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I have done something very, very painful to my lower back.
I don't know how. Sitting? Sleeping and then sitting?
It has made me intensely aware of exactly how many muscles are involved in balancing this laptop on my lap.

Sitting as I usually do all stretched out with it in my recliner is weirdly impossible
so I'm sitting curled over in a ball with it balanced on my knees, held on by my forearms, even as I type.

This isn't going to work for very long.

Backs are weird and annoying.

On the plus side I was not having a bath, because in and out the bath would be... epically challenging right now.
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I have bought the best helmet for my HabitRPG character, and now realise I should have saved up on the early levels to buy the summer specials stuff, then bought all the warrior gear, then gone for another class, because now I'm just going to run out of stuff to buy. And what's the point of shinies if you can't buy stuff?

But I have many pets now, so that's cool. Including most of the Flying Pigs. I have a zombie flying pig and a skeleton flying pig. I did not know I wanted a zombie flying pig, but it keeps making me giggle.

I also have a Fox mount. It'll take ages to feed all the pets all the foods, but that's a pretty good start. Foxes are cool.
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Cleaner has been and gone, and now I have three bins arrange in the corner of the kitchen, because the new intended to be bigger bin was in fact the same size. So that's getting a little silly, but I will get to test the new bin for practicality.

I have been reading house magazines, and they seem to fail on practical a bit. I mean, they're great at telling you to buy the new bathroom suite and possibly have two basins to not get in each other's way, but they do not mention 'put some storage and a bin in arm's reach of the toilet'. If they do mention storage tis all slatted sides 'to show off your best towels'. I don't especially want to show off my sanitary towels. But none of these designs have anywhere for them. Only once has a loo brush been mentioned, where a clever bathroom unit has a loo roll holder and loo brush holder built in. But none of the photos of finished bathrooms have any cleaning materials or loo brushes or ANYthing. Sometimes there's a soap dispenser. But there's actually more often floral arrangements than anywhere to put your toothbrush. Not very helpful at all.

And I have at least a dozen magazines now of more than half a dozen sorts. So it's not just one being snooty. But how is a bathroom any use at all if you haven't got somewhere for loo roll, including spares, panty liners, including rubbish, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner, and bathroom cleaning products, all in reach of where you'll need them while more than half asleep? Towel storage and a laundry bin is also nice, but could be more airing cupboard and washing machine located. Not having the other things in reach when you need them is an actual problem. Yet the only way these advice on planning your new bathroom magazines are any help at all is if you imagine every flower or candle swapped out for something actually practical.

I've not once seen a feature on 'best ways to store your bleach and spray cleaners so small persons don't get hurt'. Only one of these magazines ever cares about accessability (which is Your Home, which is £1.99 and also the most useful so far). Though I guess this magazine did just mention that it might be difficult to climb in the bath to have a shower, but it was in the context of why you should buy both a bath and a shower, not 'so here's a handy arrangement to help you in and out'.

I guess I'm getting grumpy about capitalism. I know buying magazines that tell you what's 'on trend' and what you should buy this season to do a home makeover is going to be extensively about 'spend money for more happiness', but it's such frivolous irrelevant stuff to spend it on.

Like, desks. Any time they show a desk they show it covered in paper and craft supplies. Which is all very well, but wouldn't it be helpful at least once to show how to make your electricals and electronics blend with your so minimalist or skandi or vintage or whatever the heck theme?

But then they very seldom include bookshelves. Designs that assume bookshelves are clutter and getting them out of your bedroom is soothing have seen print.

I've been looking at all the sorts of magazine hoping at least one of them has anything of these sorts in them, but no, they're all paint and frills and big money, and then you're supposed to fit your actual necessary life stuff around the edges.

Except in kitchens. Kitchen design is very different. And kitchen design is serious business, where even a small kitchen apparently needs storage for... every gadget you've ever imagined, and all the baking supplies, and, and, and. In the kitchen it is acknowledge that you will in fact use the room. I wonder if that's to do with how there's cooking recipes in most of these magazines? Like, they know their particular readers are about to go use that room right now. They'd probably noticed if 'minimalist' layouts meant they couldn't follow the instructions.

