kill off this week. That's what's always being defended against, as if that's an invisible accusation, and it's entirely irrelevant. What they thought they were doing isn't the point. The point is there's a whole lot of dead bros and dead lesbians, and that is a problem. They're a bunch of individual choices of best for that five minutes that somehow coincidentally adds up to meaning black guys and lesbians are all killed off. Which is creepy and bad.

Also, if the problem is dead lesbians, pointing out how many strong women there are on a show is also irrelevant. Unless they're dating each other, they are not the current point.

And I am so wound up and frustrated about this stuff.

And it feels like it's all of a piece, like people are trained into thinking things one at a time, attributing things to individual one off choices, and not looking at the systems and aggregates and big picture.

And I know that sitting there telling them elsewise four at a time is very nearly no help at all but

I can see so many problems, I know there's more problems I don't see, and I can't see how to get other people to see it let alone solve it.

And this is without getting into the sort of real world problems with a real world body count. Those are just horrifying and terrifying and leave me somewhere between really angry and awful hollow.

Especially the science based stuff. It's really quite a large problem when science can spend my whole adult life pointing at something and saying with some authority 'unless we do the thing we are going to die' and yet we don't do the thing. Humans are actually killing the whole planet. We could well render it uninhabitable. We're causing a mass extinction event and the Earth, as a whole, may not survive it. This is a problem.

And my individual choices for doing anything about said problem are... limited.

I mean I'm sitting here somewhere all western educated industrialised rich developed, with all those years of degree behind me, in a position of in some respects massive privilege, in one of the countries eating the world. But I don't see how to stop just by changing my individual consumer choices. They're not enough of the problem to make much of the solution. I don't know how to get at the levers. So I'm benefiting from systems of power and oppression, but feel pretty powerless to stop them or get out of the train, so to speak.

... this is why I daydream about space colonies. new place, new systems. also, my author brain knows that the point of the story will turn out to be that even in a new place humans are still human so we'll have to deal with our shit or live with it longer, and the suddenly concentrated nature of society would highlight everything.

Plus of course I feel powerless to do anything because I'm disabled and have had no support for a year and a half and it is in fact bloody difficult to do anything. Including shopping. Or the house viewings that are part of the plan to get me somewhere I can cope with better.

And then I feel weird about what I am getting that other people don't, like I should be guilty about having plus stuff, except I'm kind of stuck with the bits i'm not getting, and then it's all problem and no solution.

Everything all problem no solution.

Massive collective action is only way to make changes.

Except I've seen massive actions, protests, all sorts, and it don't seem to do any good.

So then I hide under a blanket and play Sims a lot.


Nov. 19th, 2014 11:33 pm
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Today I decided I had been sitting in my flat for far too long and so I went to the Norwich Science Fiction Group. Which costs £30 on the taxi to get home again. Also the bus I meant to take on the way there was invisible, but there was another bus, I just had to walk further. In the dark. With some rains.

I did talking to humans. 4 humans even. One of them I had not met before.
That might have gone better if I wasn't deeply grumpy about all TV at the moment.
The new to me bloke reckoned I was just looking for things to be annoyed of.
Sometimes on the computer I read all the people who agree with me and see things the same way and then I forget it's not so much agreeing and obvious in the pub world.
But then there were card games (I won) (despite not knowing the rules for Top Trumps to start with) and then a board game (I did not win). So that part was fun.

Now there is no more NSFG until probably the third Wednesday of January because the venue is booked for xmas dinner season.

If I could design a group of people to go talk to then there would be people more like on the computer, with me not being the only girl there, and more likely not the youngest. Conversation would be varied. And possibly involve less beer.

Coffee and SF. That would be nice. I don't drink it, but it smells much better.

Still, I talked to actual humans. Yaay.
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more fire alarms.
neighbour fire alarms, which are bad but not worst.
why so many fire alarms?

I really hope everybody is okay always.

it's no fun sitting around just kind of hoping things will work out.

I am still looking for a house.

I hope to find one that is both nice and in my price range in my chosen area.
I've kind of found four so far, but one needed £17K of repairs, one probably has a mould problem they painted over (grey streaky blobby windows and plug in air fresheners in every room but still smelling of wet plaster), and the other two didn't have long enough leasholds.
So if I've found nearly four then there will be more. Probably. Just, prices tend to go up, so the longer it takes the less likely it is.

I'd just quite like something with fewer neighbours and none fires.


Nov. 18th, 2014 07:15 pm
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In the real world, cleaner day happened.

Sims are unsurprisingly more exciting.

