Dec. 4th, 2016 04:52 am
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Sometimes I wonder if a plot bunny is too kinky to work (but, internet, so)
or if an idea is worky or I'm just unwisely lonely.

Like: demonic possession is always writ like it's a bad thing, but have they just tried couples counselling?

There's an Ethan/Lindsey fic (Dealing by Estepheia) where the plot rather hinges on the fact that willing and enthusiastic consent is not necessarily informed.

So, imagine, a demon seducing a new host, who invites them in, but is perhaps not in a frame of mind to have entirely thought this through.

It goes manky when they can't change their mind, of course. Demons being demons, there's always a gotcha moment where someone realises they've signed up to forever.

... my inclination to treat this as some kind of arranged marriage AU leads off into Regency AU territory where a society entirely used to the possibilities of demonic ... arrangements... is terribly well mannered and yet, being made of people, still entirely full of ways to get your characters up the tree and throw rocks at them.

Demons as Mr Darcy, initially terrible but, informed by their contact with their potential host, changing their ways entirely, and eventually winning them over.

... entire genres of in universe fiction where it's all terribly romantic and you 'save' your demons with True Love, decried by at least some priesthoods as being propaganda meant to lead souls astray.

Demonic hierarchies and dependencies and having a Duty one cannot avoid but wanting this time to be different.

Entire yearning/having cycles complicated by the fact that making love means the demon changes hosts so there's now an abandoned ex in the picture, possibly to one's great surprise.

Having to get along with the new roommate because being homeless would kill them, only the room in question is your brain.

I mean I can see how them being a demon is problematic, but it's a whole set of new spins on familiar tropes, and then grand cosmic power for getting it right.

But possibly grand cosmic power that leads you into hell. Or to becoming one with the demon in kind of a host and symbiote way, be that more goa'uld or trill. Possibly knowing your soul will never reach heaven on account of that new unity meaning you are, now, a demon, with the memories and skills of your former beloved.

So many ways to be awkward, so many ways to try and get along.

I like the Bujold version demons where they've been one with hosts starting in the animal kingdom and they learn and grow as they go along.

But demons as a specific kind of ghost that remembers life and is being kind of a dick about holding on

or like the other day, thaumic elementals that take an imprint and everyone just argues without provable resolution about if they're trapped souls or deceitful illusions or some new kind of being.

Major magical explosion as deliberate prison break from a thaumic elemental plane that's grand for elementals native to it but purely crazy making destructive to the kind that remember corporeal humanity.

Trying to get along with beings who will happily offer everything you ask for but not be real clear about the degree of peril in the consequences.

Trying to rescue an overshadowed or eclipsed person, someone who made a deal but their loved ones believe the real them is still in there somewhere under what the demon did to them. And my first reaction to that is a disability led revulsion because people are people even if they change and you don't get to lift the awkward bits out and get a normal person back, but stating that is a lot less involving than showing variations. 'Saving' someone who then works to reunite themselves? Saving someone but being just as annoyed at the restored version? Saving someone then realising you loved the demon?

There's a lot of lauers of story.

But I feel I would be better off finding none of them appealing.
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1990 Flash isn't very good. Their version of Captain Cold isn't even punny. Also he's an evil albino mercenary who ends up frozen solid.

The reporter lady who works for the kind of paper who will print Flash stories before anyone believes in them was potentially interesting but they made her super annoying and 100% wrong. She sets a trap for the Flash so she can interview him without thinking through that she sets a trap for the Flash and there's a supervillain also trying to do that. Also she's super annoying and bad with people and tells lies a lot but thinks she's a great reporter. The episode is there to tell her to quit her day job. Because Flash knows best. Blah.

Also the thing where a different woman tries to date Flash every episode is just really tiresome. But I want to make speed dating jokes.