... I'm going off on one again, I know. But home magazines are just fashion for your walls, they're not handy at all.

Maybe there's boy versions with the equivalent of pockets...
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It is Sunday Breakfast, but my trolley was still broken. But mum bought an identical trolley at the same time. I thought she threw it out, but she threw it to the back of the garden, because the bag broke. The wheels still worked. So today she brought one of the slightly rusty wheels from hers to put on mine, and it's back in business. Working wheely trolley again. Whee!

So then we went to Morrisons, but we were two hours early because mum had been enthusiastic, so it was very full and no seats in the cafe and a big queue. So we needed to do other things for two hours and come back. So we went to QD and Wilko and... actually I think only those two, it just felt like more. Well two hours of shopping under two roofs is still two hours. The wheel only came off once and possibly it had not been attached correctly. And I found a very shiny picture of butterflies, silver background with yellow and orange real species of butterflies on it, so I bought it in case I have more walls pretty soon. Walls are for covering with books but I thought it could go in the stairwell if I run out of other walls. And then we found a nice red kitchen bin like I'd been looking for, and it was much cheap, I think £6 when the ones in the Argos catalog are closer to £30. I'm hoping it's actually bigger capacity than the one I have already and not just taller, but even if they're the same, it's still a nice red bin. And it's round, so I can put it in the corner easier, I hope.

Then we went back to both houses to drop off shoppings, and went to Morrisons again. Which felt like Sunday version two. I was already quite tired. But I hadn't had anything to eat because it was still in Morrisons.

So then it was breakfast time and good eating, and then shopping. I hope I only needed juice and bread cause that's all I remembered. Also they had a super soft blanket throw, like the softest soft ever, so I bought that. It's entirely possible I don't need any more throws, but, soft. And there were pyjamas that promised cotton trousers for £6, so I figure that's worth a try even if the top is no good to me. And I got another homes magazine, though I should probably stop now, once you've seen all the sorts they're a lot the same a lot.

Now I'm home again and I'm vaguely trying to bring the Ribena here from the hallway with my brain, because tired, and three steps seems too much bother just at the minute.

Plenty busy.

Mum said it was a fun day. Probably when I recharge a bit I'll consider it fun.
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It is frustrating to discover that the exact thing you were looking for exists but
is discontinued
and only on ebay 2nd hand prized off a wall for, including postage, upwards of $100, if they'd even risk sending it, since it's currently in America.

(Portmeirion Pomona Red Currant tile. The Red Currant plate was mine one out of a set we got in the early 80s; since that was also the last time they existed, if I wish to acquire more of the pattern, that's annoyingly difficult.)

Read more... )
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I am rubbish at photos. I have a bunch of sideways wonky photos that I can't always figure out which way is up. I don't have photos of half the stuff in my head I thought I took photos of. And some of them are very dark or have fingers in. I am super rubbish at photos.

But there was an open house for a place in the right bit of Norwich so we went and looked. It had stairs I could get up and down, unlike the vast majority of places with tiny skinny stairs, they'd made them L shaped and much bigger. It had two bedrooms and a kitchen and a bathroom off a lobby like I was looking for. Mum says I should try to imagine it all clean and new plaster and painted whites and with nice carpets and see if I'd like it then.

It says 'in need of modernisation', which broadly translates to, 'looks like where bad taste went to die some decades ago'. Read more... )

I think it wouldn't be easy.
And if it's expensive I wouldn't have the money to fix things with.

But I wouldn't mind living on that street at all, that's quite nice, and quite close to familiar places, so I know I can get where I need to.

So now I am pondering.

The money people will be back on Monday anyway, so I guess I have a couple days of pondering to do.
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Fringe is just pissing me off now.
Read more... )

... quite disproportionately, because I epic can't cope with the real world news at the moment.

also I have a headache.

