Jan. 26th, 2017

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American history is like
I was looking up place names
which led to looking up native american tribes who left their names on places
which led to the trail of tears
and smallpox
... just a pause while my brain yet again tries to wrap around this.

And I'm just looking this stuff up for fiction, and also because Christian Kane, and then I feel like writing a character Kane could play requires waaaaaaaay more knowledge than I got. And much of it upsetting.

And like, if I start writing my tiny little fictions I feel like I'm stomping all over stuff I have no knowing of.

But like logically in a world populated by Banestorm you're going to get either a completely random assortment of ethnicity and geography, if the storm picks up and drops people on their new planet at random, or you're going to get random shuffled pickups from different parts of history but dropped into same geography. So they would branch off of established history repeatedly as the banestorm swept through. I feel that's a great in game mechanism to scoop up cultures that maybe got the sharp end of history, and shuffle them, and see how else that could have ended up.

But if you're using the banestorm to scoop refugees from all over history then that's some serious history you're sampling. Doing so respectfully seems like serious research time.

But if you just branch history by making magic really work then you get huge changes.
In a world with actual magic and a Cure Disease spell, everything is different.

I mean if you use the wildest version of Cure Disease then Plague is no longer a horseman, unless all the healers get dead, possibly from failing to cure a disease. Or there aren't enough to contain an outbreak. But if one spell can cure everything, boom, no more illness, only worries are war and famine and death now.

History would be unrecogniseable.

Kind of want to do that. Am not yet good enough at history.

I was just looking up some names but names are like frozen history and you choose them and layer up the implications.

Not simples.

Also, it is really easy to spend all day on the internet, and only skim a topic, via sources meant for small children, and sites of dubious veracity. I feel like I haven't actually learnt stuff, just learned that there's very deep wells of links and links and links that might at some point tell me stuff.

Although I did learn a bunch more names for different native american peoples, and notice once again that there are always more more. America is big and varied.

Pretty cool.
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Thursday almost worked.
I had to stop at Morrisons to get Ribena cause i ran out of drinks slightly before shopping hour.
And then there was an accident on the a47 and it went all jam for a while
so I got to dancing one quarter hour late.
I am not very good at remembering dances and cannot turn them around in my head if i start from a different place
but i have fun.

asda had twelve of five alive, yaay
and sainsburys had food, though setting out to refill my fridge only ended up with half a dozen items.
i need more varieties of meals.

but now i have apple pastry and all is :-)


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