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Finished watching season two of Agent Carter.
... you know I'm not actually sad that got cancelled?
... I should be sad.

Odd ending.

Also, odd musical interlude. Song and dance I fast forwarded on mute. But, Angie asking her who she would choose? Is a really interesting way to make it look like there's three choices. And Carter was going back to her roommate in New York...

which reading made it only a splash extra annoying we ended with her kissing him.

well, we end ended with that one dead guy, which is an odd place to leave a story, but okay.

But ending with Carter getting the guy is just... not what I was there for?

Just the basic concept that Sousa got to be chief and Carter gets to be sent hither and yon and get not only no credit but threatened with discrediting... ugh.

We wanted to see her become head of SHIELD and instead we got all that.

Brilliant lady gets crazy. Nice lady doesn't get her own infertility to be her own story. Reception lady gets bothered by guys. Nurse lady thinks her fiancee loves someone else, and turns out to be right, which is cheap of him. And then that's who Carter chooses?

My reaction wasn't in the 'now kiss' spectrum. It is possible to be right in the middle of that, like every time Steve and Peggy looked at each other. But no, this time it was 'blech, kissing'.

This was not the show I wanted it to be.


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