Okay, good things about Fringe: Read more... )

good things about the real world: my bit of it is small and quiet and not making headlines anywhere.

humans need to be more better.

so many of them are trying and it takes so few to fuck it all up.
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I'm getting increasingly frustrated with Fringe.

I like the characters, and the setup, but I keep feeling the writers care about the wrong parts, and like I can see a much better story wrapped up in the same stuff.

I'm not saying this to be arrogant about my own writing skills. It's just I keep feeling like they're leading us up to a grand emotional moment, and instead they swap it out for another, more boring, science fiction moment.

(Spoilers for the first three season, please don't spoil the last two.) Read more... )

So I'm angry at that 'ending', because it was set up as something so much better, and now it doesn't even make sense.

I'm going to watch the rest of the box set, I already bought it, I know this about me, I will watch to the last episode.

I'm just... I give up on these writers knowing what they've done or having even vaguely the same definitions of good story as I do.
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Cleaner day is achieved, things smell all nice again, and the washing machine is running.
Also food arrived so I can have Apple Food any time I want.

I looked for a new shopping trolley and discovered some places sell replacement wheels. They don't appear to match, but that's a possibility to explore, since it's only that one bit broken. Also I think mum has a trolley the same sort as me, but I don't know if she actually uses it, and if she doesn't that might solve the spare part problem. Otherwise I could buy a new and improved trolley, like one with butterfly patterns, or one with a seat. The one with a seat is tempting, even though I would seldom need a seat, because then I would always have a seat.

It's kind of annoying when a small simple thing goes wrong and I don't know any way to fix it. Like, my suitcase with the roses won't let the handle out any more. It's a perfectly good suitcase, except for the handle. But I don't know what's wrong with it or where to start fixing it. So that's just annoying.

Today is not annoying though. Today happened like it was supposed to.

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My TV has a blue circle on it. In the picture. Bluer circle overlaying what the picture should actually be.
At first I thought it was Fringe being weird, but then I watched a few channels and realised it's always there.
It seems to match where there's a yellow dot on the Fringe menu, like it would surround it.
If Fringe has broken my TV I'll be greatly vexed.
Not that I was exactly enamoured of it in the first place. Some aspects have been bothering me. I could live without the gore but I don't even mean that mostly. More like the choices they're setting up seem to make people work the wrong way. Annoying.

So my TV has a blue circle on it and I'm annoyed of the stories.


Maybe by tomorrow my TV will have had a rest and got better on its own.
Or not, and places will be open that could do something about that.

So many things need doing. If they all suddenly need doing all at once that would suck a lot.

but for right now I just need to check email and sleep, so that's okay.
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I declared today Late Sunday and went out to do Sunday Things.
But the cafe was full, so I just went shopping.
And then I had to go back after I paid because I forgot the thing that ran out immediately before I went out.
And then the shopping trolley broke. I can't figure if I fell over and broke it, or it broke so I fell over, but I think I fell over and broke it. I caught myself on the railing so I didn't go splat, but the wheel was history. I left a trail of debris. It was embarrassing. ... trolley debris, not broken shop debris, so it clearly could have been worse.
So then, once I'd paid again, I went to phone a taxi. Which is cool at supermarkets cause sometimes they have a button so you only need to press the one button.
That part worked plenty well. Breckland taxis, picked up my trolley and when we got home took it all up the steps for me and everything. Very plenty nice.

Now I'm home, and I had a sit down and ate my sandwich I bought instead of using the cafe. I think that parts not working very well neither, I didn't like that very much. I'm pretty sure I'd previously decided not to eat that sort but forgot again.

But! I am home, only belongings broke, they are easily replaced, and I brought back juice and brownies and a magazine so my afternoon is going to be fine.

I had intended to buy a new bin, but they weren't the right shape at Morrisons.
Also I was going to get a basket so emptying the laundry doesn't go right on the floor, but then there were these wipe clean plastic mat things being sold as chopping mats, and I figured one of them would do since I don't need it for carrying, and they're cheap and primary colors so I might as well try them first.