Deadly Nightshade was funny because Nightshade is the local pulp hero, long retired, Flash has been getting advice from, and Deadly Nightshade is the grimdark reboot version. Like Nightshade has knockout darts and Deadly Nightshade has machine guns. Watching it I just kept thinking that if this was a *late* 90s show the grimdark reboot would have replaced the other one, instead of getting carted off to prison being called crazy. The story had a psychiatrist called Rebecca Frost who was there to call the Flash an adolescent fantasy and be proved wrong by the end. Again with the clumsy telling off of women trying to do their jobs. She would b much more interesting actually trying to understand vigilante psychology and launching a discussion about values.

Mostly the ep was interesting because Richard Burgi, Jeri Ryan and Denise Crosby.

So now I'm thinking of Deadly Nightshade getting out of prison and trying to show modern Flash how it should be done and launching a discussion about vigilante morality with better writers.

I keep trying to adjust my expectations down to the cartoony thing Flash keeps trying to be but I keep on thinking it's just bad anyway. Boo.

Want to use it for parts still, more or less, but it's not a rich vein.
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I don't know quite what to do with that.

I mean, I have reactions, but my main one is utter exhaustion at the death rate of characters of color on TV. Read more... )

Quill though... on the most shallow level, does anyone know where to get Quill's shirt? Because that looked awesome. Read more... )

When is next season of Class then?
Is next season?
Because I feel the structure of that episode only made sense if they're absolutely certain of a next season, and indeed one in the really near future. As a mid season finale it'd be fine. But I can't find word one about renewal so I'm puzzled about their priorities.
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Just got a phone survey call (at half past eight on a friday night ffs) on behalf of some kind of higher education whatsit to ask what I've been doing since I got my degree.

I told them 'being disabled at home'
they said there were actual questions
and I told them that's literally the complete answer to all of them.

I mean, I know I'm either screwing up their survey design or I'll just count as refusing to answer, but seriously
I do not need to answer that question tonight.

What have I been doing in the three, nearly four years since graduation?

Being disabled.
at home.

already I am depressed from answering that much, I choose to just skip whatever rubbing it in would otherwise ensue.

I know I do nothing with my life and have no plan despite the statistical probability of another fifty years on this earth. i deal with it by trying not to think about it much.
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I woke up from a dream about electronic voting and the several weaknesses thereof and how utterly sketchy it is if one wide says they'll only accept results spat out by a machine.

My brain immediately launched into the Human Rights for Non Humans speech, and how important it is for all the varied humanities, all the sorts of people, to have equal rights to life liberty pursuit of happiness and due process of law, not least because if they don't then I Thought It Wasn't Human becomes a viable legal defence, and by now it seems I really can do that speech in my sleep, with multiple cites to different F&SF, but this time it got all flavoured with should I even run as a third party candidate under the current voting system when we've seen how much that can screw things over?

And also tangent about Stargate SG 1 and the many ways they were doing it wrong.

Aaaaand in my head is stuck on repeat simultaneously
that Chim chiminee song from Mary Poppins
and Bad Girls Do It Well live fast die young chim chim chereee

aaaaaall of this all at once as I woke up.

Also now I'm wondering if I should research real human rights law and lawyer speak so I can have a new layer on my Rights For Everyone speech.

Plus today there was a bonus bit about how non verbal doesn't mean non human even if really hairy and What About Shifters and really we need a practical set of rules for treating everything well even if we don't know if it is a person. I mean if dryad rights are relevant we need to stop logging like yesterday.

... yeah from where I'm standing this is disability rights in fancy dress, the assumption that not moving like the norm and not making same talk noises means they're in some way not as much a person is epically creepy. I mean I hope it's not a default assumption but somewhere in the thought processes something has to explain why people address the carer not the person they want to know about.

And this is all in there as I wake up, like boom, have a thinking everything at once.

Too Busy.

I shall put some music on and hope I end up with one song at once instead of three.
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Just watched an episode where nineties Flash did a time travel
to the faaaaar distant future
of 2001

His nemesis had taken over as mayor of central, renamed the city, and turned it into a whole black and red themed police state which smashed windows and banned sales of Flash toys.

I was having a whole suspension of disbelief problem, I've got to admit.

