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Hated it.
It's Suzie, so you know how it'll end, and then it doesn't do much very interesting on the way there.
And I know we're going to disagree with Suzie but still, the whole thing is judging what lives are worth the fight, and sod that.
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PC Andy saving the day as part of an assessment given by a ghost.

As with all the best Torchwood, both hilarious and dark. Humans doing the most messed up stuff for the most everyday reasons. And this human laughing while characters have really nasty stuff happen to them, because it feels like a hilarious run around when you can't actually see them die messy.

I continue to enjoy the Torchwood audios.
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Today mum helped me go to argos to take back the games thing that turned out to be boring
and while I was there I bought a £25 CD player 'boombox'
because I'm sure there's easier ways if I can figure out assorted whatsits but since I haven't I just want to play my CDs without the TV.
The sound quality is what you'd expect at the price
but it does indeed play CDs
so I am quite content.

Torchwood: Zone 10
is an interesting adventure for Toshiko Sato.
The other voices have 'Russian' accents and I had to work to hear them, which made them a bit boring.
Tosh is on her own for an adventure, and it's a bit about how she's given up everything for Torchwood.
I was a bit puzzled by her being allowed to go to Russia on her own for an adventure given how she was recruited to Torchwood, but okays.
I think I liked it okay but it never quite grabbed me.

And now the bin men are doing their thing outside, so I'll think of something with no audio to do while they're loud.
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I remain terrible at focusing on audios when I can't come up with something for my hands and eyes to do.
Maybe I should take up knitting again? I mean a twenty year break is a bit long, but, knotting can be pretty. But iirc I gave up because it hirt my hands and arms, so possibly not.

Um, actual story... there were a lot of elements I couldn't see why they were there, didn't add to the plot, did next to nothing thematically. I think the bit with the genius baby who really resents how long he was left to lie in the cot with an adult brain makes plenty of sense, but, it was all parts and pieces else. I was unimpressed. And there's whole characters who run around having absolutely no impact on the plot and waving around like weathervanes at each new change. I don't think it really worked.

But it's possible it would work better if I were more concentrating. *shrugs*
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6 and a new companion, a Leading Wren called Constance Clark.

I have rediscovered a technique for listening to entire audios at once: do something else with my hands. Find the right something is the trick. Today I went through old magazines about home decorating and tore out the bits I want to keep. I have a nice stack of stuff to get rid of now. Also in the middle I made a meal.

I think I liked this audio. It's about smart women, which is always a good start. But it's also about world war two, and I feel weirdly bruised on that whole era today. Like it's one giant flinch.

Still, codes and codebreaking and signals and spies and enemies and having to work together and a whole lot of running around. Quite the adventure. And they fixed things with thinking, which is yaay.

I definitely like Constance. She starts off by telling off the Doctor, which is as it should be, as far as I can see.

... I'm listening to these stories about brilliant and accomplished women saving the world, and I'm sitting at home in my pyjamas, again, still. If I can't find it inspiring or really identify, then I end up a bit :( and embarrassed about it.

Don't know what I'm really looking for lately, just end up dissatisfied with everything.

But I think it was a pretty good Doctor Who story.
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The cue cat scanner remains a very useful tool. So now all my new Big Finish Audios are in the LibraryThing. ... I have so many.

Terror of the Sontarans is interesting, with a whole we're not who we are riff but with an interestingly varied set of characters. Usually if it's called 'terror of' they just mean Sontarans are scary, but this one is more 'what actually scares sontarans'.

it's very pretty horror.

... audio, but the descriptions are proper eerie.

I like it plenty, but it feels like it has far less of Mel and the Doctor than usual.
... actually that might be why I like it.

but I'm typing to try and stay focused - vaguely regretting splitting my concentration, because it's being interesting - but this way I stay awake.

and part three of four just finished.

I'm really not very good at listening to audios when I've got nothing else to do.

so I'm not really concentrating as i would like

and I liked this story better when it was creepy spooky. this part is more fighty.

the ending wasn't my favourite. but it was okay. ish.