Sim Clint and Phil are married, but while Phil has the 'eternally faithful' moodlet, Clint can't keep his lips off... anyone, really, but especially Rhodey for a while. And apparently Sims need telling when someone is married, even when they live with them, so Rhodey got all heart broken when someone else pointed it out. Then he went on a date with his boss from the air force base. But he's still all enemies with Clint.

Meanwhile Steve and Natasha were dating, but Natasha wanted to date Bucky. And then so did Steve. I don't think I prompted them? He's just hot. But then everyone got all upset at each other because Sims can't do threesomes. I bought Bucky the No Jealousy reward but they were already upset so I don't even know if it works. So then Steve and Nat broke up and Steve moved rooms to sleep with Bucky. Who still wants to date Natasha. Who is concentrating on her career and martial arts skills for a while.

Meanwhile with the new Ambitions pack I could finally make Tony an Inventor :-)
He'd already reached the top of handiness and logic skills, but Inventing is a new and different skill that starts at zero. And is kind of hilarious while he's bad at it. He blew himself up so many times. Actually he blew up quite a lot of the house, but he'd built himself a metal basement first so nothing important went boom, he just woke everyone up from setting things on fire a lot. He got quite a good relationship with the firemen, so that works out.
He also electrocuted himself, but not so often.
You can Detonate scrap heaps and rubbish and, as it turns out, everything and anything you own. Missed clicks just got a whole lot more interesting. So Tony has blown up... many. Many things. Some of them he shouldn't have.
... I just keep imagining the look on Rhodey's face. He's usually the first to get there with a fire extinguisher. They're Best Friends in game even. But, you know, boom. A lot of boom. His face would be very.

Bucky joined the medical profession because why not? I don't think there's mad scientist robot arms in this version anyway. So he keeps rushing off to the hospital to treat people and meet people...

... I interupt myself because now Clint is hitting on Steve. He can't keep his lips off anyone...

Pepper got to be CEO with minimal intervention. I keep ignoring Pepper because she doesn't cause problems. She just works from home a lot. It's relaxing. But she'd really like to hold more meetings. Which seems simples. She even makes moneys from holding meetings. Every house needs a Pepper.

She's also the one that hired a maid. After Tony blew up, like, all the things.
... oops, Tony just blew up a bunch of people at the scrap yard too... they only yelled though, and now he has enough acquaintances to be a Celebrity? So that works out?

Tony is saving up to get a Robot Best Friend.

Meanwhile Steve changed his life goal, because guitar just isn't very him, so now he's going to do sculpture. He also keeps advancing in his political career despite having almost no charisma skill. His guitar skill turned out to be helpful when he had a rock concert for politics. In my head it was very Star Spangled Man. I can't decide if he'll quite politics soon or if he'll just accidentally be leader of the free world while concentrating on his sculptures.

See if I hadn't named them for Avengers this would be so much less amusing.

... amusing to me.

Meanwhile in the real world... someone just knocked to try and get charity money, boring... my To Do list keeps getting longer, even when I get bits of it done. They're magic like that.

But that's tomorrow's.
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We bumped Sunday to Monday because today is sibling's birthday and the new DVDs come out today so we could go buy the presents.

I took them to the office supplies shop just round the corner from mum's house. That might not sound like a birthday. But they came out with half a dozen things and a big grin, so I figure that's a win. They have notepads there with superheroes on. They got one of each, except for Wonder Woman, they got another Superman instead :-( I figure it's because there's no movie yet, they only really watch movies. But the others had all the Marvel ones like Avengers and Spiderman and also Superman, classic comics covers. Also they got one with lots of cakes on, probably because birthday. :-)

I got my photocopying done (because cunning plan) and bought some pretty colors of pen in the nice grip sort. I gave green and pink to sibling, because green is their favourite and I know I'll never use pink and they'll use up anything that draws eventually.

Next was Game Cave. Their games are very thrifty, on account of not having a new game system for a very long time, so everything was like £2 each. They got a heap of them. Mum reckons some they already have, but for £2 it's not worth arguing.
I got Sims 3 Ambitions, which is the only Sims 3 they had left. Sims 4 is out now, they had a huge display of the basic game. I might have to entrust my credit card to the games thing on the computer if I want any more Sims stuff. But I really don't want to give a games thing my credit card, far too easy to get too much.
... the other games thing has my credit card to the tune of £3 a month, and then I don't hardly use it, so I should probably do something about that, but as their business model probably knows it never seems worth fiddling about for £3 a month.

Then we went to the supermarket and had food. Well, mostly had food. Sibling was too excited and talky to actually do eating. They asked for food, they ordered food, then they sat there as the food went cold. This happens. They did eventually eat the cake though, so that works out proper.