I mean his nemesis is an ordinary criminal who led a bike gang. I know what they were going for with speed and all but it's not exactly in a super's weight class. So then the idea is a regular criminal guy can take over the city in ten years. Solely because the Flash went away. The cops are other processes of law and government are useless. And then he can run it without interference. Despite the mayor of a city not actually being the ultimate arbiter of law and order. I mean he was zapping brains with a brain zapping machine without a trial, even in America that needs more paperwork.

So they hadn't really sold their setup there.

Also they said this nemesis dude got let out of prison on a technicality. Would that be the one where he was 'arrested' by a vigilante, who threw him in the electric thingy, and then probably didn't turn up to the trial? Because those seem like relevant technicalities to explore. But no, it didn't get that specific.

If you're going to do a 'world without Flash' flashforward this isn't the way to do it, basically, and this show's idea of a nemesis needs work.

... though to be fair I'd probably believe it of Mayor Snart.
... but Len isn't in the habit of confessing to murder in the middle of a crowded restaurant, so, slight difference in competence there.
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dancing was nice
we have learned the whole of the new dance and are now trying to be good at it
which takes a bunch of work.

shopping worked. five alive worked. apple pastry worked. plenty of pasta. And Sainsburys sell a sparkly loo seat, so hopefully this third one will go on and not be broken. loo seats are ridiculous.

I was so tired this morning I had to stop before the end of the fic, when they'd done the Daring Adventure and the Horrible Misunderstanding and they were ready for the Happily Ever After. So I have that to look forwards to.

but right now I get to eat apple trellis :-)
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This is a random thing to realise, but I just put two thoughts together to an angle on why I get so very wound up at the idea of maintaining the Masquerade or covering up alien first contact over and over again.

Sounds like a stupidly irrelevant scenario, I know.

But if Masquerade applies then every generation makes first contact new. Every year group would. You'd grow up and learn whatever your culture thinks you need to know, think you have a handle on it, and then boom, here's something nobody ever bothered to mention. And maybe you've got some hasty paradigms ported over from genre fiction, but if all the schemas there to activate are fiction, if your scripts are built for drama from skewed discourses based on unexamined ideologies that are probably only using the parts for allegory anyway, well, you'll be lucky if you have any clues which way to jump. Every generation, every graduating class, gets presented with this problem as if brand new, and they have to reinvent the wheel, every time.

And it reminded me of disability. And just a bit of being queer. But disability presents you with whole new problems, and if you've only got mainstream media to draw on, they look... insurmountable. Appalling. Demons walking, apocalypse has come, end of the world time.

There just aren't that many scripts for it, because almost everything is meant for the currently abled, written by them, meant to make them feel good.

Read more... )

So I just suddenly felt very strongly about first contact
and all the people who don't make it
because they have to be the reaching out ones
and they don't even know there's anyone
to reach.
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Episode thirteen, where Tina goes evil because of a short circuit and a bad dream, is actively terrible. I mean even by 1990 standards and compared to other episodes. It was super extra rubbish.

If you're going to turn someone evil it's an excuse for them to use power and say repressed things like they'd be too polite to the rest of the time. So the bit with the poison dart because Science was the only vaguely interesting bit. Nothing else she said or did had to do with her regular personality, unless interrupting Barry's date was supposed to be the thing. But that was so cartoonishly awful. And I know this is far more episodic than I'm used to but to do all thwt with no repercussion and all the personal stuff dealt with by ignoring it is both ridiculous and a waste of a plot. I mean she even got a tattoo and then said she'd just remove it in the lab.

The tattoo should be a reminder of things you can't take back and the evil she's capable of if she lets rip. She should have to transform it, like by getting it made colors or added to. There's no point getting a symbol and then just vanishing it.

Supergirl did turning bad much much better.

This one was rubbish.

And also extra creepy : Tina goes bad necause she and Narry are hooked up to a machine and he thinks of his nightmare and she starts acting it out. She goes good again because reconnected to the same machine Barry thinks of her crying and being sorry and saying she's his friend again. Okay, but, did he 'cure' her or did he just reprogram her?