... in retrospect I like the ending of the previous one better. more making friends.

it was a spooky interesting story that built up to a standardised ending that was a solution the sontarans could and did come up with without the doctor. not quite the right shape.

but good bits before then.
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I am not good at listening to audios when I'm sitting at home. I nearly fell asleep in the middle. Also I ate six biscuits, which was three more than I intended to eat, but still less than a packet, so that's okay.

... as you may guess, I was not enthused by this story.

I'm feeling a bit blah about Doctor Who lately, which let me tell you is deeply weird. I mean, it's Doctor Who. It's a foundation text. There is Doctor Who for every mood and all occasions.

... but I'm not feeling it.

... weird.

So, this one was about an orbital warehouse and the planet that worships it while waiting for delivery. It could have been funnier. It did a few things, but I kept distracting myself trying to make it funnier in my head. Retail and online delivery gives so much mileage. What would a civilisation built around Loyalty Cards really be like? But it most ran around the warehouse avoiding rodents and traps until they all stumbled into their corner of the real mystery.

I can't tell if the story was a bit blah or I was. I gave it three stars out of five on librarything on the theory it was ordinary and I'm in a demanding mood.

7 and Mel is also not a team that gives me feels though.

Also, in an attempt to not fall asleep in the recliner before the adventure was over, I rearranged the drawers in the CD cabinets so there's room for the new big finish. But I very small bammed my head on the corner and made one unit top heavy and only realised when I sat down to type this that I still haven't put them in Library Thing but I have now muddled up the cataloged and uncataloged boxes.

tiny annoyances.

I know if anyone actually reads these as reviews they're not here to read about my tiny annoyances, but my point is, I think my review is more about the bumps and snoozes than about the story itself.

shall do better later, I expect.
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Listened to two today

Mistfall I didn't find very interesting, but I was concentrating on LibraryThing and accidentally replayed 8 minutes of it because I couldn't find the more precise controls for the CD player, which obviously would impact my feelings about the pace rather. Even so it seemed like an average adventure, so it's doing okay.

I liked Equilibrium better. It's about a society in a closed system, where the arrival of 4 new travellers must lead to 4 deaths. But being Doctor Who the Doctor just rejects the premise, and gets away with it eventually. Which seems a bit like ducking the answer. I mean, they're on an ice place where the food is really skimpy, they'd be run right up against the limits of their resources at some point. Making the solution just pressing some buttons seems like ducking. But they could live at a much higher tech level and make better use of resources and have more people survive, so it's not cheating. And I liked the characters and how they were cold and sympathetic by turns. Also Nyssa had her moment of connection to the story and themes and stuff, and the Doctor had a moment of self doubt, and those are nice character moments. I gave it 4/5 stars.
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Today I listened to 1.04 One Rule, 1.05 Uncanny Valley, and 1.06 More than This.

1.04 and 1.05 were solid in their ways, though two dead gay guys in a row is not really what I was hoping for, even knowing the source text. Writing gay people and killing gay people do not have to be the same thing. Except for when your stories are so economical with their characters that everybody gets killed at least once. At that point things get depressing.

1.06 needs trigger warning for suicide, and yet ended on that grey morning sort of hope that Torchwood does best. Of the three it was clearly the best. And I loved the setup, that Torchwood needs planning permission so they need to explain to the planning guy exactly what Torchwood does. After that it's a lot of running around Cardiff and just when you think it's a romp it goes all serious in the exactly right degree. And then after the end music, the last funny. It's the mix of tones and the SF in the everyday that Torchwood does best. So I liked it best.

1.04 did its share of running around Cardiff too, but the cover character is pretty definitely a bad guy, so it does not turn out well for anyone. Vivid characters, well drawn, rather dark.

1.05 I keep turning over to try and decide what I think of it. For a start the cover seems misleading, since it's not quite what's inside, but there's angles where it's commentary instead, which is a bit interesting. Read more... ) a very Torchwood story that I don't really see any other show doing in quite this way. It's doing some very SF stuff that make the layers where it ties in to the Torchwood arc seem a bit of a distraction from the interesting bits, yet they make sense in the plot.

And Jack being Jack he's going to get dead so he can do his party trick, that's kind of what he's for.

... but I still can't like stories where everyone is queer and dead. That's just...