We got How to Train Your Dragon 2, and sibling got whatever Transformers was out today. They already have the X-Men Days of Future Past DVD. I thought about it but I probably wouldn't watch it before next Sunday anyway. Or possibly before xmas. I could leave it for someone to buy as a present. I don't know.

Now I am home and I have most of the shopping I went out for. Not all the juice because mum had heavy things to carry so I only got my half, and not the vitamins even though we walked past the shop, and not half the unusuals list. But most things.

So I win at late Sunday and at birthdays, and also have done many Monday tasks.
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It's interesting what fanfic does and doesn't soak up. Clint/Coulson came out of pretty much nothing and is still going strong, but it's mostly ignoring Agents of SHIELD. When it does acknowledge AoS there is a really obvious big problem in suggesting any outside relationship for Coulson is super important. Mostly fic just has 'Fury made me do it' and a lot of anger and apologies. But it has reached the point where I'm wanting to talk back at it, because there is in fact logic much stronger than that, and clearly the internet needs to know. Read more... )

It's four in teh morning and I'm not sure how much of that made sense in English. Or who would want to read it. But hey, OTP thoughts.
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It's kind of depressing finding a fic with thanks to two beta readers and no grasp of spelling, much less punctuation. (believe me, it uses much less than would be at all helpful)

also it seems like writers with no grasp of punctuation also have little idea how humans work.
you wouldn't think there was a correlation, but.
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Sims Clint and Phil are happily married now. Clint wanted a big wedding party but Phil wanted a private wedding, plus also I kind of clicked it on accident. So they got married in their martial arts clothes while everyone else was having dinner. Romance!

It's difficult getting everyone closer to their life goals when mostly you want to make your OTP kiss a lot.

Read more... )

I realise reading about other people's Sims games isn't enthralling, but that's what I did with my evening, so *shrugs*

I have films and TV series to watch that I haven't even seen yet, but I think I'll probably look at decorating magazines again. I'm just really weary of who always gets killed off in those things. People seldom get killed off in decorating.
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I just got up. Granted I went to bed at three in the morning, but it is after five at night, so that's still some epic fail at getting up. I woke up, but didn't feel the need to move or do or think or anything.

On the plus side I spent much of that sleep dreaming I was married to Clint Barton and/or ... my dreams always smush together the good bits of Lindsey from Angel and Elliot from Leverage, they kind of decided that L grew up to be El, but that guy.

The first dream was me and El and a house I'd bought without considering the effects of being on the coast, so the ground under it was being eroded and the high tide weather slapped waves right onto the bedroom windows. And it had wooden sides, albeit wood over really thick insulating layers. So that house wasn't long for the world. And the previous owners had left a lot of furniture and bookshelves with books in, and there was like a shed with more books in (which was actually the two storey house in the back of the school that has been a regular feature of my dreams for over twenty years and yet never once existed in reality), and then when I thought I'd got the hang of it I remembered it was a house not just a flat and everywhere also had an upstairs to explore.

El mostly painted the house a slightly different shade of red.

It was relaxing, for a stress dream.

And then the one with Clint in started with a whole bunch of, like, gobliny things, with some of them with whips to motivate the others, and then they all got told by their deity to go through this big door and when they came out again they'd all turned into earth species to blend in. Only most of them didn't have very good karma so they turned into ducks. Army of slighty irritated goblin ducks. All yellow and kind of rubber duck looking because they were trying to fit in. That was kind of hilarious. And then the goblins with the whips were supposed to go through too, but they wouldn't, so I got a human sized whip cause the goblin whips wouldn't fit my hand right and I cracked it in the air and tried not to whip myself in the face and they went through. And somewhere among all these goblins like a dozen of them turned into humans, and three of those humans I was meant to look after and help integrate into the world, and one of those was Clint Barton, dyslexic construction worker. And then the rest of the dream was mostly snogging. So I don't know why their deity made him dyslexic, or a construction worker. But he had grand plans for buildings. Maybe they'd be a duck sanctuary.

So clearly all of that was superior to actually waking up and trying to interact with the world.

But even my dreams now are all about houses and decorating and house repair and builders and stuff. They're just prettier while asleep.
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Agents of SHIELD: Still good, still not what I want from it.
I'm worried for Coulson but I'm more worried for what the writers will do and how ablist it's likely to be.