Episode 14 was just an excuse to have Barry be cute with a baby. Tina was more useless with a baby than Barry was, since he was initially competent enough to impress the mom, which is kind of refreshing considering. Aside from proving they'd need lots of training before they should try that again there weren't much else to it. Could have put more work into some angle about the creepy bad guy wanting to breed the perfect heir so he picked a girl he didn't love and tricked her, then when he saw the Flash he wondered if the powers were genetic, but apparently bad guys wanting a super for a breeding program is not a twelve rated plot. Eh, babies are cute, wouldn't mind a plot with Barry having to look after a baby in modern Flash, only he should stay good at it. Also the bit where he calmed all the babies at super soeed shouldn't really work, that would be a bit stressful, so really it should be a time Flash needs to slow down.

... I watch these things solely to pull them apart for bunnies already. Oh well.
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I find I'm getting increasingly annoyed with mpreg stories where they have to do some weird superscience on accident just to get them pregnant.
Just make them trans. Just write it like it never came up before and oops, now a baby. That is a thing that is actually possible, no loop the loops required.

Yes I know it's a whole seperate narrative niche
I just
I get cranky.

Actually accidentally a baby also makes me cranky
does no one in fiction actually try on purpose?

I tealise most of them are actually actively saving the world a lot
but they seem to live in worlds where this is continually required
yet population replenishment also happens.

Have people juggle on purpose
let them make decisions
let them have bodies that can actually exist.

There's so much more mpreg than trans fic though, it's... making me cranky.

Plus also I have a headache.
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I spend so much time fiddling around with worldbuilding around magical systems
I forgot
the one I always identify with in a high magic world
is the non magical one
you know
standing there surrounded by demons and trying to survive on wits alone
vastly outclassed
with like a tenth the average character points around here.
The disabled one.

So I have plenty of stories ready to go anout how one acquires superpowers or magic or whatever
but I'm not really feeling them.

Because I know what I'd be.

It's the write what you know problem.

I keep on seeking out stories about middle age people who have their lives kick off epic in sudden unexpected ways
(this involves reading a lot of fanfic slightly sideways, and often, finding stuff that is not about the main characters)

because 39 and with one college degree to my name is... a place to start, if I figure out where to go from here, but it's not a place so likely to find a story about already

but then if I sit down and go, okay, like me but with an Adventure ahead of them...
I just kind of sigh and figure
no adventures here, same like always.

I could set it up so reading the local equivalent of fantasy books is suddenly helpful
and being genre savvy is a superpower
but then I'd trip them up because it's far more likely they'd be wrong genre savvy
and then everything goes horribly wrong
though watching someone deal with alien first contact by fae rules can work.

I just get depressed and then my plots are depressing.

Even when it's redeeming the monster by true love I tend to get unwanted realism and they end up in an abusive marriage instead because he's still a bastard.

I mean my daydreams need to steer better.

This blergh brought to you by an afternoon accidentally asleep and dreaming traps and hells and being stuck in a bathroom where time goes so much slower by the point you've found the loo roll the rest of the adventure party has wandered off and probably won already.

Like, thanks subconscious, I know, actually, thanks a lot.
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today I woke up at 1235 and sprung out of bed in an instant, having realised I forgot to set my alarm for Cleaner Day.
this is apparently a recipe for feeling exhausted blergh and dizzy.
dizzy is annoying so now I'm sitting down and having a juice drink and the cleaner is doing the cleaner jobs.

I need more swing bin liners as well as more bathroom cleaner spray. I'm on the wrong device to write that down in the right place.

The new new loo seat is here and so far it is probably not broken. Only probably though because unwrapping it to check is a task I have had to sit down and undizzy instead twice.

... I don't know what job the government think I could get fit for, this is a pretty average week and I've had chaotic sleep patterns and am now failing at Cleaner Day even though my half is easy.

