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I went to dancing! ... I needed extra sit downs. The teacher keeps on not having many breaks, which means you get lots of lesson, but also lots of tired. Also we kept practicing the bit with bending down and standing up, over and over, and I think my head prefers level. Also it was flags and changing hands, so I'm glad of my gloves, but I still don't like the flappy things. ... I sound grumpy. I ended in a better mood than I started, I just started all wound up of paperwork.

Then I went to Sainsburys and bought the shiniest version of Wonder Woman. I'm not 100% certain my equipment can play it, but it can definitely do one of the versions it says on the box, so I bought it anyway. I had to ask at Customer Services, which was a bit difficult but I win today.

Sainsburys has a new pattern of plates with red leaves and berries. I think I like it. If I still like it next week I will buy it to be holiday plates, because I've been wanting a second set. My other plates are one set of nice and one set of cheap from when I first moved out twenty years ago. And the bowls on those have been too small for twenty years. So new would be nice.

I shall wait and see what I think later.

I got my foods and my day was nicer. And now I am home and can go to sleep any time I choose.

... I think I choose as soon as I've eaten the apple pastry...
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i sort of slept today
like 10-4 in the day
so i was awake to go dancing.

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i am so done with this week. tomorrow is for sleeping. all the sleep.
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I went and got my hair cut!
On my own!

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That is quite enough for one day.

Except tonight is pub night, so I'll just have to rest and reset before 7.

Tired now

Sep. 21st, 2017 09:16 pm
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Attempt to go to board games night at Waterstones unsuccessful. No board games, no dude that runs board games night, no noticeable board game night by ten past when it started, an the lady at the desk thought the guy was at the other shop today so it wouldn't happen. If it happened after quarter past starting I'll be vaguely annoyed, but, couldn't see a group identifiably hanging around waiting for games either. The knitting was there again though. Maybe I should try social knitting.

The mobile phones place in the mall made money go in my phone again. I know many people can make this happen without going to a phone shop but I heard the phone tell the guy to put in a sixteen digit number and honestly I'm fine leaving it to them twice a year. Mall wasn't otherwise very interesting.

Went to The Range to try and buy a tablecloth but there were only a couple sorts, on sale, either the color I wanted or the pattern I wanted but not both at once, or a lot of runners which are nice but not the thing. Christmas was only half unpacked, and Halloween didn't take half the space of christmas. It is very very shiny though. I didn't buy things because then they just stay in the box but if I'm still thinking of specific things next week I could pop in again.

Sainsburys had moneys off clothing but none clothes I wanted. One very soft sleep shirt I might get later but don't really need. Slippers either my size or my color. And a watch with a too big strap. But none things I wanted from the sale.

But they did have a season set of Arrow, so now I'll have all the things and can in theory get caught up :-)

Also the foods were there and the drinks and the cleaning supplies
and I remembered to check my shopping list before we left so I could go back for the laundry whatsits.

Basically a success.

Well I did my half, anyways.

Now I'm very tired and looking forwards to staying home for a week.
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went to Bollywood Sparkles.
no dancing next week.
this week was fun. we were all bad at it but in a laughing with way, because it is hard all getting to your places in time.

Shopping worked except for fizzy water, because I will only buy the basics sort, because expensive water is daft.

I am All Done and super tired
because i slept all day
and forgot to eat, which i am fixing right now.
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I went to the supermarket
bought the things I wanted
and acquired both The Flash season 3 and Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2.

I am super tired and All Done and quite glad I skipped dancing because woah too much.

But I did today's tasks
and now I get good eats
and stories.

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I went to the Waterstones sf book club
but it was in their cafe with the fridge and coffee noises
and I could not hear.

So I went around the shop and got six books instead
which I'm sure Waterstones considers a win

but I did not say so much as hello, having arrived late
and i did not find out next months book
and i feel fail.

but i did get pretty far in the 'try new thing' plan
i had to phone to find out the when
and then we went to see what it was like

its just now we know

I realise the pub group sounds like it would be louder
but its actually pretty quiet in the basement
so it works better.

But today I spent £3.70 on parking
and did not interact
so I'm pretty :(

Still, shopping worked
and i have apple thing to eat now :-)
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Did a dancing, wearing long gloves of extra sparkle, and did not crunch into anyone.
Which was pretty good going because the one on my left kept forgetting to go left and the one on my right kept forgetting to go right.
Was fun though, everyone cheerful about it.