So Uncanny Valley mostly just bothers me.

But it's a proper story that uses all of its parts effectively in both an SF and Torchwood way.

More Than This is better.

But having listened to the whole first season now, Fall to Earth is best, and not just because Ianto. Though also because Ianto.

I'll happily get the next season of Big Finish Torchwood audios.

... but I'll be careful about my mood before listening to them, because they do get dark.
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The Torchwood audios jump around in time rather, so this one is Gwen and Rhys five years after the Miracle, and their back and forth is proper revealing. There's also Jack as you've never seen/heard him, and to interesting effect; I think I like what it says about him, and the possibilities opened up. Good mix of funny and sudden epic serious. Plus an ending that's only kind of a downer, which most weeks is the best Torchwood can manage.

I kept getting distracted thinking about how much fun this sort of thing would be for actors. The cast list says something like 'other parts played by the cast' and they are not kidding.

Also I liked the use of Welsh, and the lack of it being the indicator of Something Very Wrong.

Gwen was never my favourite character (by rather a lot) but I can listen to Gwen & Rhys like this quite happily.

Plus I'm liking the audios cause I can get on with other stuff while they're on. Had forgotten that while I was using the headphones, being tethered to the computer is less useful. Must remember to play them via the TV more often... or get computer speakers that can actually plug in to my current setup.
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Started listening to the Big Finish Torchwood audios today.

The first one, The Conspiracy, I was not impressed by. I suppose setup and introduction isn't the fun bit, but it didn't seem very character specific. It tells you the Skypoint tower is half built though, for a timestamp.

I just finished listening to the second one, Fall to Earth, with Ianto Jones, and it is brilliant.
The whole thing is two voices and some noises, and the setup is that Ianto Jones needs to call someone but is having trouble getting through from where he is, so when an insurance sales lady calls him he has to get her to stay on the line. And help him save the crashing spaceship.
As you would.
The plot is great, all twists that roll from the setup, and it is very Torchwood. The characters are great, Ianto is very Ianto, and there's plenty of little character revealing moments. Gareth is clearly having great fun.
And it is hilarious.
Right up until it's deadly serious.
So, as Torchwood should be.

I got distracted in the middle by realising I couldn't find three of the Torchwood audios and having to poke around in my computer, which is a right mess, I really need to do something about sorting things. Found them eventually though so that's okay.

So I listened to the ending twice to make sure I didn't miss bits. And it was good both times.

Makes me want to go to the Starfury Torchwood convention
but I keep on comparing my current level of achievement with the whole getting to the convention thing and getting stopped by anxiety.
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I listened to the first of the Big Finish Pathfinder audio adventures.
I got it free with a subscription, to see if I liked them.
It felt like it was 90% fight scene and 10% drinking at the inn. You know what's not interesting on the radio? Fight scenes.
Also they did to a few things to try and make the characters have actual personalities, but they were busy doing silly voices and making sure everyone knew what species they are and also fighting. Fighting styles can be very distinctive, but not by the squishy sound effects they make.
Also, RPG magic on audio? Is someone shouting magic words and something we're not quite clear on happening.

It's an interesting try, but I'm fairly sure whatever they were aiming for they did not succeed.

But now I know that without spending money on it.

Also it's leaving me wondering what I'd be looking for from a fantasy series. Which is tricky. Which leaves me pretty forgiving on this story, even if it was the kind of fight fight pub I got bored of in tabletop form long since.

Don't know what I was expecting really.

Also, note to self, I need lighter headphones like woah. Wearing them makes my neck hurt and the top of my head. That's no use.

So that's today's thrilling adventure.

Tomorrow, who knows? I have a dozen Doctor Who audios just waiting for me.
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I've listened to the first part of this so far. Neat setup, more interesting than usual way to split up Doctor and Companion in several senses.
Charley gets more of a personality in her departure story than she has since her arrival.
I think it's the making decisions and having goals and trying things. Not just being defined by liking the Doctor very much.

And in part 2 she has learned things and has skill! Wow, that's a bit abrupt, but very welcome.

Read more... )

It has been a very long time since there was a Charley story where I didn't mind spending time with her. But I mostly like this one. Most of the same elements, but Charley making choices and doing things with another woman working with her.