I mean this is why I wait until the cleaner is here to attempt task, because alone doesn't work.

I'd be a shining help in the workplace, clearly.

... but I'm in the support group so thus far even the government do in fact know I'm useless so I should stop worrying.


So far we have successfully replaced the bag in the vacuum cleaner. I don't know if the old one was in there the right way round, that could explain the weird noises. It seems correct now.

Cleaner is much more efficient than me and has taken out the bins and cleaned the kitchen while I was typing all this.

I dreamed I was a lab tech back in my old high school, but only for one specific teacher because clearly I couldn't keep up with all of them. Then I really realised my degree was in English and went off to be a monk instead. But the monks were some sort of evil hive mind. So then I was just wandering around dodgy places, which were the usual places but after dark so of course they are suddenly dodgy. I had decided to get an unwise impulse buy tattoo and was looking through books for a decent dragon when I woke up.

Awake I remember I wanted a dragon that looks like the one 'Tosh' painted on the wall at Torchwood, but haven't got it because I haven't even been to Wales so getting their flag dragon is a bit daft, and also because I consistently chicken out of getting tattoos even when I've wanted the same designs for twenty years (seal of rasillon left shoulder, stargate dial home left forearm, great big tree on my back. though sometimes I dither and think maybe not an oak tree? but probably an oak tree since I always go back to that.)

I like the ink I've got but i increasingly dislike that I never get around to getting the rest.

also right arm is short of plans for ink because left is input and right is output and thus far I done nothing. bit of a problem. though when I do do anything I'll have to be sure it has some decent abstract symbols to become ink.

I also have been thinking of getting a tattoo of them swirlies around the stairs at the orpheum in vancouver. you've seen them bunches but probably weren't paying attention. they've been in episodes in my fandoms from highlander to flash. also they're pretty. hasn't the half of things filmed there.

... interruption because the new new loo seat fell apart as it was neing attached, because as it turns out the hinges weren't stuck to the seat. So I phoned the deliveries place again.

I could maybe fix it with superglue but I do not have superglue and also that is not the point.

two of the thing both busted. no sparkle loo seat for me.

also I had to use the phone and also phone back after it cut off which was weird.
bleegh, today is not best.
and I didn't get stuff delivered so I have no apple things to make up for it. that plan may be efficient but it's not very interesting.

but the vacuum cleaner appears to work, so, there's that?

Class 1.7

Nov. 29th, 2016 12:18 am
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What Quill did indeed. It's weird, it's good, it ties in to the whole rest of the season so far, but in lots of ways it's its own show, like Quill goes off in her own subgenre.

I'm not keen on one specific point: Read more... )

I like how Quill accessorises. Choker and bracelets solid metal looking. Not letting observer forget.

I don't quite know what to do with the Doctor leaving her like that in the first place, or the whole presence of freedom fighter terrorist slave in the story at all. I mean she's interesting, but she's an argument, and not one that resolves.

Though I like how school governors fit in the argument here.

I liked all the locations in this episode and the excuse to take a tour of alien thought patterns and the argument about religion or lack thereof and how freedom is just plain complicated as a concept. And how they started with the overlooked ones, dreaming of freedom. It's the power of belief, the power of stories, hope in a box again.

I have no idea how this all will wrap. I can come up with some ideas, they've left a lot of parts around, but I don't know what they'll do with them.

And now I care enough I'll be tense all week wondering which way they'll jump.
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They locked the main cast in a room together and had them yell at each other for a whole episode
that's the masterclass right there
and I was gripped.

I mean now the episode has finished I'm finding less to sink my thought teeth into
but while it was running I didn't do anything but watch
so it clearly won.

I now have to plug the computer in for another hour before it'll last long enough unplugged to watch episode seven
and it is five in the morning
so possibly that is not the best plan
... but I'm still fairly likely to do,it.


