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So, I was thinking about my epic lack of social skills, and ongoing shortage of brickspace friends, and it occurred to me to think about it in hours spent. Which of course makes me think of GURPS rules for study

Getting to know a person is like a specialist topic. And you probably can't study books about them, mostly, though people something enough to have instruction manuals would be an interesting category. Reading their journal might count, but only i they're, like, super chatty and write all the things.

... my journal. Probably counts.
But I do skim the highlights only, for a lot of topics.
... yes I know it's very wordy for highlights.

Most people most of the time are not deliberately teaching you about themselves. There would be times they were, but probably not often.

And the kind of thing that counts as intensive training? Probably not going to come up in routine social interaction.

So most people most of the time, hanging out with them is like learning on the job.

Some people are in fact your job, but then all you need to know about them relates to your job, so the primary skill is your job skill, and different clients are, like, familiarisation penalties. (B169) Eight hours practice gives you familiarity with a new model. Before then you're at -2 even if you have the relevant skill. So you can improve rapidly in those 8 hours, which seems to be all Torchwood does to teach guns, but might make an instructor think they were really good at teaching. But with people, 8 hours getting to know them would get you over the really awkward stage.

But then just hanging out not teaching in particular? 800 hours. To get one point better. Than default. For a maximum of 8 hours a day.

Sooooo... that could take a while.

And I, personally, leave the house maybe 8 hours a week?
And much of that time is spent on the bus.

So to get over the first awkward might take two or three weeks, but then to actually start getting skill points in This New Person, that will take at least a hundred weeks. Or two hundred. Or... more.

And if any particular person is only there for one activity a month? A hundred months.

... which is a bit of a long time, really, and a complete explanation for only shallow acquaintance, without social skill penalties being involved at all.

Which makes me feel better about it.

... I mean my social skill penalties are also significant, but, theoretically not insurmountable, given sufficient time with an actual particular human.

Finding one you like well enough to invest 800 hours in is a tricky bit.

It was way easier when we got all those hours by osmosis at school, every single day, for years.

... easier in a way that I purely couldn't do any more, but, you know, in the friend-hours equation, that went faster.

So, new theory: just need more hours.

... at my age...
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There's definitely a gap between the end of 1-06 and the start of 1-07.
You can make it all about Rip being a bit useless, going from "I suggest that we next hit Savage when he least expects it" to sitting staring at his wife's last message for a week, but it's a bit jarring.
You can fit a whole story of oops Savage expected that too, oh no we can't think of what to do next, in the jump.

Also, what to do with Snart in an AU: say he never met Mick, but didn't die in juvie. He got stabbed on his very first day, and it made him re-evaluate his life. So there's an AU version of him who is still alive, was never Cold, and then meets Mick after he's lost him. Massive angst potential. Mick blaming himself for every bad thing. But also it's like Tapestry, Len never was Cold but he never was much else neither. Lacked the necessary incentive to give him an edge. Meaning his father didn't threaten Lisa, somehow. Boring if she was never born, make her born and then they both escape. Say if the medical treatment necessary from the stabbing showed them a pattern of existing injuries and someone noticed in a useful way. The system worked, everything worked out different, yaay. That does what Len tried to in season one, just at a different point that makes it seem more about Mick for the angst. And we get different angles on what a 'better' Len would be, because civilian Len who didn't raise Lisa could still be a money hungry bastard, but with no focus outside himself. So he just hurt people with petty capitalism, and never did save anyone. Cold did better when it counted. Just also worse.

I should write. Something. Eventually.
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The whole Mick and Len split in Legends season one is plenty well written and makes some really sad sorts of sense
because they have had very different experiences on this team, and quite deliberately so.

Read more... )

Mick did logical. Len did logical. They just had different data to logic with.

And were having too many feelings in too much danger to compare notes and talk it out.

So all that all happened.