Next week is No Dancing, teacher has a holiday or thing to do.
So I shall either do more shopping or find another thing to do.

Shopping worked great. The cake I reserved last night was there, so I have a birthday cake that is Free From just about everything, ans in theory everyone can eat. Shall hope it tastes good.
Also season 2 of Supergirl was in, so it's like getting presents :-)

But there was no microwave pasta, again, and I had no pasta in the cupboard, and I eat a lot of pasta. So we bought a thing that maybe might make all pasta microwave pasta, maybe, if I figure it out. But we also went to ASDA, which has pasta, and on special offer. Hopefully other supermarkets will get it back, but if not we can add ASDA back in to the thursday plan pretty easy.

Now I am extra tired, but have food, so, winning.

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Did a wednesday, so it was meditation day.
we did mindfulness of breathing and I kept being distracted by thoughts of cake.
which is one of the classic hindrances, apparently.
also it was not a sitting still day.
but I like meditation.
and on the way home we went to get a cake but it wasn't there, so it is ordered for tomorrow. I think. I hope it's the same one as on the website. and if it isn't it's still a chocolate cake. and then I can invite people to have a cake, if it's any good. It might bot be because it's a freefrom cake, but if it is good probably we can all eat it, probably.

so that was a pretty good evening.

and still my birthday :-D
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Dancing was good and shopping was plenty

and I am super tired now because that's two expeditions in a day and that is ambitious.

I got a bit stuck at Sainsburys because there was water like I wanted but wrapped up in sets. and it's right next to the multipack section. so I had to find a human employee and ask if it was a multipack. but it was not, they just had not put it on the shelf yet, so they got me two out.

also i had to choose which sort of dishwasher stuff i wanted, but it dont even say dishwasher on the packet, so that was harder than necessary.

but now i am home, my food is in the microwave, and i have good apple things to eat later.
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I went to dancing :-)
... actually now I am not :-)
dancing was good but I think the holiday cover employee is not a good fit.

but I found new trousers at Sainsburys that seem nice
and bought as much fizzy water as was left, which was one bottle, but I have several left so that works.
pasta was also down to two packs but I have many vegetable rice to eat, and now the correct sort of beans to go with it.

useful evening.
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did a shopping instead of a meditate
because weather.

wasn't very exciting
but I do have a cushion to match the new curtains now
so that's nice.
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Today there was no dancing, so we did daytime shopping instead.
One hour in John Lewis poking things and attempting to learn more about laptops
and then Sainsburys shopping at medium sized sainsburys.

I got more at the supermarket
they had a nice long shirt meant for sleeping that I think will be a perfectly good shirt to go with leggings.

Also today my order of drawer knobs arrived, so I have many pretty things, any or all of which I could swap out for the Habitat knobs and make new and pretty patterns.
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The dancing today was pretty good. No crunch even when the tricky bit with jumping into gaps. Winning.

Shopping was slightly less win, though I now have leggings. I thought they would be more trousery. I'm going to wear them anyway, the pinstripes are nice. I couldn't find a stick for putting the floor wipes on, just a bazillion sorts of mop that aren't that. But I bought bread and sandwich fillings and other food, and all the things the cleaner asked for, so that part worked.

Then when we got home we had to wait half an hour for an ambulance and some people. Don't know what happened, but the ambulance went away and a car full followed it. Hope they are all okays. With the ambulance parked though there ended up being four cars that couldn't get in or out. Here is not well designed. I am unlikely to ever know what that was about though, so I'm just going to assume that the correct help arrived in good time and all shall be well. *xfingers*

I liked the earlier bits of the evening much better.

For me, pretty good day, for some neighbours, not so much.
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Mum went with me to the shop where I get all my electricals, and I ordered a new dishwasher. It will be here two Fridays from now, because they couldn't get it sooner. I figured I would rather wait than trust the internet on next day delivery; this way it's the same usual people and I know they'll stay until it works.

Also I went to the usual computer shop and discovered mostly what they don't sell and can't help me with, but also what they can. And I bought another stick to store all my other sticks on, or maybe to be the one that goes in the TV. They only had one at the size I wanted, so, shall go back later.