Nov. 28th, 2016 03:14 am
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am doing that thing where I'm too busy watching episodes to write how good they are
even though I meant to watch like one a day
am now considering starting episode six.

so, quite good.

am unsure about what it is doing with disability
but it is certainly doing it more interesting than usual.

am paused because the power ran out and the power cord is a bit short for how I was watching
but once recharged will watch more and pout until I run out.

Am also sad I haven't been watching as they released
because more think time.

weird conflict.

Everyone is so good though
characters everywhere
and complex personal stuff under the winning.

also now the iplayer mostly works for me without sticking mostly
there's tons of other stuff i didn't notice
suddenly easy.

I always feel daft when that happens.
like probably it was always easy and i didn't the right buttons.
but, interesting now.
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This series is very good.
(also, on the bbc iplayer if you can get that)

Feelings! All the feelings!
I had to pause it at one point to have a feelings.

More m/m in the DW verse again. More in the DW verse than the rest of F&SF as far as I can find. I like the idea he's choosing a new family vut since this is where they're starting I fear drama's tendency to go horribly wrong.

I'm not so much having big thinking about this one because see
feelings, all of them.

but this is very good.
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This might be gorier than I'm really up for. I mean I know I watched Torchwood but I had to get really analytical on some of those episodes to avoid being freaked out. Skinned bodies are just... a bit much.

Also my tablet gets rather hot watching video. not awesome.

The characters and plots and everything are proper complex and I like the rather a lot. Read more... )

Very much enjoying the quality of the writing here.

Also I always forget when I'm not watching a British show how much easier it is to read and how much more I can get out of it.

... though this one is a bit making me feel old and disconnected, because youngers world has a set of assumptions that are new to me, and ease of use of computers to stay connected that I realise is simples now but which is still new to me.

... am I going to turn into one of those olders who only watches reruns and things with people my own age?

... or is high school a setting designed to make others feel oooooooold?
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I was thinking about my current reading habits, which involve a lot of superhero/supervillain pairings who have really screwed each other over, and I was trying to think of another excuse for being into it... because mostly I feel I should be cheering on whenever they lock the villain up again or end him forever somehow, rather than sympathising and feeling vaguely upset. But I thought a thing.

Okay, so, this is wanky, but : patriarchy.

Read more... )

If life is already heavily populated with varying degrees of enemy, it's satisfying sometimes to see a story work through all the issues and turn them into assets instead, is all.

Or possibly I just have a thing for power. *shrugs*


Nov. 26th, 2016 03:36 pm
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I watched Class episode one today.
It worked on my tablet today. Don't know why it was all stutter stuck the other day.
Pretty sure it was good. Also pretty sure I should have stopped ten minutes in when I realised this was yet another one of the days when input more complex than text makes my brain feel all clawed apart, because by the end of the episode it was Very Upsetting and also I was having trouble with all that input at once. So I'm slightly unable to evaluate it today.
Which is annoying. And also why the unwatched DVD shelf has stayed full this long, so I don't know why I thought this would be better. Guess I didn't, just wanted to watch Doctor Who.

Class had all the elements I look for in a story, complexly diverse cast interacting in complex variations, disability, several someones differently terrible at social, and a super offputting violent one. ... that might be a weird thing to have in the preference menu, but I am in fact predictable that way.

Pretty sure I'm going to love it.

When I'm capable of loving complex input again.

Which is not today.
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Amanda from Highlander can go everywhere and meet everyone though

distracting Dana Scully

meeting Faith in prison or teaching her after

lifting some priceless egyptian artefacts and getting more than she bargained for - swapping security system tips with Sam or just generally getting along like a house on fire with Vala. Can you imagine the shopping trips?

Parker. Meeting the legend. Yes I've read that already but there's so much scope there.

River Song. OMG Amanda and River Song, time travelling archaeologist and her Immortal girlfriend, bumping into each other across millennia. They would get along far too well.

Alex Danvers. Again, a whole law enforcement and priceless weird artefacts angle. But showing Alex a thing or two. ... I mean I ship the canon ship there too but I haven't seen it yet so it's a bit theoretical. But I'm sure the more the merrier.