Well written, and I like it
but stopping the episodes there for the night led to reading a lot of fic, because you can't just leave them like that...
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I have been watching more Legends of Tomorrow.

The entire thing depends on everyone being so emotionally wound up and at the end of their tether that they do things the least sense and most drama.

I mean it provides plenty of reasons for them to feel that way, but still.

Read more... )

I like what fandom does with these parts better than I like rewatching these parts. I mean I like seeing Mick and Len, but I've spent a year since the first season came out wanting to move their story on and make it deeper.

Rewatch first.
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Today I decided to keep almost all the remaining unsorted books, so now they're cleanish and back on a shelf.

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I'm not going to be starting school in September but I reckon I could start studying things. All I'd need to do is pick up some books. Even books I already have.

I'd like to get some new and up to date books, because even if it's about history, books tend to accidentally tell a lot about the time they're written, and I want some with as broad a perspective as we've yet figured. History with the women actually in it, for instance. History that knows Britain wasn't white, and quite a lot of interesting things happened that weren't in Britain.

I can start with the library, or the university library even, though they'll get busy. I can look in their catalogues. And I can go buy nice thick history books with interesting angles, like things about trade routes, or the importance of cloth.

Many possibilities.
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today I am mostly being tired.
woke up around 12. don't feel like this being awake bit is really the best use of my time. blergh.

I have started watching season one of Legends of Tomorrow, ready to go watch season 2.
... I have spent so long rewriting it in my head with more, er, me, that the original feels lacking somehow...

Basic life functions achieved for the day, I'm calling that a win.
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also today I kept finding clothes that would be great for one of my characters, cause the colors have changed to their sort of thing now, and I was just looking for a jacket like that, and... since I am not my character this was not entirely helpful.

But time agents in green gold black could do some good shopping at Sainsburys right now.
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Dancing was good and shopping was plenty

and I am super tired now because that's two expeditions in a day and that is ambitious.

I got a bit stuck at Sainsburys because there was water like I wanted but wrapped up in sets. and it's right next to the multipack section. so I had to find a human employee and ask if it was a multipack. but it was not, they just had not put it on the shelf yet, so they got me two out.

also i had to choose which sort of dishwasher stuff i wanted, but it dont even say dishwasher on the packet, so that was harder than necessary.

but now i am home, my food is in the microwave, and i have good apple things to eat later.
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I successfully went to the dentist
it takes aaaaages, like 45 minutes driving and parking and waiting until appointment time, then a quarter hour waiting past time, then all the driving home again.

and i got to go back next month have teeth cleaned.

but teeth are okay, so that's nice.
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We went to science fiction group. Talked with usual guy for half hour about things we watched lately. He likes Dark Matter better than Killjoys, which is pretty good cause I can watch that next.

Then two more people arrived and we played Munchkin until someone actually won this time. That was fun.

And then more conversation about games until it was time to leave.

I am so tired now. Super tired. Made of tired.

But in a happy way, so, headache worth it.

Plus they knew a new to us board game group meeting that does not clash with most things, so, possibilities.

I need to sleep cause it's dentist tomorrow and then dancing in the evening. ambitious day.
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Watched all of season 2 in 2 days.
... still needs more women.

and less Read more... )

it divides their world into players, with at least some free will left, and pawns, who can only act when others push the buttons. and that's really thoroughly wrong.

but hey, interesting characters, twisty world, stuff to watch.

also, from a science fiction point of view, the inconsistent application of local tech level just... it makes very little sense. if one guy was modded to be immortal, then immortality is within the reach of humanity. if one guy has a matter printer, it makes it real difficult to explain why they don't live in a post replicator society, though he did have a bigger energy supply than pretty much anyone. if they've got androids that can pass for human then why do they have prostheses that can't? if they've got AI that can want kissing and run around being snarky at each other then why aren't AI closer to being citizens, or any significant part of the plot? why mention that someone too extensively modded isn't legally a person, and then do nothing with that?

how can their society exist, given the technology they repeatedly demonstrate?

they don't answer that, so they make messes of their setup.

but the running around doing politics and rebellion stuff is interesting to watch, so, there's that.
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I have been watching Killjoys season two
which was quite good considering I only remembered so much as the character names as the episodes reminded me
... it is good, but didn't live in my head after binge watching season one.