And then went through the supermarket to try and buy disposable plates for a backup plan for if the dishwasher is too slow. Only very small quantities per money in there, shall try another shop later. Did get microwave chips though, so those will be nice.

And then mum helped me go through the box of Things To Go, and took them away. She has the knowing of charity shops and so forth. I'm annoyed one of my new shirts is To Go, but it turned me black and came off in bits, so that's gone for cloth rubbish. And one of my nice skirts went for charity, because I realised I hadn't worn it except at that one Buffy convention when Buffy was still on. It can be nice for someone who actually wears skirts.

And all this on Cleaner Day. Which also happened successfully.

Difficult day of steady progress.
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I went dancing
dancing is nice
but I ended up annoyed because New Person
and now I don't know if there's any reasonable grounds for annoyance
or if its just because New
and I'm tired.

but dancing was nice
and shopping happened
and I probably have enough foods.
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Went to Bollywood Sparkles, did a dancing, didn't crunch

Then did a shopping. Couldn't remember what I wanted so bought everything. Remembered on way home, and still hadn't bought :eyeroll:

I did buy a new ice cream scoop because the old one has gone a bit peculiar looking, and a new egg cooker and some soft things for getting the eggs with, because as it turns out sticking a knife in a plastic is not optimal and leads to many scratched bits. So I have more things to cook eggs with. Eggcellent.
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I had an idea and the idea was yummy
so I went and bought breakfast
and enough bread rolls for lunch.

I went Outside
on my own, across roads
to the supermarket

I am nrave and mighty
and not especially wise
but back in one piece anyway

... soya milk of the wrong sort and breakfast cereal that has changed its name since last time I bought it, or, obviously, is not quite the right thing
did not turn out to be as good to eat as they were in my head
especially in the biggest bowl that I forgot was biggest when I filled it

but I thought of a plan and went and did it
and have been Outside on my own
... for the first time in several months, I think...
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Dancing was cancelled by the teacher so instead we went to The Range. I found the thing I wanted within about thirty seconds, so then of course I spent the rest of the time until closing wandering up and down looking at everything else. So I have the silver mesh desk whatsit I went in for, but also a new duvet set that is almost but not quite identical to the existing one so I like it but can persuade myself I need it, new curtains that are gold but not I think going to keep sufficient light out so I still need blinds, and two rolls of duck tape because shiny and colors.

I also usefully poked a lot of other things to decide I didn't want them. Which is less interesting but still helpful. And I saw like all the curtains are giant compared to my windows. I own the usual pair of curtains but only one is up because that covers the window. Also because I don't own a curtain pole so it's hanging on the little nails that have been holding a sheet up for twenty years. If I get a curtain pole I know it'll just need both curtains to make those curtainy folds. But still. Giant amounts of curtain.

I think I like the look of them though. So that's good. Will be the first change to that window in a generation...

We also went to Sainsburys and I bought all the usual things. While noticing how many were cheaper at Morrisons.

But Sainsburys is the only one that sells my apple things, and I like them, so.

... the Sunday shopping routine worked better and the Asda and Sainsburys bit is only efficient if dancing. But I'll sort things out better later.

Successful shopping today.
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I found three clothes for twelve pounds, and they all had long sleeves and high enough necks and were long enough to cover where I want covered.

I think they will anyway, I didn't try them on because cheap.

But the labels said six pounds so they were even cheaper than expected, probably because even more sale on top. Or because handwriting. But I feel like I win big, even if I turn out not to like them, they were well hunted.

We shopped at Morrisons and found most of my foods and then at Tesco and found almost all the rest, though some portions are different sizes. Did not find an acceptable substitute for apple thing. Will miss apple thing. Have chocolate brownie bites but they're not the same.

I also bought a bunch of DVDs, including a box of five fantasy films I'd never heard of for ten pounds. I have no idea how watchable they'll be but at that price I might as well.

Also I got a wonder woman sticker book. I stood in front of it for several minutes trying to talk myself out of it, then realised there's no particular reason not to buy it, except for being in the kids section, and why let that bother me?

I found several sorts of Black Widow figure, which is good, but I have several already.

I did not find summer weight trousers, still, because trousers apparently aren't in my size in those shops. Hmph.