I've absolutely had it with amnesia stories though. They're the cheapest reason to not act on things the audience knows they should know. They're emotional button pushing. I'm quite thoroughly bored of them.

When I listen to 8 again, I won't bother listening to him with Charley. He's far better with his other companions.

which is probably the underline reason why I like this one: all done bye bye to her. with 8 anyway. and something new and a bit interesting to do instead.
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I don't know if it's too late at night but that felt kind of nothingy?

Read more... )

On the plus side it was the good sort of nothingy too where nothing happened that made me wish I wasn't listening. And two women talked to each other about one of them's mother, so that's a win.

Just kind of sad a companion ended on a could do better.
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Memory again. Again again again. The Doctor and Charley both spend time with amnesia. Charley gets reverted to childhood again.
Read more... )

I actually like this one. Plural female characters who talk to each other even.

I just think they've worn out these characters kind of thoroughly.

But I'm up to their last couple of adventures now, so that'll work out.

Also, having listened to all these in a row, I forgive Charley all her more idiot decisions (but not the writers for making her that way). Anyone who has been through all this and had her brain messed with as often as she has can't rightly be blamed for going a bit wrong in the head. Half the people she meets are illusions, events end up on a loop, and the laws of time have special exemptions built in just for her. However she reacts in response to all that seems reasonable.
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8, Charley and C'rizz. And amnesia. Again. The Doctor is out of character on account of amnesia. Again.
... who sat down and decided this was his defining quality? I know we only have the one piece of TV canon and he was borked in the brain parts then, but really, did not one put the stories all side by side and think 'hmm, maybe our main character should in fact be our main character on a regular basis'?

Aside from that it's a pretty much Doctor Who shaped story, with some torture, and the 'noble sacrifice' kind of suicide (ugh). Read more... )

The background music is driving me nuts. Something about the balance is off. The Doctor is the quietest noise and the background doot doot doot is loud.

Nothing terrible or sexualised happened to Charley, she just ran around screaming a lot.
C'rizz wasn't notably evil in this one neither, with just a brief but interesting reference to picking up skills from someone he... probably 'saved'.
And the Doctor turned back into himself eventually, with bonus football references and a bit of 'never ever ever give up'.

So I don't hate this one or anything, it's just not very interesting neither.
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Wonder of wonders, an actual Doctor Who story. 8 and Charley and C'rizz, but nothing awful or objectionable, just an adventure. Read more... )

An 8 and Charley story where the most I can complain of is a probable Bechdel fail is quite a surprise.

That story was a Doctor Who story and pretty okay and had lots of bits I liked.
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This story talked about the origins of evil. It mentioned the most evil beings in the universe, created by a 'bitter cripple'. That was what they thought was important to mention. Not the whole planet going through generations of war that twisted them up with hate until they aimed Davros at the problem of destruction and he thought the Dalek mutant was their only chance of survival. Nothing so systemic. He's a 'bitter cripple', linking his disability to his creation of evil.

I kind of want to slap someone.

I know this is the subtext really very often with Doctor Who and disability, but I can hate it just as much every single time.

Most of the story was something with a serial killer and some unspoiled natives being mind controlled.
... yes, theme, it has it.
Not very interesting, just not much objectionable.

Crystal Palace exhibition, very shiny.
... the first episode has finished and I actually like this? It's just a story, with lots of running around and mistaken identity and accidental famous people. That seems the proper shape.
... part 2 starts with Read more... )

I don't really know what to think about that one on the whole. Like two thirds of the story is a lot of running around and mistaken identity and impersonating people, and then there's a nasty bit of ablist horror in the other third. I think I dislike it rather a lot, in part because if it's trying to be a light hearted adventure then that's what it thinks the bit in the freakshow was too, and that's just really nasty.
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I'm listening to Doctor Who, 8 and Charley some more.
I am really, really bored.
Story once again needs trigger warnings for suicide (guest character AND The Doctor), calls back to C'rizz murdering his partner, and involves extensive mind control of, among other people, The Doctor.
Also a lot of Dalek voices.

I'm not sure how much sense it makes but I'm really bored of all the parts and just blah about the whole thing.