Take Away Day: Has been complicated three weeks now because phoning the take away just rings twice then goes beep beep beep like the engaged tone. But today I thought to try my mobile phone, which got through, just had such a crappy signal nothing was audible (as is usual from in here). So then I phoned mum to ask her to phone the take away. But mum wanted take away, so she volunteered to go walk to it. Only then she remembered she doesn't want to go past the clubs after dark, so she had the bright idea to have it all delivered here, so she phoned them and then came out to my flat to pick up her half. So that... worked.

It's a bit of a run around for food though.

But why on earth would there be a phone number I cannot contact, only one number, and only from one number?

That's just weird.

I spent most of the afternoon in Sims again, so by the time Agents of SHIELD was on Sim Clint and Sim Phil were chatting each other up, which was much more interesting. The Avengers have moved in with Clint now. Steve and Natasha kind of started dating when I wasn't looking? I mean I sent them on a date but they'd already decided to <3 each other. Rhodey and Pepper are also into each other but I told them to sit down and read up on their skills instead. Bucky and Tony are each doing their own thing though, thankfully, that would be weird.

So now I have a house full of Avengers and know how to make new Sims and merge households in the Edit Town thing. Which is handy. I'll probably populate one town with all my games I got bored of. Or the ones that crashed a lot, but that might not be a good idea, that might make a new more crashing game. That would be not so good.

I'll probably go back to that. It's going to be much trickier getting them all to being CEO or International Superspy or whatever. Also Steve has decided to go into politics, but his lifetime goal is to be best at art and guitar. It's either art and guitar or art plus photography and actually taking photographs crashes the game a lot so we shall have a musical Steve Rogers.

... this is probably kind of part of why I'm disatisfied with TV lately? Because clearly TV is prettier and has better plots, but it also does things I didn't tell it to, and there's all these entertainment options where they will do only what I tell them to, which seems much better.


Nov. 14th, 2014 02:12 am
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Spent much of the day playing Sims 3. I spent my Sims points, so now my sims can have tablet computers, chickens, and archery. These being important additions. So I made a Clint Barton and set him on the path to becoming an international super spy. He listens to tabcasts for skills, does all the archery, and sometimes fights the angry chicken. I don't know what I was expecting when I gave sims chickens but it was not an angry chicken with glowing eyes that you can get in fights with.

So now I want to add the rest of the Avengers, except I don't see how in Sims 3. In Sims 2 I had a household of Avengers that I put together from three houses in a custom town. But if there's a way to add more houses to the same town I already started I am not seeing it. I shall poke again later. But I might have to start Clint and his housemates over again.

I'm kind of bored of Sims but not as bored as I am of all the other games. I'm bored kind of pervasively.
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Probably I should spend more time having RL social contact and less time with Sims.
People can be quite nice, when contact happens.
I should get on with that.

well, I should sleep, and then when it is day time get on with that.
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I watched last week's Agents of SHIELD.
I forgot I hadn't until now. Which is a bit of a turn around after waiting expectantly between seasons.
It was quite good. Which is sort of a problem. Because it was quite good if I decide to not care about the things they don't care about, and to care about a lot of straight white men the story has decided are important. Plus the playing along with the baseline politics and solving things with violence.
So I'm interested, but in a bad aftertaste sort of way.

this is likely another show I'll stop reviewing until I can say something nice about it.
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I put 'tighten bolts' on the to do list only a few days ago, but when I went to look at said bolts, it turned out one had pretty much fallen out. I have been sitting in a recliner which was on its last threads. Reclining in it even.

So, that was a bit more urgent than I thought.

But also more complicated, since the set of hex keys I know I own and thought would fit turned out to have every size except the one I need. And one empty place in the keyring bit.

So then I had to go through all the drawers and jars and cupboards and tidies and little cardboard boxes.
Turned out it was in the tool kit.
Who ever looks in the tool kit?

... *sigh* ...
... also *ew* that tool kit needs cleaning. I've cleaned it already today but it still needs a lot of cleaning. Leaving it in the window and pretty much forgetting I own it had disadvantages.

So then I turned the chair over and tightened all the bolts. Except the ones I loosened. But then I tightened them again after. Probably. I think.

but it looks fixed now?

so if the chair collapses, possibly in an awful back breaking accident, it will not be for want of maintenance.
just skill.

It's 0815 so it looks like I'm up early, but I in fact forgot to sleep last night. I mean I went to bed early and had some quality lying down in the dark, but it wore off. So I'll have another go in a bit.

anything important to do can probably wait until thursday. right? right.
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Sainsburys food arrived a whole hour early. They phoned and asked first though. I could have said no.

Also there were police for someone down the hall. Don't know what that was about. Don't think they found the someone.

Delivery received, food eaten, apple thing consumed.


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