I stopped for the day because headache.

Now there are power tools outside and much loudness.


But cleaner day happened, the dishwasher appears at first glance to have worked fine with the freebie fancy Finish tabs in it, and the laundry is both washed and dried
plus all the book sorting and letting things go happened

so that was a pretty good day

and I should now feel just fine about

going back to bed and pulling the blanket over my head.
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Mum did visit and take a bag and a box of books and things

I sent away three mugs I had glass painted, because they can't go in the dishwasher so I never use them

and mum took the old christmas tree, because it is basically made of allergen now, so it's no use to me, and a bit harm, and grandma wouldn't want me to keep it if harm, so it should go. so now it is gone.

... i am going to miss the tree, but there's no getting it clean enough, world of itch cough only. (for both of us even, oops)

some of the books are set aside for mum later, some are still here because more than one load in the box, but many are gone to new places for new owners.

ETA: Mum came back with more bags so now all the books are all gone, onwards to the next thing. /eta

so now I have space. yaay.
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I went to delete the latest box full of weeded books from the librarything catalog and only one of them was there in the first place.
That means I'm going to have to systematically recheck the entire nonfiction section.

... *small sigh with big eyes*

... that's a lot of book...
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I just watched pretty much all of this in a row.

That was a lot of twists for six episodes.

I think I'd have to rewatch to unpack details. I got the impression they tried to introduce or use more female characters, but there still seemed to be an upper limit on how many per episode, and I still feel that men and their choices were what drove the whole thing. Which is frustrating.

But. Kiera got her ending.

Read more... )

Continuum was intricate. Or tangled. It had a lot of characters and killed a lot of them, some of them repeatedly, or in alternate timelines. Some of them one self killed another, which, way psychological, but twisty. And all the politics and money and corporations, it's just... really ambitious, to tell through the story of one cop who wants to go home.

It did a lot of good stuff.

Next time I'll watch it slower and do more thinking about how.
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I have just seen a flat listed
where it listed as a two bed
but is at best a one bed
where the front door leads into a living/kitchen/dining room
there's a toilet in between, which is just a weirdly long room with a loo and sink at the far end under a full size ground floor window
and in the back room is a bed
but also a shower
a couple feet away from an electric fireplace with a TV above it.

... for this they want 250K
... which is about 90K more than you'd be charged for an actual two bed with a bathroom and ensuite and a kitchen AND a living room
in any other location.

... on the Unthank I vaguely fear they'll actually get it.
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Today I once again fail at Choose A New Laptop
even though when I tick all the boxes for things I think I want it narrows it down to two things
and one of them has as much hard drive as my current desktop.

this is because i understand none of the numbers, have only a vague idea what i'll even do with it, and don't even know if i need as much hard drive as i've currently got.

i keep expecting to choose a thing, get it, not know how to use it, and just... have this expensive thing that lies around being a monument to my ignorance.

but reading things isn't reducing ignorance in a useful way, because everything is numbers and they'll be different in a few months anyway.

also the thing one really needs is an idea what you'll do with it, and i just have aspirations.

scrivener to be an aspiring writer with more bells and whistles
something to do art, with a pen, which seems fancy and versatile, even though i haven't done art for years, i haven't written much either, that's not the point
games, but probably mostly The Sims, which says Windows 7 or 8 so what does that mean when all the new things are 10? just play it anyway? break all the things? important and beyond me.

i mean you say gaming the computer thinks you're getting new releases, but honestly i'd rather play existing games forever, just they don't work anymore.

is so frustrating.
books are better. books continue functioning for centuries without maintenance.

