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I have been reading Many Things, and my head is all sloshing with facts.

I can see things that happened to ship design over the roughly five hundred years I've been pulling ships from wiki at random, but that isn't the most best way to learn things, and I have minimal understanding of which whats were for why, though y'all have been very helpful.

Ships have lots of different optimization sliders, and many bits of history happened to ships that would rather have been somewhere else.

But if I'm going to design ships for magical reasons then the magic needs defining before figuring the other settings makes sense. Read more... )

Real ships are complicated, and needing to make up rules for how your magic interfaces with the physical constraints just makes it much more complicated.

So I still have no idea what size or shape an adventure party would set out in.

But I know more about how much I don't know.
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I've been trying to figure out where to start my stories about a character I'm probably calling Dana, who is a full time carer with a part time English degree who inherits a share in the mysterious family company and finds out it trades across the multiverse.

The problem is that where you start it plus the genre it seems to be sets up different promises for the reader.

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So I reckon the beginning is not all the finding what they didn't want, but finding the work only they can do, and then following them around as they do it.

... it's just the before of that has lots of interesting too...
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I have had four hours sleep and am not best pleased with being awake.

also I need a tag for this magic world I made with vaguely GURPS rules where 'demons' are thaumaturgic or thaumic elementals. It's the one with the gender system that has nothing to do with bodies, where everyone is default assigned Person and can be binary later if they like.

I think I've been typing the notes in word and saving it local. I tired, journal can have this piece.

There's two sorts of magic, vitality and thaumaturgy. Vitality covers colleges to do with living things, so healing and necromancy, but also animal, body control, plant.

Particularly skilled adepts can go into the earth or become one with trees. So, Willow wouldn't just reach through the earth to get a particular flower and feel it is all connected, under certain circumstances she'd go into the whole plant system.

But it's a particular test of skill to see if they come back.

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A lot of RPGs use mana and chi as words for game mechanisms that measure magical energy and life energy. It makes me kind of uncomfortable, but when I went looking for alternatives I got reminded all over again that English is at least three languages in a coat. English has been mugging other languages for parts since forever, and every word has traces of conquest in it, but swallowing these two whole and spitting out the actual cultural context seems a bit much.

I think I'm going with thaumic, as in thaumatology, measured in thaums ala Pratchett.
Also vitality, vital energy,probably measured qualitatively so it's flowing well or badly, positively or negatively inclined.
That's mixing greek and latin pasts into the mix, but if the Healers use Latin and the Scholars' works are literally all greek to them, that's got potential for story in it.

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This seems like an overly complicated system of magics, but I'm used to comics where people can do very similar things through power sources ranging across everything GURPS can throw at them.

Distinct traditions with distinct histories and as far as they know sistinct power sources is a great way to leave loopholes, contradictions, and other sources of friction.

And yet I keep fiddling with rules and phrasing, instead of writing fiction.


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