On my HabitRPG I ticked off today as Go Outside, Sunday Breakfast, Use Phone, Be Social with 3D people (which is stretching the definition a bit but I had to talk to shop people and taxi people so I wanted a button), and Buy Laundry Basket. And then I bought myself some nunchaku. So at least in the RPG it was a productive day.

I also added Buy New Shopping Trolley to my to do list.

But I think that shall wait until another day.
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Furniture is tricksy.

Sometimes you can't find the exact same thing in different places, so you have to figure how much of the price difference is quality and how much is them playing capitalism.

Other times you can find the same thing, even the same photos of the thing, but it's never called the same name. So there's a collection of nice furniture called Skandi or Saturn or Satellite or something, and it all seems to be the same thing, but it's a very good trick to find them for comparison anyways. And the living room and dining room and bedroom ranges can be called different things on one site and all have the same name on another, and all seem to match. Skandi, Saturn and Oslo dining tables I have found so far, at Dunelm, Debenhams, and BHS, but who knows where else. As far as I can tell the price on the exact same table ranges from about £400 to £800. Hmmm, some of that is the extending vs fixed tables, look the same but aren't the same. One of that is an extending table being nearly half price, huh, I should buy that if I had any place to put it.

Is there a quicker way to do furniture price comparisons? Like, pour in photo, get out price lists?

Sometimes I want to borrow MCU Jarvis for really trivial things. AI could make me up a furniture catalog so easy, compared to me and my brain trying to find all the things.

... he'd probably get bored and not want to, but he could.

... do you think he ever tells Tony he's bored of a job? that would be a proper teenage AI that would.

*wanders off, furnishing Avengers Tower in my head*

*... ooh, geekchic and Avengers gaming nights...*
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It is Sunday but it is not Breakfast, because of rain and weather warnings and apparently a leftover hurricane and a great big zappy lightning on the forecast for the near future. Which are all good reasons.

But that means instead of nice Breakfast I'm sitting here with feeling of impending doom and a horrible sense of Forgotten Something. Which I cannot fix because even when I remember what I've forgotten (Sunday Things) I can't go do them. Boo.

Brains is weird.
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Food is awesome :-)

Also most days become better upon application of good eating.
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new mattress arrived :-)
new mattress feels about as unyielding as sleeping on the baseboard did last night :-(

Since I couldn't get to the mattress shop to try any others and the air bed went flat I just ordered the cheapest one.
on the plus side, this one is definitely small enough to fit under the line in the cabin bed.

eh, I'll get used to it or I won't.
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The X1 has changed schedule. I only checked to be thorough, and then discovered the 2115 no longer exists. There's only the 2040 and the 2220. Also they no longer do the same route so the bus doesn't go to my house any more, just the town center. Given that I was tired enough on the way back that straight lines were being challenging, that was not optimal. Also the group runs from 1900 to 2100 so I had to choose if to go to the whole group and go back the expensive way or to leave early. So I got a taxi back from the group to the bus station, which was £6, and then waited ten or fifteen minutes for the bus, surrounded by people who were equally cranky about these changes and their last minute discovery thereof. Many people were discussing how they were going to get from the town center to the other places, and others were texting or phoning people because they weren't going to end up where they thought.

And the website says this schedule only started 27/07 and will last until something like 05/09, so it's a lot of messing around for that long.

The AS social group was something I'd been looking forward to, the river walk, only the guy leading the walk was zooooooooming off ahead and nobody stopped to look at things, so it was more of a march to the pub at the end of the walk, which wasn't what I'd been looking forward to at all. I have a new camera but I was just trying to keep up so I didn't get to use it. And there's interesting things like a really long wavy poem or lots of words written on sculptures or informative signs. But no, zooooooooming off. Boring.

... I'm a bit sulking about that.

Also there was planning for future meetings and they don't sound like my sort of thing at all. I already know I can't do bowling, and I don't think Quasar with the pretend shooting people sounds like a relaxed evening neither. And the halloween ghost walk sounds fun but challenging. Which would be fine if it was surrounded by nice quiet chat months or something, but no, it's all challenge in a row. And then December will be an xmas meal, which is a nice idea, but it's usually hard for me to find something to eat at these things.

