Mar. 17th, 2017 02:54 am
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The s in vision started to bother me.

… I’m reading Avengers fic, it came up.

But it’s not quite like other s sounds, so I just kept looking at Viz or Vis as abbreviations and they’re not quite right.

So I looked it up

wait, does that work? It’s a sort of curly z. ʒ

It says other words with the s-in-vision include

equation, usual, seizure, luxurious, genre and beige

which by my count means spelling it with an s, t, z, ge and half an x.

Unless it’s a translation, then it’s zh.


So now Viz, Vis and Vision will continue to bother me

but in a more informed way.
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Great Expecations is fun to read, and a good story. I still would have preferred to read it without spoilers, but I was too slow, so I know the end before knowing the middle now, because of class. So it makes it a bit like a second time of reading it when its the first time, because I get to *facepalm* with more data.

I'm reading volume 2 - almost finished it actually - and Pip does surely need picking up and shaking. And the older him knows it, which is an interesting way to write it.

I'm fairly sure it's language drift, but there's angles of reading as makes it a bit funnier in places. I mean, when Pip moves in with a guy, obviously the slash goggles immediately have certain suggestions about what should happen next.
And then narrator Pip declares "We were very gay and sociable".
And of course things are referred to as queer.
And then later on Pip keeps a boy in bondage. Or possibly is kept, in bondage and slavery.
I'm... at least 80% sure that doesn't mean the first three things I thought of.

It probably also not so very useful to the whole 'study' part of reading.

Recently read suggestion that any text can be improved by adding vampires.

This is actually so easy in GE it is hardly any fun.
I mean, Miss Havisham never has the windows open, and only goes around in the dark, and looks all corpsified and creepy.
The only thing missing is the biting, basically.
And there's a whole recurring theme of cannibalism that teach has pointed out.

Its kind of like, it plays with its themes and images so well, adding anything would upset the balance, and not really add anything much.

I actually intended to go to sleep, maybe after reading a chapter or so just to get started. And now I've read nearly the whole volume.

And I want to read the notes too before I go sleep.

Definitely studying the right subject area then...


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