I found a top with a snake scales pattern but it was see through, which does not seem correct to me even for athletic wear.

Tesco was quite a lot closed though because they're making it different. Still, made it easier to get through.

Pretty good shopping evening.

And that's my weekly hours outside the house done again...
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Dancing did not happened. I cancelled it because I had forgotten how horrible it is to move around in this weather, and then spent all day moving around in this weather.

New shelves are functioning correctly and filling nicely. Comic boxes are in their new home and plenty of space above for the magazines, as soon as I rearrange the house enough I can get at the magazines.

I figured dancing would be either indoors in the hot humid nastiness or outside on the irregular surface under grey skies with possibility of rain and, earlier, thunder. So I did not go. And next week I won't be going because Norfolk Show means all of Norfolk trying to get through one roundabout about when I'd need to go round it. And neither of these decisions please me, but they're the right ones. probably. but boo.

Shopping worked pretty good. I got a new plate to be for serving foods on, but got it in ordinary plate size and not their serving platter. I'm not sure that one would fit in the sink, let alone the washer. I also bought a tower fan, which I suspect is Too Much Fan, but okays, I have it now. It makes a variety of weird noises and the timer continues to make noise after you've unplugged it, so seems like that bit is clockworks or something, That or it's about to blow up, guess I'll find out.

Foods also worked, everything in its place, and there were two brands of non dairy ice cream with two or possibly even more flavours each! I bought the sort I've tried before in chocolate and vanilla. If I eat it all I can try the alpro. But obviously that will take a while.

... it better take at least two weeks cause I'm shopping more local next week. Means I'll miss picking up my apple thing. Boo.

My day was only exciting if you appreciate good shelving and alphabetisation, but I do, so, :-)
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I did not dance at the voting place
but I voted and then went dancing
which is a good way to deal with the stress, I feel.

Dancing lessons are good but busy full of dances I didn't learn or have mostly forgotten. But we always do more of the main dance, so I'm learning that better every week. Dancing is fun, being in error is less fun but still tolerable with all this practice.

ASDA still says unavailable on my juice drinks, so only Sainsburys shopping happened. I nearly bought some new trousers but need more thinking. I bought many foods and can once again choose between several meals :-)

now to wait
and theoretically sleep
but really stay up to see results.

but at least I have good foods and ribenas for while I do.


Jun. 2nd, 2017 02:35 pm
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I went to Norwich and went in many shops!

I did not find new trousers, and skirts remain uncomfortable for several reasons.
I also did not find a new and lighter dress for dancings.
But I looked many places.

I looked in Inanna's Festival too, but none of the wands were precisely right, though they were nice. Always many things that are good to look at in there though.

I did get books from Waterstones and DVDs from the television and movie store. Which was as planned. And then we went to Rainbow wholefoods and I also got some not-cheese and a tiny ice not-cream. Which I think survived the car home okay also, though in this weather you never know.

I times things correctly and we got home when we needed to and it was a successful day
even if it was mostly finding out what won't do.

We also stopped to see where I donated my piano to, because I had a minor mystery of not being sure if I sent the piano music in the piano stool with it or not. This was not answered, because of the new and interesting mystery where they say there wasn't a piano stool with it.

... okay then.

But they had a section for piano music that didn't have my piano music in, so there's that.

I definitely do not want the piano back. It is gone all gone. Is good.

... my head is still mostly ????? about it, but it does no good fussing if the whole thing has gone invisible anyway.


Had a nice shoppings in the daytime. Many books to read now :-)
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I did not go to dancing, because headache and nausea do not go with dancing, boo.

I did not go to Asda, because employee has been once already today and the five alive isn't there and they've closed the space on the shelf where it ought to be. Arse.

I did go to Sainsburys, where I found wuite a nice spring coat, on the sale rail, on a day with 25% off. And they had my food and I got a bunch of fizzy water and that will have to do for drinks. So that was pretty okay.
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I went Dancing.
Dancing is good.
I did a lot of sitting down too, because most of it was practicing to perform at a handfasting, which I don't do, and I hadn't learned most of the dances.

Also I do not do the stick dance because too much potential for crunching.

But then we went shopping and I found a cute top for super much money off, so I think I win at today.


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