I'm feeling all put out now. Instead of relaxed and socialised. Many humans around, but I didn't manage much conversation, because going too quick or surrounded by many. And all the stupid bus stuff. So I think I've got wound up instead of having fun.

I'll have a meditate or read or just go sleep. I was in a better mood in the middle while I was actually at the social group. It's just all these niggly difficult change of plans bits.

I need a different plan that is more consistently interesting.
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Went to Norwich Science Fiction Group like an actual interactive human.
Many things discussed, but not much science fiction.
Because science fact keeps catching up and being more interesting.

Got a taxi home. Expensive, but swift.
There was a car that was making sparks? When we overtook it it had a trailer with straps falling off the back end, so I guess they were making sparks. I could not think of appropriate action to take, but it seems like someone should probably tell them. Now I am home I guess it's a police thing? But from here I could only say there were tiny little sparks about 40 minutes ago, I didn't see a numberplate or anything handy like that.
... now I'm trying to make a plan should this thing happen a second time in my life.

I phoned the housing association when I got home cause there's no lights again.
Also my neighbours think the proper use of fire extinguishers is to prop open fire doors.
I have never made any progress on that one, but would really quite like to.

Also the airbed was totally deflated when I got in.
I have inflated it and hope it will last the night again.

I proper need to find long term solution there.

But for now I just need make bed go sleep.
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This house hunting business is not providing positive reinforcement on my awesome brave and mighty use the phone skills.
I get brave, I use the phone, everywhere is sold already and they just haven't updated the website.


Housing is weird. It's like it's made of dreams and story, and you have to dig under them to find if the actual bricks are any good.

Like, there's a flat listed today that I find really tempting, but I think what I like about it is I'd like to be the kind of person who would find it handy living near the playhouse, rather than actually currently being. I mean it'd be handy for a bunch of other things from there too, but the idea it to move somewhere with less crime, which is why I'd already limited my search area away from being quite so central. Also away from anywhere that requires the use of Prince of Wales, because that's where all the crime lives.

There's maisonette's available right opposite the pub. Which would be super handy one night out of two weeks, but then the other days and nights would also be spent living opposite the pub, upstairs of the off licence. That does not seem wise. At all.

Why so difficult?
This plan looked like it would work and yet still difficult.

I shall go read my decorating magazines and try not to be grumpy.

My brain

Aug. 5th, 2014 04:47 pm
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I didn't order shopping because I have sufficient of everything that keeps
but that means it is Apple Thing Day and there is no Apple Thing.

... to people with a different brain I'm sure this is substantially easier to ignore.

I had quorn hot dogs in nice rolls, so that part was right. I could theoretically acquire pastry with fruit in. But Morrisons doesn't sell Apple Things of sufficient quality, since they put cream or custard in all their things, unless I get goopy Kipling things and those aren't rightly Apple. Tesco sells acceptable things, but Tesco is a short bus journey away. Sainsburys sells correct Apple Things, but is a long bus journey away.

I shall continue to have no Apple Thing.

I shall probably have some soya ice cream shortly, that's at least made of sweet.

Cleaner Day happened, and the laundry is running right now, which is why I'm not going in the kitchen until it finishes. But all the Tuesday tasks are done, so that's yaay.

I threw the rainbow rose out, because you can't keep dead flowers even if they seem to have dried nicely and are still interesting colors. Keeping dead things is of the bad. Even if they're pretty.

... if mum complained less it would be a lot more Addams in here.

Being bored makes it harder to ignore other thoughts. Which is why I get stuck on stupid things like Apple Thing Day.

I am watching Fringe but Walter is stoned and singing and I'm not finding it very interesting right now. I could skip the episode but then I'd wonder what happened. Probably I'll watch it on fast forward.
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my life at the moment is all waiting for other people to do a thing.
there is absolutely nothing further I could do to make those things work.
And yet, at any minute, someone else might do their thing, and then I could do a bunch of thing, and be super busy.