... books don't do so many things so i'll have to suck it up and buy something eventually.
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So many books are now books not for me
So many books now are waiting to be
Given to someone who'll think they're the thing
And meanwhile I shall get back my shelving

... or, for one pile, that bit of floor in the corner where books fell down in a reasonably tiny fashion and I didn't fetch them up again, but that doesn't fit the metre. not that it metres real good as is...

In my head I am humming that to the mad madam mim song.

It just feels excessive to get rid of books by the foot, even if I did just find a section of handwriting and typing books. Read more... )

I'm a bit annoyed about the Aldiss Helliconia books. On the one hand they look interesting, but on the other these particlar copies seem to have been second hand in the first place and then stored on the floor in the corner under the window for... years, at barest minimum. The gripping hand may be they make me want to wash just by looking at them, and I'm contemplating throwing away the paper tablecloth they're currently resting on. Which would be annoying because the shops never have cream and gold again until xmas, but so it goes.

Maybe I can find some nicer copies and swap them out before I find out if I like reading them.

On the big plus side, I found where I'd stashed my blueprints for the Starship Enterprise, Kirk edition. They're all clean and dusted and put back with the other blueprints now :-)

... I have a small collection of science fiction blueprints to imaginary ships. I suspect there's many who would consider that unnecessary. They would be wrong.

My table is still full of books to sort, but now they're books where I'll have to read a bit to see if I want them, so that's much more interesting.

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I've mentioned before how one way to play a strict Laws of Time kind of time travel is like a heist movie: history cannot be changed, but history is *recorded* history, the cameras and guards and alarms. The time travellers are the flashback that changes the whole context of what we've seen.

So today I was thinking, if you want to slip around history without being in the books, you want to talk to women.

And black people, people of color, disabled people, people from subordinated groups in general.

History books are as precise as they get when it's about the actions of kings. They ain't real particular about most servants.

And it do get harder the closer you get to now. In a hypothetical future where everything is recorded from multiple angles with local power and distributed backups always, you probably can't change things much. But usually there's plenty of wiggle room.

Because usually there's plenty of things people don't bother to know, and plenty of people they don't see.

So. Once again I am frustrated that Legends of Tomorrow have the perfect crew for this and yet do not use this approach.

Because this would be a show that would be all about the inconvenience of working around the centred white guy, by working with the people who made up the vast majority of what happened.
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I am running the new dishwasher
I filled it with the chemistry it wanted
though the new bottle of rinse aid doesn't pour well and is a different color than the old stuff, which at least means you can see where it spilled
I just have to hope they're basically the same thing from the same brand with the same name

The new dishwasher appears to be quiet like it promised. Unless it has a loud phase it hasn't got to. So far, more quiet.

Read more... )

it seems unsimple, but, dishwashers exist and I don't have to make soap from chemistry and herbs, so this century is ahead on points.
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Just finished watching what gets called, in episode, Eobard Thawne's origin story.

The entire morality of this show depends on the physics of time travel, and yet it can never decide what the damn rules are.

Read more... )

This cannot be the original origin story, if Eo!Wells told the truth. Simplest answer is he lied, but he told most of his observable lies by slicing the truth really damn fine, which leaves that less simple.

What this absolutely can be is a way to build a stable loop. Everything we observed can be a logical consequence of what Thawne heard here.

With the teensy tiny problem of him not being born anywhen, which takes the 'stable' right out of it.

I still haven't seen Legends season two - I'm rewatching slowly so when the dvds come out I'll have everything fresh and well chewed over - but I imagine it'll complicate more than clarify.

The whole ethics of the situation and reading of a pretty central character depends on their laws of time
but their time has no laws
and the speed force is even more a chaotic thing of itself
so there's no making sense of anything
or anyone.

Still, whatever his reasons, Thawne does seem to have a lot of fun being a villain
which undermines the predestination tragedy reading pretty thoroughly.

Simplest if he's just a jerk.