C'rizz just had a moment of very violent awesome being all 'no destiny'. but I can't care about C'rizz very much on account of him only having a personality when it's killing people.

A guest character just asked of the TARDIS 'how does he keep it clean'. That is indeed a good question. Especially given that there's like a small planet inside there.

Read more... )

This is going on the don't bother pile.
Or possibly the wish they hadn't bothered pile.
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I realised my Big Finish Audio main range subscription ran out in March 2012. I didn't think it had been that long, since I still got a CD every month, but I forgot it was from a different range. So I just went and put in the basket a couple years worth of subscriptions to things I'd totally like if I'd remembered to go order them.

... I think I've figured out why I had more spare money this year? Like, I have this much so I'll probably spend it, but first I will sit here thinking *woah* at the prices and wondering if I could just re-listen to the couple hundred audios I have already. Which, yes, but it would not be as much fun. So.

also realised the reason I didn't resubscribe is that depression ate all my forward planning. I'm not booked for conventions, I'm not subscribed to interesting things, I only just got a TV watching schedule again with Agents of SHIELD. So I think I need to subscribe again for reasons of mental health. ... which totally makes those money numbers be much more reasonable. yep. *nods*

then once my entertainment is planned more than a week in advance, maybe other plans will emerge too.

you never know.
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Big Finish are having a special offer on their Doctor Who audio plays
£5 each or 10 for £45, different titles on different days.

I own them all, so I can't be getting discounts today.
But, I own them all, and there's very few I wouldn't happily recommend.
I listen to more audios than I watch episodes, lately.

Read more... )

... okay, now I want to put all my audios in story order and listen to them from the beginning again.
... but I won't because I'm behind on the new releases, to the point I've let my subscription lapse until I catch up. I'll sub again from the same point, it's just having them turn up on the mat every month just to go in the stack isn't very efficient.
I still like them just as much, but my bus journey just about halved when the 8 bus started up, plus my college days halved when they put everything on the same day, and my listening habits will have to change to hear a whole adventure a week even.
And it's nearly the end of the semester anyway, so I'll not even be going in after that.

ANYway: Big Finish audios, so good I'll happily advertise them.

my list with little star ratings:
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You know what's not helpful? Having developed a tendency to giggle whenever Ianto says 'Lisa'. *facepalm*

Lots of spoilers: Read more... )

So I was all blah blah, yada yada, blah blah, thought I would be bored...
and then I pretty much quoted all the last bit.

So I'd say the ending worked. Really quite a lot.

... unfortunately, now there is no more. This was why I was saving them up and rationing them. All done now.

*hugs Ianto*

So for themes from these three audios we have: Read more... )
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that was good. I want to listen again. :-) Read more... )

So that was a proper well done audio adventure with proper Torchwood in it.


In other news, my recorder box has apparently taken against Torchwood Miracle Day. I set it to record. It's still set to record. It's just it doesn't seem to think there's anything to record. It's got the light grey of 'still looking for something that matches' same like it has for recording Doctor Who, rather than the bright little red clock of 'hey, you pressed the record button, and we noticed!' I did too leave it so it had the red clock, but apparently on the relevant night it decided it did not. So. In other years that might be a problem. This year it's on the iPlayer with 2 months still to go, so I can take my time about it. We live in the future.

Still don't know if I want to watch it.

Do want to listen the next audio adventure now though.
but if I do that I run out of audio adventures.
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Jack, Gwen, and Ianto. I have hopes of a happy.

Read more... )

bored now.

let's hope it got them in good practice to do the other two plays, cause the writing on this one gave nobody much to work with and fizzled to nothing.

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BBC Radio 7 has a new name today. I was worried, so I checked the 7th Dimension for the week. In the 1800-1900 slot this week, with the usual midnight repeats, we have Torchwood on Sunday and Doctor Who on Monday through Friday. I no longer worry.
... My 7th Dimension, they no takes it.
... the fact that I already bought all this week on CD is completely beside the point and merely shows they have good taste.

I know there's F&SF in other timeslots sometimes but it's harder to find. I can check the listings yet somehow never get around to it. My habits beat my info seeking.


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