It's a really tense way to be doing absolutely nothing.

Also, I keep using up all my Communicate on stuff that's money and deadlines (and not getting anywhere) and then I forget to answer humans on other topics. Which is boring of me.

I'm bored because I keep using up my doings on boring stuff.

... clearly I could have worse problems.

... my neighbours' approach to summer is also complicating things, since they start treating Outside My Window as the most useful room just around the time it's impossible to sleep at the temperatures available without opening said window. and then there are people like a foot from my head having shouted conversations with people on higher floors. or just having shouty arguments.

There are so many reasons why I have been trying to move house.

It would be really nice if the moving thing worked kind of soon and in a good way.


Aug. 3rd, 2014 06:10 pm
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Sibling has gone home how.
It was a nice visit.
The part where it takes 20 minutes and rearranging all my DVDs to choose a film I always forget; they have very definite opinions on the proper order of things, and, being autistic, they do not tend to match anyone else's proper order, including the alphabet or my trying to keep seasons together and in sequence. But that's okay! As long as it's at home and not rearranging shops again, it's an easy enough fix, and they're having fun.

I do let it wind me up sometimes because I'm on a different bit of the same spectrum and those were in order, but today I have enough spare equanimity, so that works out.

Also, the HabitRPG gave me a dragon egg for being social. I win at today.
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We did Sunday breakfast and as usual I invited sibling to come watch a film, but for once he accepted.
Then he chose Supergirl, which I have not watched for ages.

It's bothering me on many levels. Like, as soon as Supergirl gets to Earth, the very first thing that happens to her is attempted sexual assault. And granted, she kicked their arses, but still, that's how to start things? It's like they think that's the only strong relevant to girls. Boo.

So then she goes undercover at a girl's school, as you do, and this apparently involves a lot of the camera watching a lot of hypothetically teenage girls in the shower and in their underwear. Which is messed up.

Read more... )

Okay, so, that was... bad.

I mean, I can see why they put the 'Supergirl vs school bullies' sequence in there, though the fact that I can see why they set it in the girls showers is way below *facepalm*

But the parts where she should get to be Super, they kind of epic failed at that.


So, that's two hours of my life.

but hey, my sibling was chattering away happily, apparently mostly reading their magazine. But that still adds up to a successful sort of afternoon.


Aug. 3rd, 2014 12:33 am
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now I'm awake because the air mattress stopped holding air.
yes i've been sleeping on it for three weeks when it's probably not expecting that, but that still doesn't seem very useful.
I think I found the leak and patched it with the patch provided, but if I missed then that's not going to work out very well. As there was only one patch provided. Though I suppose duct tape is our friend for such things.

I realise if I'd ordered a mattress it would have arrived by now, but after the wrong mattress the first time, I have not got to the shop to try again. I shall probably have to just order something online that says it's the right height.

This is annoying cause I was just thinking I'd got used to it and it was quite okay sleeping on air.

now I'm supposed to wait 30 minutes to inflate the thing, though I didn't deflate it entirely anyway, but probably I should not go lean on it while it's deciding to stay stuck.

boo for things not doing what they're supposed to.


Aug. 2nd, 2014 04:15 pm
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Houses are frustrating
because you can't go around to people's houses and be all "I like this one, sell it to me!"
you have to wait for them to actually want to sell it.


Jul. 31st, 2014 05:08 pm
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I have used the phone and found that mostly things are sold before I phone up about them.
I feel this is unhelpful.

But I am also getting practice at stuttering my name at people. (I guess I can see why people won't just take a last name, but I can't flippin say my first name, at least not properly, which is... unhelpful.)

My rightmove list is down to one house which I know isn't suitable unless we redo the kitchen and bathroom, which I cannot afford to do.

Clearly this is because the universe is clearing the decks ready for an awesome new property which will be sent to me by either rightmove or one of these nice estate agents I've left my details with.


... *sigh*


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