But most fitting the canon thus far if he's a time traveller trying to deal with shifting memories while staying focused on the goal of maintaining a stable timeline where the Flash was the inspiration for Reverse Flash and he, in a backwards way, returned the favor.

... yet stable timeline is not a thing you associate with him by simplest reading...

and round and round the illogic goes.

Time travel. Why did they focus on time travel? It takes so much work to even vaguely make sense.

... and I realise people not me are putting less effort into making sense of Eobard Thawne, but, you know, villains and rogues...
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I finally woke up at like 2pm.
I guess last week was tiring.

Also I had some spectacular and intricate dreams I wanted to spend more time with.

Like, one dream, I was investigating some disappearances, cleaning staff at a particular tower, so I got some similar clothes, lifted someone's ID for the doors, and went in. But the cleaners had their own lift, the executives another, and I'd got ID for the regular employees. But there were cleaner uniforms heading for that lift, so I followed, and they made excuses but then said they wanted to see the view, just the once. They were allowed to clean the lift, so if it just happened to climb the outside of the tower while they were in it, well...

So I joined them and we 'cleaned' the handrail a bit and waited...

And it got summoned to the top floor.

Read more... )

I, personally, did not want to be sacrificed to the great old ones to pay for college.

I sympathised, but nope.

Read more... )

So having woken up from that to a Saturday where the most exciting thing in it is likely to be watching another episode of The Flash, I pretty much pulled the blankets up and decided to stay instead.

Because sure, demons and brain breaky beings from beyond, but also bodypaint and trying to save someone's soul with sex.

My living room does not compete.

The next set of dreams were also pretty cool, but mostly a chase dream though. But through a super malleable landscape, where finding two chests of drawers in a shed meant we'd got a carriage, if we could figure out the transformation, which mostly just meant pulling on it and telling it really clearly what to be. There were bits of dream where Barry Allen was there, sure his powers didn't work any more, and I saved him by insisting he eat, until he realised that only a speedster could possibly have eat that much and he must still have something going on. Also I got hugs from Jack O'Neill, who wasn't *my* O'Neill, but even in this very alternate universe was experienced enough at alternate universes that a complete stranger being all "I missed you" got a very sympathetic response.

... it has been ages since I sat down and watched SG1. And my new recorder box can play all the dvds.

... my unwatched shelf is a bit over long too, though.

There were some distressing bits, Read more... ) But. Adventure.

The optimized sort of adventure where you can wake up and tell the internet about it. Escape and no consequences.

Would take a lot to beat that.

... I really need more things to do with my awake time.
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My new dishwasher is here :-)
it is shiny and properly registered on the website and installed by the shop.

also, while looking up the local water hardness, I found out the Really Big Puddle is going to be fixed on the 15th, which is pretty good, considering how busy it is and all the diggings they'll need.

I am reading the instructions before I start using the thing. But I'll need to use it pretty soon because dishes, so I won't sit and stare at it too long. Just long enough to figure all these instructions and associated chemistry...
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I went to dancing :-)
... actually now I am not :-)
dancing was good but I think the holiday cover employee is not a good fit.

but I found new trousers at Sainsburys that seem nice
and bought as much fizzy water as was left, which was one bottle, but I have several left so that works.
pasta was also down to two packs but I have many vegetable rice to eat, and now the correct sort of beans to go with it.

useful evening.
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"Earth Magic" by Francis Hitching is also getting weeded out of my library.
Don't think I've ever read it. Tried to today but got bored real quick. It reckons it will be half about archaeology and half about the people who think visions and dowsing and ley lines are an interesting guide to prehistory. It also seems dead impressed with the fact you can draw straight lines on a map and make triangles.

I figure the archaeology will be out of date, and the ley line stuff will stay as subjective and belief driven as ever.
Earlier me collected stuff in the expectation bits of it would be proven, or be disproved, eventually.
But a lot of it turns out to not be that kind of stuff.



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