Amanda and Sara Lance on Legends would be too easy, but then there's unexpected time travel shenanigans like meeting several centuries apart, and angst when Sara has experience with immortals and hence doesn't trust Amanda an inch, and yet more angst when Amanda learns how Sara is even still alive and that there's a way to bring mortals back, and arguments where Sara has to talk her out of it on the basis it isn't worth it because bloodlust and killing and why bring back a monster with your loved one's face, and then Amanda talking her down because sometimes you have to fight and it even feels remarkably good but that doesn't make them monsters and... hang on, I may have talked myself into 'shipping them, that's a proper plotty one that is. ... though now I'm wondering if anyone else has seen both shows anyway...

Amanda still alive in the furthest futures. Babylon 5 and Ivanova after... everything. Or B7 and Servalan. Robbing her, of course, but how would she feel about her rise and fall? And either way it's a hell of a challenge to stay the shady side and keep shiny with that much future tech around.

And by the time we're up to Starfleet and a post scarcity society you have to wonder what she'd do at all. Something new. Mixed with some very very old. Or perhaps archaeologist adventurers are a theme...

Just, Amanda and anywhere in fannish history.

Or with anyone in Highlander. It's not like there's a shortage. Even if we have to skip back before canon there's a thousand years to do that.

Just, even though a pair of occasionally crossdressing sword wielding lady adventurers is very much my style, it's kind of a bit awkward if I write about Rebecca...

But there should be more Amanda.

(and old fic links should never die)

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Is Ao3 not the place to look for Highlander Amanda F/F, or is there really that little of it?
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okay, so, the basic problem with getting into a routine is
because the shop did not have the correct food
I have been sitting here for hours trying to decide which food to have
even though I have a food.
plenty food even.
but I do not have the food I eat when I get back from dancing
now it is after midnight.

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I can do the dance to Twist and also the new dance we been working on since I turned up and I don't crash in to anyone and I mostly remember it and for bonus points I didn't need any extra sittings down.

I now appear to have done something slightly painful to my... side above my hip? maybe? somewhere slightly vague that only happens when I do an improbable sort of turn and lift. lovely.

and shopping didn't work very well. Five of five alive is only okay because I have a reserve built up, and there was no apple pastry put aside, which I am disproportionately :( about. also I didn't get the bread I wanted because it wasn't there. and a few other bits like that. silly frustrations.

but i have plenty of foods, yaays.

and I did dancing and I'm getting okay at it :-)
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I have finally got as far as the one episode of the Flash that somehow had to happen without the Flash in new canon. The Trickster. And I think I like it, on its own and as lightly edited backstory, even though they could not have made him more Joker Lite if they tried.

It has basically the same plot as Batman, the 1989 one.

Clown Prince of crime gets crush on vigilante superhero's girlfriend, parallel to the whole 'I made you? You made me first!' argument. With the resolution that it's no more the costumed vigilante's fault that costumed supervillains get nemesis-crushes on him than it is the lady's fault she gets a creepy stalker.

Trickster is super dark though. Read more... )

This episode has layers and parallels and stuff snout identity and I kind of want to dig into it more. Which is pretty new for this version of the Flash. A+ episode, considering.

Most eyewateringly awful appropriate to the character costumes ever though.
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I didn't set out to watch an entire episode of Highlander with the sound off and no subs, but the Horror channel persists in not having subs and I didn't feel like sound
so I had it on to play 'name that episode' and

Richie Ryan practising with a quarterstaff.

Wrath of Kali, thanks for those visuals.

I mean I know everyone is Young verging on Very Young now, and the people I've seen I prefer the current versions, but everyone's Immortals anyway so they only look half my age. So that's okay.


It's weird, is all, watching old episodes of people who I know I wouldn't fancy if the show was new to me. Don't know why. Time is peculiar.

Nineties TV picture quality is something else though. Fuzzy much? Swapping between that and the advertising was weird.

Also, Quickenings.
Just, if you're out of the habit of reading them, Quickenings are hilarious.


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